Until YOU..

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 14 (v.1) - Someone to talk too

Submitted: January 26, 2016

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Submitted: January 26, 2016



"Right".She nods and slowly walks away. "bye".

"yeah, bye".She reaches the gate probably thinking I'd call her back but I don't, I just keep my arms folded watching her reaction, she paused while walking and turned to face me.

"You know what,you're an asshole okay!, you are like that freaking animal that changes it's freaking colour!".She yells at me at the top of her lungs and I try really hard not to roll on the floor in laugher, she noticed my grin though.

"Oh you think this is funny?! What do you think I want from you?! I just wanted a friend to talk too not any crazy silly ideas you have in your rotten head!".I wipe my grin off immediately and walk towards her.I didn't mean to make her this upset.

"you might think you're all hot all that's why you feel you have the crazy ass right!".

"Whoa..hey now".

"You're are not even that hot,you might have abs and talents and coolness and beautiful eyes and everything some guys could wish for, but you not that hot".She cringe when what she said registered.I hold her shoulders with my hands and look her in the eye.

"hey, hey....wait, you think I have beautiful eyes?"I say instead but I was curious what she thought of me while checking me out.

"ugh!"She rolls her eyes at me and removes my hand away from her.I laugh, I'm really enjoying this.

"You Kellan Archer ,are the craziest, asshole I've ever met in the history of assholes! and you needed to be taught a lesson!".

"What's all the fuss about?!".Grams voice startled April and she immediately clamps her hand around her mouth.

"Oh my god!, I'm so sorry, I had no idea you were home".She immediately looks at me with those big brown eyes of hers."Why didn't you tell me she was around?!".

"You never gave me the chance too".

"Son don't be a twitch,invite her in".Grams says and I roll my eyes at her.great! She's all knowing.

"come in".I say to April and she does nervously, I don't get why she is nervous, she shouldn't be afraid of Grams, she is as harmless as dove.

"You must be the April girl Kellan here dreams about".April blushes and I cocked an eyebrow at grams very confused, I don't remember telling Grams about her.

"Why don't you two go upstairs to the room while I fix something for lunch".

"No uhh, Grams you need not to worry, I could do it myself".I say giving her the hint that there is little food in the house, Grams shakes her head at me and scoffs.

"What? The crazy peanut butter and sandwich, we have a visitor, a pretty one at that and I'm sure she can't pretend she wants that in her stomach you two upstairs,would call you when I'm done ".

"Thanks".April says smiling softly at her and really confused how grams would be able to prepare a food with nothing in the house.

"You're welcome darling".I roll my eyes at Grams when she winked at me and pull April by the hand towards my room.

----------------------- ****


He rests on the door and exhales when he shuts it.I look round his neat room, not the normal typical guy's room I know.Rusty's room smells and looks like death, his bedsheets messy, torn posters of celebrities on the wall and his clothes are always scattered everywhere, but Kellan's room is nothing like that, his bed is dressed neatly like he never slept on it and everywhere so neat and quiet enough to hear a pin drop.

"So care to tell me the main reason why you're here?".He is still rested on the door, studying.

"I told you, to give you back your hat".He walks to his bed and sit on it.

"Liar liar pant on fire, someone's been doing that job lately".

"actually I'm wearing a skirt if you didn't notice".His eyes falls to that direction and I sit next to him on the bed to avoid falling.I inhale and exhale as I try to stick to the truth.

"I just wanted to talk to someone, you know a friend".He looks up at me confused.

"Don't you have plenty of girlfriends to talk too?".

"They don't understand me, well Amy and Sarah did but they've been distant lately, anytime I try to ask if they know anything concerning my sight memory loss and why I ended up on your doorstep they just zoom out entirely, like I'm a crazed person, no one wants to tell me what happened".

"And Rusty?".I shrug at the thought of that one.

"He told me he had no idea, that he was surprised he didn't see me at the party".Kellan tsk and shakes his head.

"I have a feeling he's lying".He says. I laugh bumped him on the shoulders.

"You don't really like him, do you?".

"No, I hate the crap out of him and I think it's pretty strange that he has no idea because it's not possible for you to black out like that and no-one says a thing about it".

"well I was doing some thinking and I guessed no-one had an idea because maybe I was coming to see you the night of the party and I fell or hit my head on something".

"yeah, maybe".Kellan whispers.There is an awkward minutes of silence and I think of something reasonable to ask him.

"Do you...".

"Have you....".We both say simultaneously and laugh together.

"You go first".Kellan says and do.

"I wanted to ask, I think your Granny is sweet and everything really, but then why do you stay with her, trust me I would definitely get it if you say you prefer her to your parents because I would, my parents are crazy and lousy and I love being away from them, I'm not saying yours are but I'm just curious to know why you leave with her, not that it's a bad thing though" .He smiles softly at me and for a moment I am distracted by his perfectly straight white teeth with those lickable dimples.

Focus April!.

He then nods and reply.

"Firstly, just so you know, you talk like you're our head coach Russell".I gasp and my eyes go wide.

"I do not!".

"yes! you do"

"no way".

"yes way, what happened to you just saying; uhh, hey Kellan, I just want to know why to leave with your grams? hmm? What happened to that?"He was now laughing seriously and I playful start hitting him.

"I was just trying to make sure you got my point!".

"Indeed I did".I stop hitting him and huff.

"You're crazy you know that?".I say also laughing.

"Secondly,I don't stay with my parents because they are dead".I immediately stop laughing and looked up at him, he is still smiling but I'm not, I'm as shocked as hell!.

"What did you just say?!".

© Copyright 2020 Sharon Daniel. All rights reserved.


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