Getting By

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

Submitted: March 30, 2013

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Submitted: March 30, 2013




Chapter 5

As 4pm was approaching I quickly got dressed into my new jeans that I bought last month, I still hadn’t worn them since they’ve been bought; I threw on a denim shirt and a beaded necklace around my neck. Obviously I didn’t quite think through what I was wearing but I didn’t care, I was too stressed.

By this time it was half 4 and I was already ready to leave, but I wasn’t going just yet. I sat at the kitchen table, my mum was at work and Shelby was out. How did I feel about Julian? Well, he made me feel dangerous, I evaluated how things could be in my head if we were together, for some strange reason I liked the idea of a dangerous relationship, but did he feel the same way?

I left the house, and made my way over to the library, I stopped by the coffee shop before I went in though as it was only 4:45pm by the time I arrived near. Inside the building was mainly brown, with a wooding wall and a lighter wooded flooring, the coffee bar was right near the entrance and tables surrounded mostly the rest of the coffee shop, arguably it wasn’t that big anyway. As I made my way inside I turned towards the coffee bar on my right.

“One latte to go please.” I said to the tender, he was a tall dark male who looked around 19; he had some stubble at the bottom of his chin with brown eyes and black hair.

As he made my latte I glanced around the room to see if I knew anybody around, of course I did. Great timing.

I took my latte paying the boy quickly before I glanced around to see Noel standing in front of me.

“Hey!” I said acting as though I didn’t realize he was coming over.

“Is it true? What happened between you and Chase?” he said confusingly.

“We broke up? Yeah.”  I said heading for the door, until he stopped me.

“did you cheat on him with some other guy?” he said pulling me back.

“Noel I can’t do this right now, okay!” I said as I burst through the door, he didn’t even hesitate to come after me, gladly.

The clock was just reaching after 5 and I made my way into the library where I see Julian sitting by some books. He was wearing a black t-shirt with some black jeans and he had his hair flat but a little messy. As I walked over his eyes followed up on me, I sat down and waited for him to speak.

“I know, what we did was wrong. I never imagined I’d become you’re English teacher…” he said, you could see he was lost for words.

“Not that I intend for things to go anywhere, as I don’t believe you do neither.”

“We can and should forget about the whole thing, from now on you’re my teacher and I’m the student, nothing else of it.” I interrupted quickly to save him from the slow deathful awkward conversation, but is it that easy? Just to forget?

“I guess there isn’t much else to say, but that’s great.” He smiled at me awkwardly, and I returned it.

“I best get going then.” I said as I put my bag around my shoulder.

“I can give you a ride if you need one… as a teacher, making sure you get home safe, of course.” He said.

“I’m fine, I can make my own way.” And without another word I headed for the library door as quickly as I could.

Now, that was the most awkward situation I’ve been in. English lessons will just be completely awkward, fantastic.

I got a taxi home, I didn’t have a ride, I could have took up the offer on Julian’s ride, but no way.

As I walked up my path to my house I could see my mother frantically at the window and disappear as she came to the door.

“Thank goodness you’re okay! I was so worried, where have you been?!” she said, I told her I was going out..

“Mum, I said I was going over to the coffee shop, What’s going on?” I said confused.

“I know I know, but it’s Chase, he’s gone missing we all thought you might have been with him, but nobody knows where he is, he left his mother a note saying he wouldn’t be back, he won’t answer any calls everybody is so worried.” She said frantically.

What has happened this week? Everything is upside down and Chase is gone. 

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