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“Jake and Chelsea, you’re both on East Wing tonight; Matt and James, the West Wing. Duke and Kyle, South. Ren, you’re with me on the North Wing.” I said as they all nodded in agreeance. “You’ll do a two hour swap over but the first half hour, you’re both going to be keeping an eye out, and checking out the hedges to make sure no one has decided to cut a hole through it. With an event like this, the last thing Queen Raja needs is some knob jockey trying to gate crash. Anything happens, inform me.”

They all stood as they said their replies and walked off in the direction of where they were on stand tonight. I hoped they didn’t slack off and give the Rank One protectors a bad name. That’s the only thing that had me worried about teaming Matt and James together. They worked excellent together but they do stuff ass around when they are paired together. I had my fingers crossed for tonight to go smoothly.

Tonight was the monthly dinner party that the Queen held. And for this event, it’s not just some random people who are to come, they are all well-known or royalty like the Queen herself. And if we have gate crashers, it’s going to be my head and the rest of my teams’ heads on the chopping block. I’m sure I’m not the only one wanting the Queen’s wrath let down upon me. 
Ren and I made our way through to the north wing of the palace property. As we did, we passed amounts of quests, some of them even sounded as though they had travelled to get here with their accents and slight English speaking voices. Tonight had turned out to be bigger than last month and I guessed that last month’s dinner party had turned out really good as the Queen had bragged.  I wished I was inside, by the Queen’s side but she wanted the Rank Ones outside tonight and the Rank Twos inside to see who would come up into my team. 

I really didn’t need any more team members because it would just make my team uneven and give me a goddamn headache.

“How many guests do you reckon have shown up?” Ren asked as we made our way through the Queen’s prize garden.

“Probably close to one-fifty. Two hundred tops.” I said as I grabbed my dagger out of the top of my boot and pushed it into the top of my other knee high boot. “It’s bigger than last time.”
“Let’s hope the twos know what they’re doing.” Ren laughed. “They’ll probably call the threes in for back up.”

I snorted a laugh. “Don’t fuckin’ jinx, man. I don’t want to be running to their rescue because they don’t know what they’re doing.”

Ren just laughed as he shook his head. It’s clear that we don’t think so highly of the Rank Twos. They’ve messed up one too many times since Chelsea came up to us. The team leader, Johnno, had no idea what he was doing and his team work skills were bloody horrible. I only know because I’m the one training them at the moment and I’ve seen them fail in team work training one too many times. With training, I’m normally for it but when it comes to them, I want to run and hide until they give up on waiting for me to come to the training hall.

Ren and I made it to the north wing and walked along the tall hedges that made the fence line. The Queen had knocked down the white brick wall last year after she had informed me that they were out of date and needed to be changed. Ever since then, we’ve had to have protectors on parole every night and every day, at every minute and hour.  It wasn’t the best move on the Queen’s behalf but once that woman has made up her mind, there’s no changing it.

“You think Matt and James are piss farting around or actually doing their jobs?” Ren asked as we made it a quarter of the way around the north wing. 

“I’m hoping they don’t have their heads up each other’s asses and thinking it’s all a joke.” I said as the two-way on my shoulder started to speak to me. My hand went up to the two-way and pressed the button in. “Talk to me.”

“Checking in. It’s all clear over here for now.” Chelsea said.

“Good, one of you can sit out for now or you can both walk around. Just keep your eyes peeled.” I said.

The two-way went quiet and Ren and I walked in silence. 

With everything as quiet as it is now, I wouldn’t be surprised if something does actually end up going wrong. Knowing my luck, a gate crasher will somehow get in and it’ll be a wild goose chase trying to get the person out. Normally when people like that come in, it’s wanna-be-paparazzi or some teenager who thought that saying it was a dare would get them out of trouble. But a trespasser is a trespasser and the Queen won’t be happy if they get onto the property.
I hoped I could keep everything intact and the night ran smoothly. It’s the only thing I keep my eyes on when I’m on parole of the yards. Keep everyone happy and hope no one gets arrested, or bashed. It’s sometimes easier said than done.

“Think we’ll have anyone trying to crash the party?” Ren said as we made it half way around our section.

“I hope not. I rather tonight have no disturbances.” I said as I grabbed the two-way. “Checking in with you all, everything good on your ends?”
I sent Ren to fetch the bottle of waters that were placed over on the bench as I slowly kept walking along. It was getting boring, walking up and down the long hedge wall. I was kind of hoping that something would actually happen so I could do something but then again, I wasn’t because that meant I had to write a report of what had happen. It was pros and cons of hoping something entertaining would happen. I guess it just kept me from running my dagger through the hedge and cutting off a few leaves or even better, counting the fucking leaves as I walked along.
“Kailani, we have an issue.” Duke’s voice called over the two-way.

I quickly grabbed the two-way, my hopes of something happening actually coming into reality. “What’s happening?”

