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Chapter 4

Stupid stupid Monday- Lisa complained in her head as she clutched onto her bed covers tightly. She did not want to wake up for their early morning lecture. She hated the stupid lectures; they were so long and boring. How many ways do you have to learn about sewing, knitting, gardening, cooking and all the rest of it? She hated coming to that stupid school to being with but what choice did she have? Her mother forced her to go there. Well at least it delays the inevitable- she consoled herself. She was due to marry. Her parents had already started bothering her with all the stuff. She was not ready and was not looking but her nosey mum was already bringing possible mates for her.

“Lisa get up” Denise called out as if she were her mother. Lisa did not like how Denise was too mature for age, boring, judgemental and a teacher’s pet.

Jacky pulled her covers off. “Come on, you will get in trouble again” she said. Lisa groaned and got up reluctantly. It was true, she would get in trouble again and it would not be good for her. She had not done anything right ever since she stepped foot in that school.

“This is why you should not have partied all weekend” Denise said looking at herself in the mirror while she tied her silk scarf into a bow.

“No one cares what you think” Lisa said and slammed the door on her way to the bathroom. Denise always had an opinion about everything.

Lisa actually made it to lecture on time, even the teacher was shocked. She was not so impressed later when Lisa fell asleep in the lecture not that it was a shock. Denise’s answers were exceptional. She was much further ahead of the students, she was the model student. After the lecture, Lisa was called to stay behind. Lisa complained and wanted to say some unwomanly words but she knew whatever she was in trouble for, saying impolite words would make her punishment worse.

“It is about time you take this course seriously young lady” the teacher said to Lisa.

“I do take it seriously ma’am” Lisa replied.

“No you do not. Your punctuality is atrocious and your attendance is pointless. When you are here, you seem to think it is bedtime”

It’s not my fault the lesson is so boring- Lisa complained in her head. Not only was it boring, she did not want to learn any of it.

“I apologise” Lisa said. It was the only response she could offer in that moment.

“Take this and hand it in on Thursday at 4pm, do not miss the deadline otherwise there will be serious consequences for you especially with parents visiting day approaching”

Extra work noooo! If there was anything worse than actually doing work, it was extra work. Lisa reluctantly took the books. Parents visiting day was another issue. Her mum was looking forward to it in hopes that Lisa was taking strides towards becoming a perfect lady. Well her mum was going to be disappointed, she was going to have to sort out this mess before her mum’s arrival; if it was solvable at all.

“This is not fair”

“Do you really want to go there young lady?”

Lisa shook her head and stalked the exit. She dragged her feet and rolled her eyes.

“Pick your feet” the teacher called out after her.

“Pick your feet” Lisa imitated her quietly and rolled her eyes. Mondays were horrible, everything always went wrong and today was a great example for that. Lisa slowly walked to canteen wondering how to salvage her report. She knew that it was going to be horrible.

There was a girl named Alice. She was the second Denise. Surprisingly they were not friends, they were always competing for the teacher’s pet position but Denise always won it. Alice was with her friends in the hallway talking to a coloured girl. From the looks of it she was not saying nice things. The coloured girl was playing with her fingers looked at the ground. She looked a little scared. As Lisa approached them, she could hear clearly what they were saying.

“Stupid negro” Alice said. Lisa frowned at the use of the word Negro. Who still used that nasty word?

“Miss Alice I is sorry” the coloured girl apologised.

“I is sorry? That is not even proper English” Alice mocked. Her friends laughed at her.

“What is the problem?” Lisa intervened. She knew nothing of the incident that had occurred before her arrival but there was no need to call her such a word then taunt her about her English.

“This does not involve you” Martha, Alice’s friend said to Lisa.

“I was not talking to you Arthur” Lisa replied.

Martha’s jaw dropped open. “My name is Martha. How dare you call me Arthur?”

“You look like an Arthur” Lisa faced Alice “Anyway, do you not have anything better to other than harassing people?”

“What people?” Alice frowned. “This Negro? That is who you are referring to?”

That word again, why did she insist on using it? Lisa thought to herself. She knew coloureds were supposed to be of lower class and treated like servants but this did not sit right her.

“I am having a bad day, so for your own safety do not annoy me. That word should be used on anyone”

Alice and her friends laughed at her mockingly.

“Whatever, you two invalids enjoy each other’s company” Alice said and walked off.

“Be ashamed of yourself, how can you associate with coloureds?” Rhonda, Alice’s other friend said then walked off to follow Alice and Martha.

"Please Miss Lisa, you should not have did that" the coloured girl said. "You will get in troubles"

"Eh do not worry about me. I am Lisa remember? Everything I do is the opposite of what is expected. I am not good with rules" Lisa said with a warm smile then walked off. The coloured just remained in the hallway feeling confused. No white person had ever been nice to her or defended her.

A/N- sorry its not so good, I am trying to pick up were i left off and find the momentum i had lost. Sorry it took so long.

Submitted: January 24, 2013

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Omg, I love the realistic personalities of your characters! I love the justice and kindness Miss Lisa shares with the colored girls and I hate it how Alice is always being bitchy with everybody. Every chapter either makes me laugh or puts a smile on my face. Thanks for this story! Keep writing! And its ok about losing momentum. I do that ALL THE TIME and it drives me crazy lol! Anyway, love ya and great chapter! :)

Sat, January 26th, 2013 3:00am


I'm glad that you are still reading this novel. I'll try to keep writing and updating quicker. I'm happy that my characters come across realistic. I don't like Alice either!

Thu, January 31st, 2013 3:38pm


The morning scene was sorta amusing! I liked the scene very much. Lisa's distraction at the morning class was equally interesting. Apartheid is still a problem in so many parts of the world, how is this world gonna get rid of this problem. Anyway an interesting chapter, the mix up of main theme of the story with a few light moments make this story more interesting. Good work; no momentum is lost, you are again excelling in this chapter.

Tue, February 5th, 2013 1:46pm


Thank you so much for the kind words. I was worried that the is chapter was not going to be interesting. I have been just so busy. I tried my best to make the morning scene and the lecture bit interesting with a bit of humor. I'm glad that came across.

Tue, February 5th, 2013 6:14am

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