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I walked alone that night, in the warm summer breeze. Nothing had really much changed since 2015. The wind made my long, curly hair blow slowly. I had some pictures in my hand. Each picture had the same young woman with red, curly hair, red eyes with no white or pupils. Her skin was slightly sun tanned. The first picture was of her in front of some kind of temple. She wore some kind of golden outfit fit for a queen. Maybe even a goddess.
The second was of her naked in a bath what appeared to be magma. Who ever took that was a pervert who deserved to get slapped.

The third and final one was with her infront of some man with a golden box.

Who is she? I thought. I woke up earlier today to find that photo on my nightstand back home. Even though it looked like some kind of custom,she didn't seem to being wearing everything she had on for a special occasion. How did her photos end up with me?

I put the photos back in my pocket and sighed. I then looked at the green dragon eye amulet my father had given to me at a young age. It always brought back the memories of my mother who died when I was just I kid. Ever since the day I got it, was a plagued with dreams. My dad said it would keep me safe from harm.

Did I believe it? Not really.

The dreams wouldn't come very often at first, but nowadays they were more frequent. Most of which had a fiery red and orange dragon, but last night, the woman had somehow gotten into my dreams.

* * *
It was an average night when the dream came to me. The dragon swooped down from the air and landed majestically on the ground. He was red and orange in color and had flashing green eyes. Two curved horns sprouted from his head. On the sides of his head were feathery ruffs.

He looked down at me and said,"Ryu-za Zuliki. You must find her."

"Find who?" I asked.

The dragon blasted a jet of flame at me, which hits me, but I am not burned. Instead, the flames swirl around me briefly and then burn in front of me. The fire took the image of the woman. She looked scared.

"Help me," she sobbed. "Someone, please. Help me."
* * *
I shook my head to clear my thoughts.

It was just a dream, I thought.
I walked my way into the bar and looked for my friends Chad and Jason.
I finally found the two of them sitting on bar stools with beers. 
Chad was the most athletic of us. He was broad shouldered and had massive arm muscles. His hair was matted and brown.

Jason was basically the typical computer geek with blond haur and gray eyes.
They smiled when I approached.
"What to you so long, Ryu-za?" asked Chad.
"Sorry," I said. "I was caught up at work. 

I as I waited for my beer, me and the guys started to talk to each other. Mostly about getting me a girlfrined. I keep on telling them that they should stop setting up a date with a random girl, but they never listen. They keep telling me that I need a woman in my life. I simply just told them that I'll decide who I will date when I feel the time is right.
When the two of them went to the restroom, I pulled out the photos again. 

I don't know why, but the woman seemed to get more beautiful every time I looked at her. 
Suddenly, Chad came back and snatched the photos.

"Hey!" I said. 

"Well, what do we have here?" said Chad, examining the photos. "Hey Jason, you should see what Ryu-za had in his hands."

I pinched the bridge of my nose. Damnit, I thought.
Jason came and looked at the photos, his eyes buldging.

"Holy crap," he said. "It looks like you already got a girlfriend. A dirty one if you ask me"

"She's not my--I don't even know her," I said. "I just found those photos on my nightstand.

"Sure you did," said Chad.

I took my photos back and ended the conversation.

Once that was done, we dragged ourselves to the dance floor, where we partied like animals. Eventually, the fun had to end. Chad was drunk, so Jason decided to take him back to his house. I on the other hand walked back home.
I approached my house door and unlocked it. But before I could enter, a voice spoke to me.

Listen to me, Ryu-za Zuliki, it said. Listen to me.

I looked around, but there was no one to be found. But I knew for sure I had heard someone.

"Where are you?" I asked.

You can not see me, said the voice. But listen carefully. You must stop the Nyx, no matter the cost.

"Nyx?" I said. "What do you mean?"

Then I remembered something my father had told me. There were these creatures called Nyx, who happened to be demons that sucked the life from our planet. I thought they were just stories, but now that I was hearing this, I knew it had to do something important.

Suddenly, three men in black suits came, and they didn't look friendly.

"Who the hell are you!" I said. They just chuckle. 

"You're worst nightmare, Ryu-za," said one of the men.

My eyes bulged. How did he know my name?

"What the hell are you doing here!?" I demanded.

