Chapter 1: The Run Away

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Running Away, Into A New Life

Pain, it is a feeling no one in the world could escape. There's physyical pain and emotional pain. I seemed to be one of the lucky people who experiences both physical and emotional pain at once in high numbers. I tend to fall in love quickly, and I've been told to be the most clusmsiest 16 year old out there. 

Voises fainted, everything went black, nothing seemed to be in my control anymore. My lungs bursted with pain as I gasped for air.. my eyes fixed on one person, but I opened them to another. Did I make a mistake? Should I of stayed home, stayed hated in school?  It was too late anyways, I can't turn back now....


One day, I was walking somewhere alone, I could feel the rain dripping down my face, I shivered as the wind blew my hair out of my face. I was planning on running away, I needed to get away from everyone, such as my friends and family. I was planning on going to North Carolina, Where id be less expected to be found. I Always wanted to go to the beach, For me and JUST Me and nothing that had to deal with Cheerleading Competitions. I Always wanted to walk on the beach with someone, Someone Special, And I always wanted to go swim in the ocean, at night time, Where no one can see you... The images of what I wish would happen was popping into my head, But it all faded away instantly when I heard a car drive past me, The passenger screamed out the window saying
"Go home you ugly whore!!" He screamed out his window laughing to his friend who was driving.
I didn't quite like what he called me, it was kinda heartbreaking to be called a whore, but i have been getting that lately, With the whole me being a cheerleader and the rumors going around that i slept with 3 different guys in 3 days, Which is 100% Not True, I may not be a virgin, but it was one night i was drugged at a party, it was once and only once.... Why Does Everyone Think I Am A Whore? Who Made It Up, Who Ever Did It, It's Their Fault I'm Running Away I was thinking about School, And What they called me, and what they think of me.. another car drove by, but this one slowed down as it approached me.
"Hey do you need a ride home miss?" The Gentlemen in the passenger spoke to me with a smile upon his face.
"Yes please, where are you heading?" I said Returning with a smile and a handshake.
"My friend and i are heading to South Carolina" He Spoke as he shook my hand in politeness.
"Oh, Great!" Isaid in excitement
"Where Are--"
"North Carolina!" I said smiling as I spoke in middle of his sentence.
"Sounds good to me, hop In we'll help you get there" He smiled and unlocked the door.
I smiled ss i opened the back car door jumped in and tossed my book bag next to me.
"So whats your name Hun?" The Driver Said
I looked down trying to think of a fake Name..... I saw a piece of paper that said " dear Amber," ...I Quickly looked up and tried to appear innocent.
"Sorry i'm quite tired i only slept one hour, My name is ..... Amber" I said Looking at the seat
"Oh that's cool, My name is John and this Is Caleb" The driver said while he looked at me threw the Rear view mirror.
I just smiled as i stared out the window, I opened the car door window and felt the wind blew my hair back, I felt some rain hit my face.. I stuck my hand out the window then wiped my face to wake myself up.. After moments of looking out side... I let out a long tiredly Sigh...
"You hungry? When's last time you ate?" Caleb looked at me with concern
"Whats todays' Date?" I spoke with a confused look on my face
"Well dear, its Tuesday When did you last look at the time"" Caleb looked at me with a worried face.
"Oh I left Wednesday" I Said With a Smile.
"Oh, my gosh. let's get you something to eat like now" He said Looking back at the road.
I looked out the window again, watching other cars Pass us, Other kids staring back at me.

"John! slow down the roads slippery ! black ice!" Caleb Said yelling in a petrified voice.
"Dont worry! I know what im doing...!" John said...
I Looked up at the road... i saw a patch of black ice, i figured he'd stop, Hes Going to slow down, i know it... I Thought for about it for a few seconds... I saw the black Ice.... 8ft in front of us...
"JOHN!" Caleb Screamed
"SHIT HOLD ON!!" John Screamed as he slammed on his breaks.. Right when we slid on the Black ice.
"HOLD ON AMBER!"" They both Screamed...
I Screamed as loud and high pitched as possible....  the car spun, And It rolled almost 5 times... we were going roughly 65MPH... I Held on to my seat belt as it was choking me... The windows all breaking one after another.. I felt glass skim across my arm, as we were still sliding, and rolling..... I felt the car stop, I was in dying pain, I could feel the pain shooting through my body.. Everything was Starting to turn black... Everything was... Blurry...
 EVERYONE OKAY" I heard someone scream...
I didn't move, for I couldn't move or speak.. i just laid upside down in a car, that just crashed on a highway.
"Get Amber shes not answering or moving!!"  Caleb  yelled as he broke down into tear with blood washing down his face.. from the rain...
"I'll get her get back!" John Yelled.
I Felt Someones Hands feel my face. and my neck, i opened my eyes for a split second to see who was rescuing me... it was John, hes my hero. I looked him in his extremely pretty blue eyes And the rain dripping down his brown hair and his face... I watched his mouth move, I couldn't hear much, I was falling in and out of blackness.
"All my fault.." I whispered as i let out a sigh and closed my eyes.
"Stay with me! not your fault Amber!! stay with me! listen look at me" He spoke with a sound of distress in his voice
 He dragged me out of the car into the wet grass.

