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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 18 (v.1) - Car Wash Day

Submitted: January 28, 2016

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Submitted: January 28, 2016




It's car wash day today at Royal Arts.It's kind of a tradition we do every year and all types of cars are parked outside for us to wash, it's all part of "enhancing our abilities".The dress code for this Car wash day for girls is bikinis while for guys, just shorts and yep! you guessed right, Rusty was the one who brought about the dresscode issue and no Coach dares to complain.

I'm shyly wearing a tank top and shorts, not that I'm not confident in my body but I just don't feel comfortable showing off like other girls, some are even wearing g-strings panties while some next to nothing like Jenna is showing off her big fake boobs and perfect ass, it's more like show off day for some girls.

I'm holding a sponge and soap on one hand and a bucket of water on the other.Amy and Sarah are partners already, so I'm left alone to do the job.I see Rusty sitted with his group of "gangs" checking out girls and rating their asses.His eyes meets mine and he barely nods at me, he has been acting kind of strange lately, like he was trying to impress me.I'm happy for that at least.

I dropped the bucket and rested on the car I'm about to wash and scan around the environment for Kellan, I smile when I see him then frown.He is laughing with Douglass,his partner I guess and they are surrounded by some giggling girls.


I was supposed to be his closest friend!

He is still had his shirt on with his jeans which is really surprising since he has a more perfect body than Douglass who is shirtless.Unlike me they are using a hose to clean the car, I really wished he was shirtless though, it would be nice to see that beautiful body, I bet he has at least six packs.

Ugh April, he is your freaking friend!

Well you could admire your friend pee-brain.

You call that Admiring?! You are practically drooling.

Okay fine! You win brain, I am, but he was to gorgeous and breathtaking to care.

"Hey beautiful".Rusty obstructs my perfect view of Kellan, his arms wrapped around my waist.

"Oh..yea..hey Rusty".he has a firm grip on my waist and it's kind of hard to exhale.He tucks a strand of my hair behind my neck and kisses me.

"Why aren't you showing off that tight sexy little body hmm?".

"I just don't feel really comfortable".

"Screw that babe! You 're freaking hot! a lot hotter than some girls who are who are wearing plain panties".I plant a fake smile at him when I really just wanted to shove him off .

"Thanks Rusty, but I'm fine in this besides it's just a car wash, no-one is complaining".

"I am and my friends are mocking me that my girlfriend is freaking holy virgin who is to scared to show off her body ".He points at some group of girls.

"If those skinny little ass are showing of their stick thin body, then why can't you?".I try and release myself of the firm grip he has on me but he holds me tightly.

"Rusty, I'm fine like this and if you don't mind, I want to start washing the car".

"I do mind".

"Rusty let go of me".

"Take it off, c'mon".He tries to take off my tank top but I smack his hand away.

"Stop it".His eyes immediately sparks with anger and he forcefully tries to take the tank top off.

"I said stop it!!".I shove him as hard as I could.

"What the hell is your problem?!"He yells.

"YOU!".I yell more louder than him and he stares at me blazing with anger.

C'mon Rusty, you can do it.

Break up with me.


But he doesn't, he just jammed his fist on the car and walked away.I sighed and turned to look at Kellan, ofcourse he's too preoccupied to noticed what happened.

© Copyright 2020 Sharon Daniel. All rights reserved.


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