Chapter 17: Just as Friends

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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"err Grams I think April's Roommate would be worried sick".I said clearing the table.

We had eating lunch already and she's telling April some embarrassing things about me, like the way I love stealing her cookies, Grams is truly all knowing I wonder how she knew when I'm pretty sneaky at stealing those cookies.

"It's fine Kellan, how'd handle her myself".April says and I frown at her.

"Hear that Kellan, she doesn't want to leave, now get your flabby ass out of here".I gasp and pout like a Kid.

"My ass is not flabby! It is hot!".Grams throws a pillow at me and I run off to the kitchen to wash the dirty dishes.I hear April's laugher and I smile then frown, I really wonder what crazy things Grams might be telling her.

Few minutes later she joins me in the kitchen and start to rinse the soapy plates, her auburn hair is tied in a knot revealing her flawless neck.My mind drifts back to her story, why does it sound familiar?, like I knew the Noah guy.Why was it that when she mentioned the name my heart skipped a bit?.What is crazy feeling I felt just listening to her?.

"Earth to Kellan here!".I turn to see her resting on the zinc watching me curiously.

"Where'd you go? Paris, London, Egypt, Africa?"I laugh and scoffed a little.

"You 're kind of weird you know that right?".She gives me her cute smile.

"Nah, you are, Anyway, I said your Grams is really awesome and nice."

"oh yeah, when she told you silly things about me, why wouldn't she be".She laughs then snorted.

"Did you really ate your grams nails when you were hungry".

That was on freaking time!

"Ugh,gross, ewwe, Ofcourse not!".I say instead.

"Well there is no way your Grams lied against you".

"she did..Ahhh, that woman!".April laughs so hard her eyes were watering.

"oh my god, you're killing me!"

"I better not, too young to go to jail".She playfully smacks my arm and I grimace eventhough she hits like a girl.We are both silent for a while and I know that no matter how we both tried to avoid our "almost kiss" it would surely come up. It's like hiding from the inevitable.

"So uhh, about uhh..".She start and I turn to face her.

"What happened before..look Kellan I don't want a...misunderstanding..".she says avoiding my eyes.

"What do you mean?".She licks her lips and swallowed.

"You 're a great guy Kellan, believe me and I really think you should..that um, what you said about a guy deserving me, I could really say the same about you, you deserve better and tons of girls would be so lucky to have you and uhh".she paused when she hear my low laugh.

"I'm sounding like Coach again, aren't I?".I nod and laugh out loud when she sighed and rolled her eyes.She really never goes straight to the point and I kind of like it.

"No matter how off point that sounded, I kind of get what you mean, believe me I like you, very much, I won't lie about that but I know relationship are the least of things on your mind now since you are already involved with that punk and it's the same for me because I swore to myself I would avoid all forms of distractions and focus mainly on Royal Arts , trust me and you're right, l really like hanging out with you and would really love it if we were good friends".

"So that's what I had trouble saying huh?".I laugh a little and she nods.

"I'd also want to be your friend Kellan, nothing more than that".

"then it's settled, April Mercer, my very good friend."She frowns at me.

"But promise me one thing though".I slowly nodded.

Wait for it.I inhale waiting for the "worse".

"I'd be a way more closer friend than Douglass".I exhale.

"you got it".She squeals like a child and hugs me.

"Can't wait to see those shocked faces, Kellan Archer's new friend; April Mercer, lucky me!".I hug her back and inhale her sweet scent burying my face in her beautiful hair, somehow I knew it wasn't going work because I already liked her...too much.

No April, I'm the lucky one.


Submitted: January 27, 2016

© Copyright 2020 Sharon Daniel. All rights reserved.


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