Chapter 16: The Truth About Me.

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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He laughs probably because of my facial reaction and shrugged.

"I said my parents are dead,they died when I was ten and my Grams raised me up herself, that's why I live with my Grams not that it's an excuse not to live on my own though but...yeah".I stare dumdfoundely at him for a moment,I can't imagine what it feelt like for him, losing his parents at such a tender age.

"What happened?".He looks at me thoughtfully for a moment, still smiling, his eyes searching mine like he's either wants to tell me or keep his mouth shut.

"I don't know".My eyebrows are creased together, confused but something about the say he said it tells me it's the truth.

"I only know what I heard".

"What did you hear?".he sighs and looks into my eyes, his beautiful blue eyeball boring into mine.

"Car Accident, we were on this bridge, Dad and Mom were singing along to this country love song and Dad lost control of the brakes".

"Whoa, Whoa, we? as in you were involved too? where you also in the car,?Did you survive?!".

Great April, Keep throwing questions at him like the freakish maniack you are.

he laughs at me and I really wonder what's funny in this situation.

"Ofcourse I survived, why would I be here if I didn't, I was at the backseat of the car, so I heard but I don't know, I just have a feeling that's not happened."

"How is it that you can't remember what happened at during the time of the accident? and believe me I'm really glad and happy you survived and all but..why did you? I mean you..."

"Coach Russell".I laugh a little and bump him on the shoulder, he fake gasp like it hurt.

"We are having a serious conversation here Archer!".

"Yes Coach".I playfully smack his arm and shake my head at him.

"You're Crazy".There is a moment of silence but this time it's not awkward, like we're thinking.

"I don't remember anything about the accident because it made me lose my memory,permanently."I look at him hoping to see traces of humour but I don't, his face was serious now.

"You mean to tell me that since you were ten, you can't remember a single thing about yourself?".He nods and I inhale deeply.

"oh god Kellan, oh my god, I can't imagine what it must feel like for you".

"err, you don't? I thought you had your own share of memory loss remember, lying at my doorstep."He says and I just can't understand why he is bringing humour in this.

"I'm being serious Kellan,that was nothing compared to what you're facing".

"I don't need your pity April".I scoffed at that.

"My pity? who said I pitied you".He sighs and nods his head.

"you 're right, I'm sorry for that, but April I am fine okay, it's been years ago and I've forgotten about it".That's a lie and he knows it.

"You don't forget them Kellan, they would always remain in your heart, you just....block 'em".He says nothing to that but stares blankly at the floor.I know he hardly tells anyone the truth about himself and I really wonder why he told me and right now, I just want to pour all the hidden things in my heart out to him.

"When I was nine, there was this guy I had a crush on, I don't remember his face very clearly but then..".He looks up at me and I continue trying not to sound like Coach Russell.

"I remember him walking up to me for the first time and I got so speechless".I smile at the thought, I got my words mixed up when he only came to ask me how much he candy I bought was.

"At ten we got official and started dating, our parents were against it though but we didn't care and gosh Kellan, I loved him.People say you have no idea what love means that tender age but we did, it was so true and perfect that we had everything planned together..."I paused to see Kellan looking at me intently.

"I'm sorry, I'm beating around the bush like Coach, aren't I?".

"I don't care if you are, just go on. What was his name?".he asked and I laugh a little.

"Noah, and he was always boasting about it, saying he was the one who built a big ark for God and saved all our crazy asses, he was so full of life and everything and we were so inlove, he uhh".I blush a little. "he was my very first..and last though, I know it's pretty crazy to get intimate at that little age, but we're thirteen and curious and yeah.."I laugh a little and avoid his eyes feeling silly for sharing that part.

"So anyways,we're fine till one day, my parents got a call that ..that, that he was shot on the head along with his parents but their body was nowhere to be found, probably taken by the idiots that shot them.".I remember that day clearly, didn't believe the news and told my parents not to worry that he was coming here to sleepover, but he never came.

"I kept one crying till tears were tired of coming, everyone tried consoling me, telling me I was till so young and had no idea what love was that I would grow up and find a guy I would really love, but I didn't just want any guy, I wanted Noah, several years passed and I just couldn't forget him, believe I tried so hard,my parents thought I was crazy because most times I would stare at photograph and talk to him, blaming him for leaving me, so they removed and sold all the pictures I had of him."I paused again to look up at Kellan, his eyebrows were creased in thought but he smiles softly and holds my hand.

"go on".

"I got a little worried about myself and decided to see other guys, So I dated a guy at age seventeen but Noah was all wrapped up in my head, when Drew kissed me, In my head it's Noah I'm kissing, so I'd kiss him with so much passion and he would think I'm into him".

"That was wrong April". he says and I nod.

"I know Kellan,I really tried to stop but I just couldn't and everytime I tried to focus on Drew, it felt like I was betraying Noah and it felt really wrong,then One day, Drew and I were watching movies together and uhh, onething led to another and he started kissing me and believe me I tried not to think about Noah but I just couldn't, I closed my eyes and the next thing I was all over him, wanting and needing more, Drew was really happy till Noah's name came out from my mouth".

That day was a really funny one,Drew had said he ignored it the first time, but then I kept repeating his name.

"He called me a messed up whore and threw me out of his house, saying he never wanted to see me again, I knew I deserved that so I tried blocking Noah out of my mind."

"And it worked?"

"yep it did, so I've haven't forgotten him but just blocked him, like you did with your parents."Kellan sighed and tsked.

"guess everyone has had a pretty shitty life huh".

"That's life for you, it's never perfect; so it's better to remain in relationship you know is never going to work than imaging someone in your head while making out".

"You're talking about you and Rusty right?".I immediately roll my eyes at him, how brave of him to bring up Rusty, I just don't want to talk about that one now.

"I'm serious April, you need to break up with him".

"ugh! Kellan, just leave this Rusty's issue for now".

"hey, hey..".He bring his hand to rest on my chin, so I'm looking up at him.I inhale deeply and swallow as my heart starts to beat fast due to his slightest touch, his eyes falls back and forth between my lips and my eyes.

"April, he doesn't deserve you, you deserve better okay"..

"Kellan, my gym..."I try to say but he cuts me off.

"I know gymnastics means a lot to you but this is not a good way of doing it, money means a lot to everyone but that doesn't mean you should steal".

"This is different, Kellan".I say but it comes out more like a whisper, my main focus was how soft his lips would feel.

I know, I'm a whore but his closeness is messing with my brain.

"No it's not April,you shouldn't let yourself think like that, you deserve better okay, you deserve someone who would treat you like you 're his everything, someone who won't think twice about making you happy, someone who would never want to hurt you because he knows he would never find another you no matter how hard he searches, someone like....".His voice trails off and I stare at him dumdfoundely for a moment before my lips barely moves.

"someone like...".he sighs and nods.

"Someone like Noah".

No Kellan, he's dead.

Someone like you.I wanted to say but I keep my mouth shut.We are both looking at eachother till our eyes are purely focused on our lips, we slowly move towards eachother to make them meet.Kellan rests his forehead on my and our lips barely brush when the door swings wide open.

"Alright kids lunch is ready".


Submitted: January 26, 2016

© Copyright 2020 Sharon Daniel. All rights reserved.


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The Unicorn

I love this book so much! You are a talented writer.

Wed, June 1st, 2016 9:05pm


Thank you so means a lot!!!'re the best!

Tue, June 7th, 2016 4:20am

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