Chapter 19: Take it off

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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It takes a whole five minutes! Five freaking minutes for Kellan to notice my existence.When he's eyes met mine,I looked away and rolled my eyes. So? Even if we aren't official at least I should be on his mind like he's constantly on mine, then again I'm not so special to him than he is to me.

After we already agreed to be good friends,I thought it'd be all puppies and corn dog for us.I pretend I don't see him coming and focus on washing the window of the car instead, I see his reflection though, him and his shitty grin!..ugh!.

"Hey".I shrug and frown a little, I don't care if I'm acting like a kid, I have every right to be pissed..I think.

"April I said hey".I don't need to look at him to know he's having an amused expression on his face,his voice tells it all.

"Hi Kellan".I say my back still facing him.

"Okay, are you alright?".I just nod.

"Are you sure?".I don't reply him because the question is stupid to me.He turns to the side of the car so he is facing me and laughs when he sees my frown.

"Wait, are you Jealous?".I scoffed at him and dip my soapy sponge into the water.

"Jealous of what?".

"I don't know, maybe of fact that I was talking to Douglass".

"and why would I jealous of that?".

"I don't know, you tell me".I shake my head at him and turned to face the other side but he pulls me gently to him.

"I'm sorry okay, you have every right to be because I did promise to be a closer friend to you, So I'm sorry".He was still smiling amused at me, waiting for my reaction and I forget why I was frowning in the first place.

"Apology accepted"He gives me is full toothed smile and hugs me.


"Whoa April never told us she made a new friend".I jerk and pull away from Kellan immediately at the sound of Amy's voice.We both turn to see her and Sarah watching us curiously.

oh my god!

I had completely forgotten people might be watching, especially Rusty's "friends". "So care to introduce us?".Sarah asked and I look at Kellan to know if he would be okay with that,he smiles softly at me and nod yes.

"yeah, well uhh.guys this is Kellan, my err, new friend, Kellan, this are Amy and Sarah, my two bestfriends".

"For life!".They say together in an high pitch.

"Nice to meet you guys".They shake hands and it feels really awkward for me.

"The pleasure is ours".

oh god! today could not get any crazier for me than this.

"So Kellan, we're kind of having a thing we do here in Royal Arts, it's called "Let your light shine".Only cool people get invited, so uhh..what do you say?."

"uhh...".Kellan looks back and forth between me and them, his brows scrunched together.

"C'mon, It's not like a party or anything, more like a get-to-together sort of thing".

"April would be there".Sarah added and I cringe mentally.Why on earth would she say that?!.

"C'mon April, tell him it'd be a night to remember".When they both give me their pleading eyes I sigh and turn to Kellan.

"err.. Kellan, I think you should come, it'd fun".I say and see Kellan frown a little at me.

"Okay, I would think about it".

"great! you should"Amy says.

"Yeah thanks Kellan, you won't regret it".

"Yeah, sure". Kellan said awkwardly and they both smile widely at him before turning to walk away,Sarah walks back to us and uses a finger to size us up.

"And yeah guys, it's meant to be sexy car wash day,not cover up day, so please fix yourselves". She walks away swaying her hips as she walked, Kellan and I stare awkwardly at eachother before busting into laugher.

"Why are you laughing?".Kellan asked even though he is trying to stifle his.

"I have no idea".I say wiping tears away from my eyes.

"She's right though,we're the only one over dressed".I stop laughing and stare shocked at him.

"Overdressed?! Excuse me but you're the one who is over dressed, I mean who wears jeans to a car wash? I don't even think it's allowed here".He scoffed.

"oh so you're wearing an invisible bikini" .I gestured to my body and he eyes me from head to toe.

"This is perfect for a car wash and I feel comfortable in it".He chuckles and nods, I'm guessing he got my point.

"Okay, let's make a deal".

"I don't want to make any silly deal with you".He shakes his head and rolls his eyes at me.

"ugh! just listen for once would ya!".I shrugged at that and he sighed.

"So this the deal, We both take off our clothes at the same time."

What, no way!.I needed to say that out loud

"What, no way!".

"and what is wrong with that?".

"Easy for you to say, you're the one with a perfect body".He laughed at that.

"You're one crazy chick, you know that right".I growl at him and he laughs again.

"Okay, C'mon,be proud of yourself".

"I don't to take my tank up to know to be proud of myself".

"No you don't but regardless, give It a try, watch me".He takes off his jeans revealing the shorts that was under it, I swallow and adverts my gaze immediately.

"Your turn".I shake my head adamantly.

"No Kellan".

"C'mon, give It a try".when I still shake my head no,he holds my face with his hands so I'm looking at him.

Dang it! He knows my weakness.

"You my friend April Mercer, is so stubborn that stubborn itself got frustrated".I roll my eyes at his lame attempt to crack a joke.

"Ha.Ha.Ha".I say dryly

"Shut up, that made sense".

Something about this moment feels very familiar.

"Anyway, you are still one of the hottest chicks I know so take your shirt off so I won't be proved wrong". I sigh and give in because I'm sure he's never gonna let this go if I don't.

"Okay fine!"


Submitted: January 28, 2016

© Copyright 2020 Sharon Daniel. All rights reserved.


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