Two is company, three is just awkward

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I can't write summaries very well, i hate to give it away. but i'll just drop a little dscription

Things always get worse before they get better. Rosey-jo is so clumsy and unlucky. Just when she is about to loose the little that she has, things change when she meets two strangers.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Two is company, three is just awkward

Submitted: March 30, 2012

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Submitted: March 30, 2012



Chapter 1

Beep beep beep, Rosey-Jo stretched her hand out from under the covers and thumped her alarm clock. What day is it today? She thought to herself. Then it came to her, THURSDAY!!! Today was the of the board meeting. She jumped out of bed and headed for the shower. She could not be late again, especially not today.

Rosey-Jo ran into the kitchen and searched for something to eat, but as usual her house was empty. She growled as she headed for the door.

She looked at the floor; there was a khaki envelope on the floor. She picked it up and opened it. It was an eviction notice. She had a month to move out. Great, she thought to herself.

She got on her bicycle and rode to work. She rode over something and it punctured her tyre. Rosey-Jo got off the bicycle and had to drag it to work. As she got off the bicycle, her skirt got caught on the back of the bicycle. Rosey-Jo tried to yank her skirt free and it ripped. She cursed quietly. She walked through town with a ripped skirt. 

She arrived to work late. She could not enter the meeting. Rosey-Jo went to the staff room and sewed her skirt while waiting for the meeting to finish. Lucky for her, there was a sewing kit in the staff room but not so lucky for her that her sewing skills sucked.

“Jo, where have you been?” Kelly asked Rosey-Jo.

“I got a flat tired and my skirt got ripped. I could not make the meeting. Is Michael angry?” Rosey-Jo asked.

“Yes he is. And he is looking for you right now”

“Oh no! I will just have to explain to him. He will understand right?”

“You know how unreasonable he can be”

“Rosey-Jo! My office NOW” a voice boomed from behind her.

She looked at Kelly nervously. Kelly hugged her and wished her luck.


“Michael I am so sorry” Jo tried to apologize as she walked into Michael’s (Her boss) office.

“Your services are no longer required” Michael said to her as he sat down.

“What? No you cannot do this”

“I just did”

“Let me explain. It wasn’t my fault”

“It never is right?”

“This is not fair”

“You have 20 minutes to take your stuff and leave the building before I call security”

“Please give me one more chance”

“I have been sitting on this decision for weeks. It was not based on your absence at the board meeting, although that was the last straw”


Rosey-Jo had no choice but to pack her belongings not that there was a lot of them, and leave the premises. She walked slowly to her bicycle. She dragged it out and began to walk home. A black Lincoln navigator drove through a puddle and all the muddy water splashed her.

What a stupid day, Rosey-Jo thought to herself. She always had the worst luck but today was much worse.

She got home and threw herself on the bed. She just wanted to lay there and die. She did not have any family she could turn to. Her father abandoned her when her mother died a few years back. He never loved Rosey-Jo because she was an unplanned baby. Her mother did not have a lot of family. So Rosey-Jo had to make it on her own. Being twenty-one and going through life like that was just not fair.

What would she do now? She was being evicted and had just lost her job. She only had fifty dollars in her account. She needed to pay eight hundred dollars for her rent. She was a few months late.

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