All Hell Breaks Loose

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Do you Believe in curses?? well you should. Have you ever lost a loved one to a ghost? have you ever been the one to save the loved one?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - All Hell Breaks Loose

Submitted: January 12, 2014

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Submitted: January 12, 2014



All Hell Breaks Loose

( Chapter 1 )


I was running, running away from him! I felt death approaching, I could feel it. I just knew death was near me. What do I do! I thought while crying and running, it was so dark and cold; He was gaining up on me. I could hear him breathing loudly.. every step he took every breath he made, was getting closer and closer, faster then expected. The branches snapped as I ran through the woods, the sounds of breaking branches in front of me on the ground. No wonder I cant lose him I thought, every step I took in the woods made so much noise! Crack! Pain shot through my head. I was losing consciousness..... I...fell to the ground.. (How did this happen you're thinking, it all started out...)


I was walking home one day from after school detention. Today's detention did not go as bad as I expected. I punched a girl in the face, but I was just defending myself, but No... no one believed me, “Max, the Smart lying mouth” Is what All the teachers called me all the darn time! They believed the goody goody Sarah Bent, the “ Perfect innocent Straight A Student.”! Ugh I thought, She frustrates me so much that it's not even funny anymore! I didn't even care anymore, I just was glad to be on my way home, after 2 hours of sitting In a desk being stared at by the teacher, no phones, no homework, and no books or music!, well Sadly, there was no late bus from my school to my house. Therefore, Forcing me to walk home alone, my parents refuse to pick me up after school because apparently Five to ten miles was not a long walk to them and I needed the exercise. Grr I hate walking this far, well good thing is I had no homework or books. All I had with me is my phone but I always text during school So, my phone was almost dead. I didnt know what was worse, the fact that my phone was dead or that fact my dog ate and ruined my glasses so everything was blurry. I could barely read road signs, so I had no idea where I was. Luckly I have my way home memorized... only one way home I know....


It was almost 8:00pm when I realized that my phone died, And I was only half way home. It suddenly became dark not to dark for I cant see, but dark enough to terrify me. Right there “ BOOM” it scared me!! I realized it was thunder; I have some fears one fear is the dark, another is ghosts! And mainly Storms!!! It started to pour down rain I really hate the rain and the closest way to get somewhere else to get out of the rain, was to cut through a grave yard, and get to my house. My friends told me some weird story about this Grave yard, how it was cursed or something? That around 9:00pm there was a huge curse on the grave yard. I wasn't told much about this grave yard but I was told that I do not want to be stuck in the grave yard around 9:00pm. Eh, I don't believe in Any curse. I said to myself. I looked at my watch that my mom bought me.

If you like this ill post more <3

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