Palace Politics

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Chapter 29 (v.1)

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Chapter 29


After receiving medical treatment, the king was escorted to Hana's quarters. Chief Choi had ordered for maids to be sent to the king's palace to clean out the blood and restore everything back to its order. The bodies of the traitors were being removed.

“The king is approaching” announced Chief Choi when they reached Hana's quarters.

Hana immediately got up and went outside to greet the king. The king was glad to see her and know that she was safe. He felt so relaxed and calm around her. Hana, Chief Choi and So-Jin were the only people the king could truly trust with his life.

Hana bowed her head as the king approached her. He put his hand around her waist and walked into her chambers with her. The maids and the security guards stayed outside.

The king turned his head and to the chief “Go rest my friend”.

“No your majesty I am fine. I will wait here” The chief replied.

“It's an order. Go and rest. You have done too much today” with that, the king went inside. The chief bowed his head. He went to rest in one of the maid's rooms in Hana's quarters. There was no way he was going to leave the king in the midst of all of this. Especially with the western palace currently under attack.

The king sat on the blankets with Hana. Her face was still stained with worry. He looked at her and cupped her face in his hands. “Do not worry, I am here with you” he said to her.

“I am not worried for my safety but for yours my king” she replied.

He smiled and hugged her. She was still so sincere and genuine. He hoped she would stay that way. Both queens had started off the same but in the end they craved power. They were willing to do whatever it took to get more power. This troubled him. He could not even trust the ones at his side but that was the price you paid for being king. But there was something different about Hana. She was the only person who had ever shown him what life outside the palace would be like, she made him laugh and have fun. He could never let his guard down with anyone.

The king pulled back from the embrace. He stared at her before kissing herr. Only in her arms could he forget the events that had taken place in the palace. Her embrace was so warm and soft.  Her rose lips were soft and her skin was smoothe like silk. She smelled pleasently. 



So-jin marched the soldiers to the western palace and as they had suspected; it was under attack. Immediately they attacked the traitors. Some were already trying to escape with the palace money.

“Try and take as many alive as you can” So-Jin called out to his men.

It was imperative that they took some of the traitors alive. Only this way could they torture them and find out who was the mastermind.

It took a while but So-Jin was successful. They managed to kill the traitors and capture some. He shot an arrow at Dae-Su's hand before he could eat what looked like poison. A few of the traitors were successful in eating the poison. They lay there coughing out blood before dying. 

“You will not die like this, not yet!” So-Jin shouted as he shot the arrow. Dae-Su dropped the little balled up herbs on the ground as the arrow hit him and he cried out in pain. So-Jin walked over to him and grabbed him by the collar.

“You dare to commit treason? I am going to make you suffer” So-Jin said to him. “Take him away” he said to the soilders.

Ten men were captured and taken into custody. So-Jin sent someone to go notify chief Choi their victory. 



“My queen!” lady Yun cried out as she entered queen Sook's chambers. “We have failed” she said and dropped to her shaking knees.

The queen's eyes widened. She screamed out and punched the table. “This is not good” she said. She knew that if things went wrong and she was found out that she was behind the attempt on the king's life, it meant death for her. Not only would she be killed, the ministers involved would be killed. Her family and the ministers families would be punished or even killed. Treason was serious business.

“No one will give me up” she said. “I have told to them to keep their mouths shut” her voice was shaking. “They would not dare. They know they're families are are risk” . Her whole body started shaking too. “At dawn I will go see the king”.

Lady Yun was also afraid. Her life was not safe either. She worried for safety and her family's. She left the quarters. She sent one of the maids to go find out the whereabouts of lord Yi. She had to make sure that his men would not talk and if they did; he'd take responsibility alone and not implicate the queen or her.

Lady Yun left the queen's palace and headed for the gates. She rushed to the gates of the palace, trying to not get noticed.

“Who goes there?” the soldiers at the gate of the palace asked.

“I am one of the palace maids. I am returning home” she said. She could not tell them she was the queen's maid. That would yield suspicion, why would the queen's maid leave the palace at a time like this?

“No one is allowed in or out of the palace at this moment. Go back” one of the guards said.

Lady Yun's face dropped. “It is urgent!”

“Go back before I arrest you”

She turned around and slowly walked back. What was she to do now? She could not just wait inside and do nothing. She was not even sure if lord Yi had been notified that the plan had failed.


It was finally morning in the palace. It was so tense in the palace. Soldiers were searching all the maids rooms and interrogating them. They were determined to find out anyone who was linked to the coup.

Rumours flew around in the palace laundry. The maids whispered amongst themselves. One maid rushed in calling for everyone's attention.

“What is wrong with you?” Lady Bok said to her and hit her on the arm.

“That girl Hana has become the king's concubine!” the maid called out.

Everyone gasped.

“What are you saying? She left town” Ae-Jong said.

“No, she is now the king's concubine. I heard that the queens do not like her either”

“Of course they do not like her. She is from a lowly background and now they have to share a man. Not a just any man, the king!” one of the maids said.

“Does that any sense that she is a concubine? She cannot become a minister's concubine, later one the king!” Lady Bok said.

“It is true. You will see for yourself” the maid who had rushed; replied.

“It makes sense you know. Hana secretly saw the king outside the palace” Eun-sun said. Ae-Jong nudged her really hard.

“The queens would not let her live if they heard that!” Ae-Jong said.

“Aww I am so jealous!”One of the maids said.

“Me too” Agreed lady Bok.

Soldiers entered the laundry. They started the search and the interrogations. They searched all the rooms thoroughly. The maids were told to remain in the palace. No one was allowed out.



The king got dressed. He kissed Hana who was still asleep. He left the quarters smiling to himself. This was the first night he had spent with her. He did not want to leave her but there were urgent matters that he had attend to.

An emergency meeting was being held in the cabinet hall with all the ministers. The guards opened the door for the king. He entered the cabinet hall and sat down. The ministers were murmuring between themselves, they quietened when the king came in. They bowed their heads at the king.

“An attempt was made on my life last night” the king said “I am sure you are all aware of this” he added.

“Your majesty, who would dare do such a thing?” said lord Chin.

“That is what I would like to know” the king said.

“Your majesty, we have failed to protect you. Kill us!” lord Jung said.

“How can I kill you before I find out who is behind this” the king said trying to conceal his anger. “I know that some of you in here are involved” the king stood up.

“Your majesty, we would never do such a thing!” lord Yi said.

“We are your humble servants” One of the other ministers said.

“Humble servants will do the most scary things to feed their greed for power”.


After going back and forth with the ministers, the king left the cabinet hall. The meeting was going nowhere. He returned to his chambers where he found queen Sook was waiting for him. She fell to her feet when she saw him.

“My king! I am so glad to see you” she said and burst out crying.

The king got to one king and picked her up in his arms. “I am glad to see that you are well my queen”.

“I was so scared that something might happen to you. I cannot believe someone would want to kill you. I am so happy that you safe. I will not forgive them for this!”

“Do not worry about me. I am fine”

“How can I not worry? You must protect the crown.”

Queen Ryung waited outside the kings chambers. The maids had told her that queen Sook was inside with the king. Her blood boiled as she waited. She did not trust queen Sook. Queen Ryung was almost certain that the other queen had something to do with the assassination. She just did not know how to prove it. That's when it hit her. She knew one person the other queen was afraid of. He would definitely get to the bottom of things. She told lady Jee to send someone to go summon him.

“He must come as soon as possible” Queen Ryung said.  

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