“We have two kids… Get here, you little punk!” Duke shouted. “Yeah, two kids just popped through the hedges. We’re going to need you over here.”

“Shit. Ren! Keep watch, problem on the south wing!” I shouted at him as I started running towards the South Wing.

I had to make sure I got there quickly before things got out of hand, if they did. Some gate crashers like to try and box on with the protectors and sometimes, the protectors do lose their cool. I know when I was just starting out four years ago, I had lost my cool with a kid trespassing. It didn’t end well and I ended up on a two month punishment and wasn’t allowed to parole the yards when it was my turn to do so.

As I was running down the back wall, I came to a halting stop when I swore I heard a voice. I quickly grabbed the dagger out of my boot and got ready to attack if I needed too. I looked around quickly, my eyes scanning every curve, hedge and surfaces that I could possibly see. With one more glance around, I started running again. Heading straight for the South Wing where the commotion was happening.

“Stop Nyx.” I heard the voice whisper like it was just behind me.

I came to a skidding stop and almost felt to the ground as I did so. I gained myself quickly as I looked around, frowning and anger bubbling inside of me at whatever this voice was stopping me from doing my damn fucking job. I could feel the dark spirits around me, waiting for me call upon them and allow one of them in. It happened every time I was getting fired up and needed the extra strength. 

Just as I was about to allow one of the spirits in, I felt myself be grabbed. Within seconds, I had let in a spirit and could feel myself stronger than before. The grip on my arms was strong but I was stronger. I bought my knee up and pushed it back with all the force I had but whatever had hold of me wasn’t letting go and I felt confused. A kick like that, to anyone, any species would’ve broken their leg into pieces. It was a strong fucking kick, how are they not injured by that?

I struggled in the vice hold I was currently in as I looked over my shoulder to see who had hold of me. I frowned as I caught a glimpse of whoever at me. Their face hidden by what looked like a gas mask; one of those gas masks that look as though it hadn’t been around since the fifties. And I’m not going to the lie, the mask was giving me the creeps. Their hands were gloved and they looked three times the size of me which bought to the question as to why the magic I held within me wasn’t working at all. 

“What are meant to be? Zak Bagans when his asthma kicks in?!” I asked as I tried pulling my arms away from the thing behind me. “Let. Go.”

I felt myself be ripped backwards, making my feet lose all grip. As I was dragged away, my familiar surroundings faded away and I watched with wide eyes as they did. I could feel the spirit letting go as I pulled through the magic door, portal of some sort. I struggled as they did; trying my best with the strength I had left in me to get away from them.

Darkness filled my vision as I pushed through another door. I turned around as quickly as I could, making myself dizzy for a moment as I heard a metal door shut and lock in front of me. I instantly went to where the noise came from, my hands out in front of me so I didn’t run into anything. My hands came in contact with cold, metal door.

“Hey! Zak Bagans wanna be, let me out!” I screamed as I slammed my hand against the door but had no reply. “So of a bitch.”

Submitted: December 25, 2015

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I like this. It's really interesting, and Kailani is definitely a more stubborn character. I love it.

Fri, December 25th, 2015 11:31pm


I liked this giant world building thing you had going on with the Rank 1's and 2's and 3's I loved that they kept talking about the fact that they might have to bring in the backup of the back up! I also loved that I was expecting the intruders to be like assassins or something and then busted out laughing when I realized that they were paparazzi and kids just trying to cause trouble. I don't know if I expected it to be like a serious chapter because I knew that you character was from a different time and another darkness magicke user but I found it hilarious that they were more on the comedic spectrum because we def don't really have a 'funny' character yet so I'm glad someone is finally filling up that niche! This was a great chapter and I also love how everyone is making sure that the WICKED people are so much more menacing as they capture each person! All of people's powers not really working is really bringing this world alive in terms of antagonists. I also enjoyed the hesitance of Kailani to let the spirits into her body. And then as soon as she was grabbed she was like fuck it here we go! And went super powered I thought that was an amazing power reveal so I'm super excited to see her use it against somebody that it will hurt! Once again I don't know how many times I can say it these chapters are just so awesome!

Sat, December 26th, 2015 1:54am


Backup to catch two kids, interesting, no wonder she didn't trust them to do their jobs. Her power sounds interesting, even though I don't know much about it, it still seems unique. I wonder how her team will do with her absence, after all she's probably not going to return in quite some time.

Sat, December 26th, 2015 3:30am


The whole setting of this chapter stood out to me, just like the setting in Kaliska’s chapter. It fitted the character really well, and when she got captured and she mentioned her power and the spirits, my curiosity picked up. It wasn’t explained very much, but sometimes that’s a good thing, just as long as it is revealed later on in a most suiting way.

Mon, December 28th, 2015 10:16pm

Tyrannos Senpai

Hmm. Interesting

Tue, December 29th, 2015 4:47pm

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