"Is She Okay!!" I faintly heard Caleb screaming in tears.
"Shes not breathing anymore! call 911!!"  John Screamed....
I heard crying faint away... I couldnt open my eyes... I felt the rain pouring on me.


Everything went pitch black I couldn't hear anything.. it was like I was death.. but I couldn't feel anything... I

couldn't then all of a sudden, I was awake, standing up... looking out a window.... I felt amazing.. I was moving but without pain. I glanced at my hand, which had no blood on it, Not even a scratch, I felt the breeze blow through my silky hazel brown hair, I took in a deep breath and turned around and walked to the door I kept my eyes focused at the door, I wanted to know where i was at... I got to the door... I went to grab the door knob.... but something didn't quite seem right...I grabbed the door knob... but my hand went threw... Whats going on here? Why cant i open the door! Oh, My, God, What is happening  Those thoughts echoed in my head... I slowly backed away from the door, i began to breathe heavily.... I don't quite understand what's happening...I was scared to turn around, I didn't know what was going on, I breathed in slowly, and spun around really slowly.. And I saw Caleb.... sitting in a chair, next to this one girl,, that seemed to be in a hospital bed, I walked closer to Caleb, He was crying, I said to him

"Whats wrong" 
He Didn't answer me.. i repeated myself, over and over again, I even screamed in his face.... I walked up to the person in the bed and looked at this girl... she has Hazulnut brown hair. Oh, my god is that me? Oh my god what, am i dead I ran over to Caleb i thought to myself

  He just met me, why is he crying.. does he like me? I Like Caleb but, I don't know him?  i Screamed in my head

"What" Caleb spoke aloud wit confusion

 "Who was that Amber!! is that YOU! AMBER" HE Ran to me and shook me
As Soon As he done that about 6 nurses ran into the room and grabbed Caleb, He was crying in tears, 
"Caleb stop it! Whats wrong!" A Nurse said as she sat Caleb down

"I Heard amber! i heard her!"" He said while crying

"no hun you didnt, your imagining things, she's in a coma... we dont know when she'll awaken it will take a miracle for someone to awaken her "" the nurse said while trying to comfort him,

I walked up to Caleb and said aloud "Its okay im right here'' i whispered in his ear,

"DID YOU HEAR THAT.. AMBER!" Caleb screamed as he wiped his eyes,

"I didnt hear that, You're hearing things....""  the other nurse said.

"I swear I hear Amber.. it has to be her, I know iI just met her but there is something about her I cant lose her!''' He said as he

Stopped crying

Soon the nurses Left the room, when Caleb calmed down...I walked up to Caleb and whispered in his ear....


'' Its Just you who can hear me Caleb its okay.. Listen to me...."

"Okay" He said quietly

" For Some reason, im out of my body, i can hear you and see you, but you cant see me but you can hear me, is that right."" i said

" Yes i hear you, Amber are you okay ""' He said looking around.

"Im okay Caleb i feel 100% Fine, no pain... But i need you to do something for me... wake me up..." i said Slightly touching his Broken shoulder.

 "How do you want me to do that?'' He shivered as he spoke, as if a ghost touched him.

"Do anything, Smack Me. Kiss Me. Anything. He Said A Miracle... So Try......." my voice trailed off.

"Try What Amber? Try what!" He Spoke louder

"Kiss me...." i said faintly making my voice echo in his head.

"Is That Going To Work Are you sure?" He asked with concern look on his face

"Well.... Maybe if... just maybe.... its what I want.... It'd be a miracle If you kissed me... do it.." 