"Let's not do something we'll regret, Ryu-za.," said another man. He then opened door. What I saw inside made me shiver: it was my father, who laid in a pool of his own blood.

"Dad!" I cried. I ran over to him and held him in my arms. I pressed my fingers against his neck, where I felt a weak pulse.

"Ryu-za," he said in a rasping voice. I looked at him, tears in my eyes.

"I'm here, Dad," I said. "I'm here."

"I'm sorry... I should've told you... about the... amulets power... it lives within its core... use it wisely..." he closed his eyes and stopped breathing.

I shook my head in disbelief. My father had died in my arms. I sobbed.

My eyes stung with tears as they rolled down my face. I then felt a surge of anger and I set my father on the ground.

"You," I said, looking back at the men. "You ruthless... heartless... bastards!"
I felt an intense heat radiate from me as I shook in fury. The eye of my amulet started to glow fire orange. I ground my teeth. Suddenly, embers appeared in a swirling motion around me. The embers soon be came a full out flame, which engulfed me. 

I couldn't believe it: I was on fire, and it didn't even hurt me. The amulet turned a burning white.The fire faded and two balls of flame burned just above my palms. I could feelthe heat from them. I threw both fireballs at the men. Although two of them managed to get out of the way, the other one wasn't so lucky. 
They moment he caught fire, he turned into a pile of ash. I gasped for breath.

Suddenly, something hard crashes against my head, and I black out.

* * *

When I woke up, I was cold. I tried to stand, but I couldn't. I then realized I was in some metal box.

What the hell is going on? I thought.

I shuddered in the darkness. I didn't like what was happening, not even one bit.


Submitted: December 25, 2015

© Copyright 2021 ShakeilKanish. All rights reserved.


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I have to say I liked the beginning of the chapter. I was a little worried about the 2 of you somehow knowing each other and being from 2 different time zones BUT it could make sense that the powers that be somehow placed that picture on your hands and somehow wants to bring you two together so I like that little side story that you have going on here :) I do find it shady that you're keeping a naked picture of her in the bathtub but because it shows her bathing in magma and that's def something out of the ordinary and gives him some insight on her powers I'll let that slide as not creeper status and more of just a studying standpoint. But I've #gotmyeyesonhim. I think it is funny that his name is Ryu-za and his friends have normal names like Chad. I'm like what uh....what were his parents doing? lol Where did that name come from out of all the other names? Don't get me wrong it's super cool I was just curious. I also thought it was interesting how his father was killed by the WICKED it sucks that characters are already losing family members to this little war. I hope we get to see more of Ryu-za as a character in these next few upcoming chapters because I don't want him to be overshadowed by his love I want to know who HE is as a person if that makes sense to me? But like I said this was a great chapter I loved the whole intro with him trying to figure out who the girl was and what she meant with everything. I also loved how he bared his teeth while flaming up it just screamed very 'dragon' to me which is cool. It was like he was physically manifesting where his powers originated from. Great chapter! I know you were worried you wouldn't get a comment but you totally did and it was well deserved.

Sat, December 26th, 2015 2:58am

Tyrannos Senpai

Thanks. Basically, Ryu-za's mother was Japanese. His name means "Draco". Draco is the Latin term for Dragon, hence his name.

Sat, December 26th, 2015 3:11am


Very interesting. He must be powerful to instantly turn someone to a pile of ash with a single ball of flames. I remember the scenes in the pictures he had from the chapter with Topaz in it. Two completely time zones. Although I guess it does make sense that he's the one with the photos since Topaz belonged in the past rather than the present.

Sat, December 26th, 2015 4:15am


Ryu-za is a strong character, but it'd be nice to see more of him. The bit with the photographs is interesting, but I'm not sure how I feel about it since the two characters are in different time-zones, and there isn't necessarily a way to take photographs of Topaz since she does live in a historical Egypt as the people there view her as a goddess (that's just me being too nit-picky about things -- I apologize). At the same time, I do like the added subplot. In the future, that subplot could really portray different sides of the characters, and that would just deepen the characters even further.

Sat, December 26th, 2015 1:46pm


Another tragic loss. What is wrong with this, It's all so sad... Well, anyway, this was a nice chapter. I found it interesting at how Topaz was being introduced into this chapter. There is a little bit of mystery in here, and I wonder what that was all about. Very interesting...

Mon, December 28th, 2015 10:25pm

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