Chapter 2: Fighting Distractions

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Rusty is now kissing my neck and I cringe as I look up at the beautiful guy, he is just staring disgusted at the neck Rusty is filling with his saliva.It is really taking everything in me not to push him off me and slap his cheeks for ruining what would have been a perfect moment for Archer to talk to me.

Rusty turned me around to face him, well at least I can't see beautiful guy's reaction now.

"My friends and I are throwing a big party very soon, it's gonna be the bomb!, you coming?"

I stare dumbfoundedly at him for a moment before his question registers in my brain . "uh..I don't know, I'm not sure".

"hey"he tucks a strand my auburn hair behind my ear and leaves his hands on my face. "You should come, all the hot gymnasts would be there and I need my baby as one of them present, hmm?"

ugh, baby indeed.I sigh and stick to what I do best.

Pretend to love him April, that has always been the plan.

I plant a fake smile on my lips and nod. "yeah, okay...sure"

"great then."He kisses me on the lips hard and backs away. "See you later babe!, I have football practice" he yells at me loudly making everyone turn to look at us,I really wonder why when he could have just told me quietly.Oh maybe he saw me looking at Archer, I can't be caught again, I need to be more careful next time.


I cringe hating my life already as I slowly turn to look at him, but he was gone already.

ofcourse, he would have left, when Rusty was biting the crap out of my neck.I sighed completely gutted and shake my head.

I hate myself, I hate myself for pretend ing, for using Rusty (eventhough most times he used me), and I hate myself for crushing on a guy I have no idea about when I already have a boyfriend.

Infact if I were Archer the beautiful guy, I would hate me... ;--;--;--------------------------- ********


Life has a really funny way of turning things around for you, just when you are pretty sure you have everything planned out, shit gets in the way and mess the whole thing up for you.

My plan has always been simple, focus on what you came to do and push aside any forms of distractions,then why on earth were my freaking legs walking up to meet a girl.

That girl.

For the past few minutes,I can't stop thinking about her which is definitely unlike me. why in heavens name should a girl be on your mind?, Think Kellan

She felt different, I just knew it at the moment she smiled at me, I lost control of myself completely and had that overwhelming urge to walk up to her and know at least, find out her name.

Maybe I have seen her before?, and my damaged brain is trying to register.It had to be, because for years now I've tried abstinence and it really works and the girls didn't bother to come anymore,once they hear of my memory loss they would think I have issues and see it has a disability, I bet if that girl knows my story she would flee immediately.

but that girl. If she wasn't looking so beautiful with her long auburn hair, then it's probably her lovely smile.When she caught me staring, my first thought was to look away but then I couldn't, like I was stucked and trapped in her big eyes from hers though we are standing distant apart from eachother, but then common sense registered when I saw a huge looking guy coming towards her.He flips me off,wraps his arms around her waist and on purpose starts kissing her neck, I felt disgusted for her hooking she would probably pull him away but she hugs him back and that was when I realized something.

I am a messed up idiot

The guy presses her to him shooting me daggers at the corners of his eyes clearly claiming his territory.

I didn't want to see any of thing they would engage themselves in so I turned away to take a stroll around the gym before the coach calls for another practice .

I thought she felt different but I guess I was wrong, she is just like every other girl trying to get a guy's attention when they already have boyfriends, so she's old news to me.

Wait, If she's old news I shouldn't be talking about her now,I should be talking about how my day in Royal Arts have been.

Perfect!, just a day here and I already got myself distracted.I need to be serious if I'm going to get qualified into International Sport competition, I need to block that auburn hair girl out of my mind especially when she has a boyfriend already.

"Hey Man!...wait". The guy I ran with today yells,running to catch up with me.He offered me a handshake and I take it .

"Hey Man, I'm Douglass, you?"

"Kellan" I reply him, he is a really tall guy a little skinny but tall.He runs his hands through his blond hair.

"Won't lie man, you really kicked my ass today" I laugh at his words and shake my head.

"Sorry I guess?"

"Yeah, you should be, the cool athletes are looking at me with disgust now because a certain new guy kicked my ass"

"I'm sorry, I don't remember kicking anyone's ass just remember running though".He laughs and nods his head in thought.

"anyways like the normal say, if you can't beat them, you join them, so I guess I'm ready to partner with you.

I raise my eyebrows confused at this weird guy soon to be my friend.

"uh..I guess so"

"Great, now partner let me tell you all about Royal Arts".

Douglass tells me a lot about Royal Arts as we walk around, he explains to me so much about how it is different from other gymnasium, he also explains to me who that huge looking dude was, Rusty Campbell, the owner's son, no wonder he limps when he walks, like a leg is longer than the other, I really wonder what that girl saw in him, even just mere looking at him, you would know his character is zero percent good.It was actually fun talking to Douglass cause the end of the day, I found myself a friend.

My Grams was still sleeping on the couch when I got back to my little home, she has been feeling feverish these days and I know she needs plenty of rest, she says she still want to continue her tailoring business but old people don't work, they rest ,well except they have a broke 21year old as a son.

I pick up the old photo of me and my parents resting on the centre table and look intently at it. I was in the middle and we were all smiling, our thirty two on full display, oblivious to what would befall us..I close my eyes.

Think Kellan;

Anything......Just remember.

I don't but instead of seeing a blank dark image that I normally see, the auburn haired girl comes into my vision, she is standing with her sports bra and shorts, smiling at me.

Immediately open my eyes to prevent me from seeing her in my head.

Why her?.

Whoever this girl is I need to stop thinking about her and focus more on my sport!, I'm goin to push her aside as I have done to other girls,I'm not going to let her invade my thoughts like this.

I'm not.....


Submitted: January 19, 2016

© Copyright 2020 Sharon Daniel. All rights reserved.


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Hey, did you add more to chapter one? I had to go back to read it.This was a very interesting chapter, I like their first meeting. My suggestion is to go back and read it out loud. There are some spacing issues.
These are just a few suggestions.
*at the beautiful guy
*Rusty turned me around to face him
*my friends and I are throwing a big party, it's gonna be
*I stare dumbfoundedly at him.
*He tucks a strand of my auburn hair
*hot gymnasts will be there
- No coma after (?)
*shit gets in the way
*For the past few minutes
**walked up to her and at least, find out her name.
*girls didn't bother to come around anymore. Once
*she would flee
*hoping she would pull away from him
*shooting daggers at me from the corners of his eyes.
*he offered me a handshake
This is just another suggestion for this paragraph.
*She was beautiful, with long auburn hair. But it was her lovely smile that caught my attention. When she caught me staring at her, my first thought was to look away, but I couldn't. I felt trapped in those big beautiful eyes of hers even though we were standing a distance apart from each other.
This was just a suggestion, you don't have to agree. I hope i was helpful.

Thu, January 21st, 2016 5:56pm


thank you so much, I know there are errors, would sub-edit it when I fully publish it, for now I just write and post on booksie to be fast..thanks ;-)

Thu, January 21st, 2016 10:21am



Ignoring the Errors, it was cool, but I have a feeling Kellan has seen her before.Hmmmm.

Fri, April 15th, 2016 7:47pm


thanks..maybe, maybe not ;-)

Fri, April 15th, 2016 1:30pm

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