I Watched Caleb Walk up to me... My body.. He slowly looked around the room, looked for if anyone was watching.. he leaned in and kissed me softy... I Could feel that... I Liked it.... Something started to happen... I was instantly in pain, so much pain words would never be made to describe it.


" Woah Whats happening Caleb!! Help!!" I screamed

"Amber!! Whats going on!! Whats happening to you!! Why aren't you awake Yet ! Amber!" He Said as he looked around the room

" Caleb!!! I cant.. Move.. or breathe"" My voice fainted away in his head.

"Amber" he cried 

There was no response....... I couldn't move i was back in my normal body but. everything was black.... Caleb Grabbed my hands, and stared at me... moments later, My heart monitor was slowing down... I could hear beeps.. it was the only thing i heard.. My own heart beat stopping... Caleb grabbed my hand tighter as his kissed it... Suddenly my heart beat came to a stop.... alarms went off... nurses and everyone in the hospital medical team, rushed into my room, They are going to Shock me... I'm dead...I said to myself which echoed so many times, I Started to see this bright light...

"MOVE MOVE OUT OF THE WAY NOW!" The Guy with the shocking thing, yelled at Caleb

"What did i do!! i didn't do anything. AMBER!!" Caleb said while practically drowning in his own tears...

  "CLEAR" The guy said, Then a Second Later, The Guy shocked my body.

   I Saw the Lighter get further away everytime i was shocked...after 3 times the guy shocked me.. the light was almost gone...... but the guy stopped...

 "Its over.. shes gone.." the guy said looking sad as Caleb.

 CALEB ONE MORE TIME!! YOU DO IT it Echoed in Caleb's mind.

"MOVE!" he pushed the guy...

"CLEAR'" Caleb Screamed as he shocked me one more time.. The nurse took away the shocks from Caleb.

 i saw the light disappear.... It was gone.. with a Huge Sigh i whispered " yes."

 i waited a second.... then i opened my eyes, for real... i looked up and everything was blurry.... i saw Caleb standing over me at my side, holding my hand, i knew it was Caleb because he was crying... I Always did have a spot in my heart for guys who aren't afraid to show their feelings. Caleb Smiled and Looked at me holding my hands and whispered..

" I knew you'd come through, i had faith in you babe."" He Smiled.

I Smiled back at him, I Pulled in to me and hugged him and kissed his cheek as i thought to myself, Did He Just Call ME Babe?... I Could Get Use To That.. I Mean, He's Totally My Type, Brown hair Brown eyes, Tall, and Caring, i bet he hasa great personality, ....... I stared into his eyes and whispered...

" i knew you heard me, Your my True Hero Thank You" I Smiled.

I Laid in the hospital bed, i Soon, discovered that i had a broken right arm, Caleb never left my side..... He

Stayed in the hospital with me, refused to leave... he even slept in the room with me,,, i felt bad for him sleeping on a chair while i had this bed, which wasn't small was pretty big, but enough for 2 people to sleep if they lay close... i thought about it. then said.

" Caleb... I Don't Want you to sleep on a chair, come sleep with me i'm sure no one would mind ."" i smiled at him.

"Okay Sounds Good To Me" He smiled as he sat then laid next to me...

We were face to face, looking at each other smiling, I Leaned in and kissed him on the lips a surprised kiss.

"Woah, what was that for?" He laughed.

"You saved my Life... Thank you"" I Said

"Don't Worry," he said as he leaned in to kiss me,

---"" So how old are you?""  smiling at him, knewing he was around my age

"Well i'm 17, turning 18 this week, You?"" He said returning a smile.

"Well im 16 but I turn 17 this summer, do you have a girlfriend?" asked shyly

"Nawhhh, don't worry Amber It would be cheating if i did" he laughed

"What do you mean cheating?" i asked with confusion in my voice

"Because of this"

Grabbed my face and We Kissed For Quite Some Time..

Caleb and i Talked back and forth we Learned almost everything about each Other,I Knew he was perfect the minute i met him... his friend Josh was cute but hes like 20-ish NOT my type... Anymore. Caleb and i talked and Talked, till we passed out while cuddling.

END OF PART ONE. if anyone likes and wishes for me to continue, comment below and like this :) 5-10 likes ill continue 
comment your opinions on how to improve this :)

Submitted: December 13, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Shan2239. All rights reserved.


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