You're Still In Love with Me?

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29 years old, Lonely and divorced Taylor Baker, Stays in Manhattan New York in a rich Condo where she lives alone with her pet puppy Jinggles. She works in her mothers Design shop at " Marge&Destiny Designing" in New York City. Ever since Taylor had got divorced two years ago she hasn't had time for any romance, and promised herself she wouldnt fall in love with no man. Until her Mom Marge Alex Baker sets her up with one of the most handsomeness,most loyal and hot cooperate in the federal law field Jason Fisher. Whom she's afraid to love him. Would Jason fall in love with Taylor, and will Taylor fall in love with Jason? or will her Divorced ex-husband Jake Aldan come back into town just to win her over?!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - You're Still In Love with Me?

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Submitted: July 06, 2013



Chapter 1


“I think we should cut the hem of the dress and make it very shrilly at the ends.” Taylor Baker said as she bent down and grasped the end of her customers dress, and folded th inner layer end of the dress. Well she pretty much thinks that that was a good idea in fact. She motioned the customer Alana Saunders a turn around finger at her and study precautiously on the dress. Her mom Marge Baker sat across the room on the designing room sofa and watched her own preciouse daughter follow in her footsteps, Oh how she was lucky to have a daughter to do exactly what she did when she was young back in her days as a dress designer! Now Marge owns her own shop, with her daughter working by her side.

Maybe or we could sew up the top as a halter top, and then put satin beaded exquisites on front and back. I think that would really go well with your Dinner get together Alana darling,” as Taylor’s mom rose up and walked near to them. She walks with a professional strut in her step. Taylor glanced at her mom, " I think its Alana's choice mom" Taylor said as she nudged her best friend to agree with her.

Alana smiled, as she wondered about Marges choice.

I actually like your moms idea.



Taylor glared at her best friend, “Well then I guess it’s decided then? Eh?” Taylor turned around




“Well momma, do you think we should start ordering the beads, and exquisites then? She reached for the catalog from off her desk and handed it to Alana. “Pick which kind of beads you want tonight, and then come in for another appointment in the morning, then we will decide and  order them tomorrow for you. Alana grabbed the Catalog from Taylor and nodded.


“Ok, but I thought we had our breakfast date tomorrow morning with Heather, and Hannah.” Alana said.  They will be upset that you and I didn’t show up! She arched her eyebrow up at Marge. As to waiting for her to say something.


“Well we have so much to do to make your dinner gown as flawless how you want it to be! And with another appointment Wednesday and Thursday. I won’t have time to finish the dress you want before the dinner get together.


Marge shifted positions, while she stood on her feet. Waiting for them to ask for her input.


“God, Ill handle Alana’s dinner gown in the morning. She said holding her hand out to Alana, for the dress. You go on to the breakfast date you four always. And at that Alana smiled with great joy, while Taylor bellowed her eyes on both her mom and Alana.


“I guess, that sounds good?” She wondered curiously. “But Mom promise me you’ll call if anything goes wrong?”  Taylor gestured her finger to Alana “Go on and change and well set up another appointment then.”


As Alana left to the bathroom. Marge walked over to Taylor’s desk. “You do realize that this is my company and soon will be inherited into your hands, and if anything goes wrong with the dress it comes out of the company’s money. She laughed slightly and sat at the end of Taylor’s desk, as Taylor sat down in her office chair facing the computer.


Her mom can be a hard ass sometimes, but she loved her mother very much with respect.


“Yes, I know that momma. But this is my assignment as well." Taylor laughed back as she whipped out her I phone. Her phone has been constantly going off all day from the emails she get from higher paying companies, wanting her to work for them, and from customers asking for her permission can she design them a dress. She didn’t mind, that’s what her job was, to make customers keep coming back for more!


But the other companies also needed to know that this is, and will be her company real soon, and she is never ever going to leave it for anything or from any bribes. She’s really been working all her life here, and her mom inheriting it too her means so much to her. She studied her mom as her mom kept talking on and on about the company being in the Bakers family for generations after generations. Now it’ll be left to her, and as she gets old, she will inherit it for her children, and her children will inherit it to her grandkids someday.


“So I was thinking” her mom sundered out with her gray suit fitting her 49 year old mom’s figure. “ Jake was-.. “ Taylor’s eyes jerked towards her mother’s words. She absolutely did not want to hear about her ex- husband. Who walked out of her life 3 years ago for no reason? He said that she was always too busy with her job, and didnt make any time for him which she knew she was to busy to date. That’s why she hasn’t been on an actual date since she gotten divorce, and she didn’t want to either. Because whomever would date her would walk out of her life as well.


“Mom I honestly don’t want to hear about Jake! Ok? I haven’t heard from him or seen him since we gotten divorce ok, so just drop it.


Marge studied her daughter, for a few moments. Taylor didn’t know what she was missing in the world, she was very tired of her daughter complaining around to her about not being a loner, and that she felt like no man wanted her. But to be very honest, Taylor didn’t know that she was a very attractive woman, how her eyes looked golden hazel just the same as hers, her dark brown curly hair flickered shiny like in the light, and her daughters body wasn’t plumped at all unlike some women do when they get divorced they just let go.


“I’m sorry Taylor Honey, but I just thought I’d tell you that I saw Jake at the grocery store the other day.” Taylor looked at her for the first time since she brought up Jake. “WH-what Jake nu uh, not My ex- Husband?” she muttered out. “Yes, Jake Aldan I seen him at the grocery store the other day, I stopped and said hello. And he was very surprised to see me. He told me to tell you that he was back in town and he hoped to see you soon.


Taylor was not looking forward to see her ex-husband again, probably happily married with children! She also hoped to not run into him anytime soon until she was actually ready to face. “Oh god!” Taylor whined out lying her head down on the desk, Marge rested her hand on her daughters head rubbing her hair gently, “Mom, I did he say anything about being married again?… Does he have any children…! Wow, What would I do if I was to see him again?” She rise up and was shock with happiness, then with doubt. Marge knew this would most definatly shock her daughter. Taylor was really in love with Jake when she first brought him to meet  her Parents. And he was everything to her until one day he sat her down and told her that he was leaving her straight forward and knowing how her daughter felt about all this she knew it was all too much to hold, even with all the preparation of making customers happy and everything. " He never said anything about having a family,  he just said hi, and that he was back in town."


They both forgot Alana Was standing there with her dinner gown and one hand and keys in the other. Taylor looked at her with shocknessstill all over her face but yet not showed how surprised she really was. Alana walked fast pace to her and bent down to hug her. "Oh My Lord Jake? the stud, He's seriously back in town? Taylor."  Alana yelled out grabbing Taylors dangiling hand and shook it. “He looks so much more manly and handsomer!” her mom repeated with a slight giggle in her voice. “If I would have known this would drive you into a state of shock then I would have defiantly kept my mouth shut! But Jake wanted me to send you the message” Taylor broke away from Alana’s grip stood up and smiled plainfully on her tanned white face. “You know what guys?” she said with a hint of a grin on her face. “I’m a grown ass woman and my ex-husband is not going to change the way i am today!!” and with that she kissed her mother goodbye and grabbed Alana’s Arm and ran to the elevator pressing first floor. “Where are we going?” Alana asked suspiciously. “Where gonna go hang out at my house and sip on as much wine as we can” she laughed haughtily. “So I’m guessing your not worried about that stud of yours being here?"  Alana asked her as they walked to the parking area where their cars were parked. Not really. Taylor thought and she shrieked out of the parking lot excited but nervous seeing her ex-husband again.










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