Chapter 21: Memories

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I slammed the door of the living room feeling all types of emotions, forgetting that Grams would still be asleep on the couch, she jerks up at the sound and I cringe knowing I've woken her up from what might have been her only time to rest.She scrunched her eyebrows together, giving me her serious look.

I hate that look.

I try and shrug it off giving her a peck on the cheeks and forehead.

"Everything alright Son?".She asked and nod my head yes, she also gives me her "I don't believe you glare", but she says nothing and I turned to direction of my room.

That's why I love my Grams so much, she knows me better that I wouldn't want to talk about whatever it was now. My head is all over the place and I just needed time to think.

I'm such an asshole.

Regardless that what April did was wrong,I shouldn't have yelled at her like that, she didn't deserve that but I was just too angry to care.She had the chance to tell Rusty how she felt but she didn't, I just don't understand why, she might have had her reasons but I'm really sure they were crappy ones and I'm not ready to get involved with a girl who could never have the courage break up with her "boyfriend", not that we were involved in any but screw fear! it's her life and she has the right to choose whether she wants to be with that asshole, but she chose him.

Yeah she did and I want no part at all.

I should not be thinking about her right now since I ended things with her for good, but I just can't, the tears in her eyes is making me feel like her hurt her.

I don't want to hurt her

I close the door to my room more gently this time, slowly slide down the door to the floor and close my eyes.I am washed with a wave of familiarity as I opened my eyes.I'm no longer in my room, I'm in a strange room and I'm shocked to see April on the unfamiliar big bed but she looked young, really young, guessing maybe at the age of twelve, she laughs when the door to her room opens and I turn to see who.

Holy Sprinkles!

It's me!.

A younger me!.

What the hell!

It's like I'm watching a movie that I featured in, I move closer to them but they don't notice me, its like I'm not there at all.

"I'm sure they gave you a hell of a sermon, didn't they?".Younger April asked younger me, still trying to stifle her laugh and I just watch dumdfoundely.

"It was all worth it".Younger me says she roll her eyes.

"Oh sharaap! you could have just come through the window like other cool boyfriends do."Younger me grimaces.

"That window is damn too small for my body and I'm afraid of heights, besides it's part of my good boy mode so when I come for your hand in marriage,they would easily accept me".

"You're a clown Noah".That name causes me to freeze instantly and stare shocked at them.


Noah was the younger me?!

"hmm, thought you said I was never funny, that my jokes were as stale as my brain".

"Well dummy, I wasn't talking about your humour, I meant you look like a clown".Younger me fake gasps and tackles her on the bed without warning.

"Get off me you clown!!".

"What if I don't Mrs Clown?!".

"I'd go James Bond and Angelina Jolie on you!".She screamed at younger me and he moved his hand so they are interlaced.They breathed softly on eachother and he eventually smiled adoringly at her and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear.

"You're so beautiful Mrs Clown".

"I won't say the same for you,Clown"She whispers jokingly although her focus was mainly on his lips.

"Tease".Younger me chuckles before lowering his mouth to hers.

I opened my eyes immediately and see I'm back in my own room,resting on the door.

What on earth just happened?!.

Was I Noah?!

Have I seen April before?

Never in my life I've I been so confused, I shake my head no, it made no sense at all.I am Kellan, Kellan Archer,it's in my birth certificate and Grams as told me enough history about myself, there's no way she would have lied to me, Grams never lies; I mean that!

Maybe this wasn't a memory.

Maybe I thought so much of April that I saw myself as Noah.

Maybe I just wanted to be like Noah to her? Because that's the only explanation for this.

Or maybe I was day Dreaming.

Oh god! I'm tired of all the maybe's, I really wish I knew something about myself because one thing is certain;

Grams could never lie to me.


Submitted: January 30, 2016

© Copyright 2020 Sharon Daniel. All rights reserved.


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