Chapter 24: Today sucks.

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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"Alright so gymnasts show me what you've got, Sarah, you're first.

Sarah nervously chews on her bottom lip as she walked forward to perform the Tap swings on bars routine and does the sign of the cross which made us laugh.

She does exactly what coach taught us although her landing wasn't perfect, he was impressed a little.The next was Jenna,I really wonder how she'd be able to perform the routine with her big bouncing boobs(not that it affects in any but was just curious to know) overlarge boobs aren't allowed here, it either has to small, average and if big possible packaged well so I wonder how she got into this team with that, then again I don't, probably with a miracle like me.

Surprisingly she does the routine nicely and perfectly and had Coach cheering at her, his cheer didn't last long when it was Rosa's turn.she just stood staring awkwardly at the swing, coach nearly bit his tongue off with that.

It goes on and on, turn after turn, till it reaches mine.I slowly inhale and exhale as I move forward.

Okay April, this is your big shot, don't ruin it for anything.

I try regrip at the back of the swing and come off the bar and briefly regrab, just as Coach stated, at the back of the bar my body was in a slight position, underneath the bar I move to a slight arch position and was about to tap my feet lighter in the front when my eyes meet Kellan's, he was smiling, watching me intently and I was all of a sudden, trapped by his stare, I lose focus and my hand come off the swing as I fell.

"Ah!".Everyone chroused together as my butt lands on the floor.

"Someone please take her to the nurse, to the bay!".Coach yelled.

Amy and Sarah tried to lift me up but I free myself from their grip and slowly get up.

"I'm fine, I'm fine."I felt dizzy after I had gotten up and almost fell before they both held me tightly.

"Whoa April".

"I'm fine really".I try to release myself from the grip.

"No, I need to talk to Coach, please".they reluctantly release me and I started to Coach, he frowns when he sees me.

"What did I say about taking her to see the nurse?!"

"I'm fine Coach".

"Indeed you are,that was a pretty nasty fall".I nod then shake my head.

"I know Coach but I'm okay, please Coach, give me just one more chance".He shakes his head adamantly.

"what no way".

"please Coach this means a lot to me".I pleaded almost at the verge of tears.

"No Mercer, I can't watch you fall like that again, not today!".

"Coach I'm begging you, I could better".

"I know you can,Mercer but not today".I can not hate Kellan any better, I'm not going to ruin my chances here for some guy.

"Please Coach,I swear I'm fine".I tried to sound bold but it came out more of a whimper.

"Mercer go to the nurse, you might have a concussion, I can't watch you just kill yourself".Evewhere saw so silent enough to hear a pin drop.

"Coach please, I swear I'm fine, I just got a little distracted".

"Next time Mercer, but not today and it's final!"He turned his attention from me to the other girls.

"Shit!".I cursed silently and turned to walk away feeling really gutted and angry.I can't believe I just ruined my chance at the international sport competition for some guy.

Oh god!

Today sucks.

"Hey babe, what's the matter?".Rusty asked,coming from only God knows where.He wraps his arms around me and I forcely pull away from him.

"Not in the mood Rusty".I yelled .

"You're never in the mood". He snickered and yanked me back rekindling the anger burning in me.

"Get off me Rusty, I hate you!".I wipe away the tears falling for my eyes and released myself from his tight grip and turned away but he yanked me back again, I feel dizzy as he presses firmly against me.

"Leave me alone! We are done!".

"you know you keep saying that Shit but you keep coming back!"I don't have time to process it because he immediately pushes me firmly on the wall and presses against me.

Today could not get any crazier than this for me.

"Rusty let go off me!".I screamed but people hardly pass this side of the gym, he clamps my mouth with his hands shutting me up.

"What do you think of me?! huh! Some sick asshole that wants to stick with a fat ass bitch like you, no freaking way, because you ain't my type!.

"Then why won't you leave me alone?"I try to ask but it gets all muffled up due to his fat palm on my mouth, he hears it though.

"Because you bitch! You never give me what I want! you're all part of a stupid bet,what you think you're that pretty".He scoffed with that ignoring the tears falling from my eyes.

"Indeed you're, you're nothing but a messed up whore!".When his hands started moving down to the zip of my shorts,I realize what he was trying to do to me.

"Rusty please stop this".

"Shut the hell up!, I'm done with your Shit, I'm gonna screw the life out of you right now and dump you like the whore you really are!"I try releasing myself from him but is grip was tight.

Submitted: February 01, 2016

© Copyright 2020 Sharon Daniel. All rights reserved.


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