Until YOU..

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 20 (v.1) - "Stay away from me!".

Submitted: January 29, 2016

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Submitted: January 29, 2016



He squeals and shows off his dimples and those straight white thirty-two.

"But there is noway I'm taking off my shorts".

"As you wish darling".

I sigh and slowly remove my tank top, it gets tangled up in my head and I felt really embrassed when Kellan offered a hand to help.When the tank top is finally off, I immediately use it to cover my chest which Kellan found pathetic.He takes his own shirt off without a blink and I stare foolishly at him.

"Hey no looking, you don't see me doing that to you, do you?".I fake frown at him like his body has no effect on me.

"Cocky much?'.I asked dryly.

"Very much".I shake my head at him like I'm disappointed and he laughs.

"Hold up, I'm gonna go get my own bucket of water, BRB".He kisses my forehead and walks away, I stare at his broad shoulders smiling, indeed a friendship with this guy would work.I let go of my shyness and tuck my tank top inside the pocket of my shorts, leaving it hanging and turn to face the car when I see Rusty watching me curiously, even from the distance I could feel the heat of his anger.

Oh my god!

Again, I'd completely forgotten that people were watching us and it might have looked like Kellan and I were a thing.Rusty start to walk towards me and I wanted to bury myself in the ground.

He's gonna lose it.

He has had enough of me already.

He paused when he was infront of me and the anger in his eyes was not mistaken.He opened his mouth like he was going to say something but shuts it and runs his hand through his hair.

"Oh I'm gonna kill that bastard!".He says and he runs towards the direction Kellan went.

oh god, what have I done?! I immediately run after him to prevent him from doing whatever he wanted to do to Kellan.

------------------------------- *******


I was about carrying the bucket of water away from the tap when a hand shoves me so hard at the back I tumble and fall.I slowly get up, dust away the dirt from my body and turned to see who the hell the idiot was when I see a pissed Rusty, his fist clenched together.

"I warned you to stay the hell away from her!".He yells and tries to hit me again but I get hold of that big fat hand and pushes him back to the ground.He falls carelessly and I laugh. This guy can't do shit without those two assholes.

April comes running and clamps her hand in her mouth.

"Rusty please I'm sorry, just stop it".I look at her confused.

"You're sorry?! For what?".She says nothing and the asshole gets up on his feet and points his crooked finger at me.

"You messed up punk! I have warned you, stay away from my girl!"

"and what makes you think she's your gir?!".I yell back.This asshole may think he's the only one who knows how to shout, well he's wrong!

"What sort of messed up question is that?".

"Oh c'mon, don't act dumber than you already are, you see it idoit! You see the way she reacts around you,like she can't wait to get the hell away from you, yet you say nothing! why?! why are you still dating her when you know she has no feelings for you at all!".The asshole was silent for a moment before he turned to face April.

"April tell this punk he's saying shit!".He turned to face me again.

"Just because you just want inside her panties, doesn't mean she doesn't have feelings for me! She is in love with me!". I scoffed at that, Indeed she is.

"How pathetic of you, you disgust her, she hates you and she can't wait to be free from you".He laughs showing off those yellow teeth....ugh!.

"April, is it true? what the punk said, was any of it true".I smile softly at April letting her know this is her big shot to get rid of this asshole.She looks back and forth between me and Rusty, when I think she's gonna flat out tell him, she gives me an apologetic look.

"No, it's not".

What the hell?!!.

"So you're saying all the bullshits he just splat from his mouth was rubbish".

I see her cringe but nod.

"Yes".Rusty laughs again and I stare at April dumdfoundely, she avoids my eyes.

"Last warning, stay away from her!".With that he walked away.I scoffed a little and nod as her eyes meets mine, I get it now.I walked away from her and ignore her when she yells my name.

"Kellan!".She blocks my way and I'm forced to stop.

"Kellan I'm so sorry but Rusty..".I cut her off immediately, yelling.

"Rusty did what?! Covered your mouth?tried to chock you!".This case was different, she had every opportunity to tell him how she felt, but she didn't!!

"Kellan, you don't understand".

"oh I understand alright, this was all planned, you and that stupid asshole planned it all!".

"What? No Kellan!".

"and it worked, I fell for it like an idiot".

"No Kellan!"

"Yeah right,"

"Kellan you don't understand, please listen to me." "I'm done listening, like he said, you two are inlove".I sigh completely gutted.

"I'm done with....whatever this is April".I turn to leave but she pulls me back rekindling my anger.

"Stay away from me! What do you want from me?! Leave me the hell alone!".I yell at her and feel bad immediately when I see traces of tears in her eyes, I open my mouth to apologize but I shut it instantly and walked away.

I'm done with this!

So done with risking Royal Arts for some girl..

No matter how different she felt, I am done with all this..


© Copyright 2020 Sharon Daniel. All rights reserved.


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