Until YOU..

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 27 (v.1) - Back to us

Submitted: February 02, 2016

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Submitted: February 02, 2016



A small wave of relief washed over me coming out of the gymnast Coach office.I had just pleaded with him to give April a second chance to perform her routine better and he agreed, well agreed in the sense that I knelt on my knees reluctant to leave his office and he finally giving up saying he might think about it, well then yeah, he agreed.

After talking permission from Coach that I wasn't feeling too well, I started to April's dorm.It's being hours since she had been carried back to her house after she fainted in my arms so I'm pretty sure she would have woken up by now.

I can't possibly understand how she felt knowing that bastard nearly...I would have killed the idiot if I hadn't been stopped.I knew he was up to no good when he watched and followed April's move, he tired denying it but we all knew better.The way his belt was on the floor carelessly,his jeans loosely on this legs showing off his brown dirty brief explained it all.

Maybe that was what she was afraid of?

Oh I'm such an asshole and it was all my fault, I ruined what happened to be a perfect friendship because of.... jealousy and now she must hate me.

I rubbed my palms together and knocked on the door, a part of me hoping she was still asleep because we left things at the wrong foot and it'd be really embarrassing when she tells me to get out.

The door slowly opened and I held my breath waiting for her reaction.

Please don't tell me to go away.

Her reaction was far from what I expected because she hugged me immediately she saw me and I'm frozen shocked.

Did she loose the memory of what happened again?!.

She gives me a peck on the cheeks and ushered me in.I sat on the small chair at her bed side, she smiled at me sheepishly and I must say she looked better for someone who just went through a lot of crazy shits and I feel any minute from now she would realize herself and throw me out.

"I'm sorry, I don't really have much to offer".I shake my head, that's the least of things to be bothered about.

"It's fine, I didn't come here of that".I said smiling softly at her, she gestured to the fridge.

"I have some orange drink though, if you want some".

"Sure".She walked to the fridge and I watched as she poured out the content in a glass, thinking of what to say to her. She hands me the glass when she's done and sat on the bed facing me.

"So uhh..How are you feeling".I asked her and she snorted.

"I've seen better days".I chuckled a little at that hoping it didn't seem rude.She buried her face in her hands like she's embarrassed.

"I'm sure I'm the talk of town at the gymnasium".

So she remembered.

"Not really, Rusty is and I'm sure he's gonna be in big trouble".She shook her head at that.

"No Kellan, you don't understand, it's Rusty, he gets away with everything".

"I don't think he would this time, all evidence are pinned against him except from the fact you weren't present but it was understandable because you fainted and I explained it all ".It was pretty obvious what he did and I'm sure no matter who he was, he was gonna face the law.

"You don't get it Kellan, this isn't the first time, Rusty has gotten involved in bigger issues than this and he always gets away with it".

"I don't believe that April, the asshole deserve the worse".

"I know,I know".She rests her head on my shoulder and I wrapped my arms around her so she could rest on my chest instead.There's a moment of silence before she finally whispered something.

"I'm so sorry Kellan"

What?! Sorry?! Was she kidding me.

"No April,I'm the one who is sorry, I'm such an asshole".

"No you're not, you were right all along"

"No I wasn't,even if I was right about Rusty's part I should I've understood your actions, you had the right to decide who you want to be with, I had no right to shut you out because of that."She shook her head adamantly.

"I should have listened to you, see where that got me today".

Was she seriously blaming herself.

"No April, it was my fault and that's it".She paused for a moment then slowly nodded.

"Okay,so you were kind of an asshole".I laughed, relieved she finally agreed.

"A messed up one at that and I deserved to be hated, not hugged and offered orange juice".She laughed and smacks my chest playfully.

"Speaking of that, you haven't taken even a sip yet,I don't want to poison you,you know".I looked at the full glass of orange juice and laughed, ofcourse I knew that.

"Oh right".I drank the all content in the glass and licked my lips.I think I just tasted the best orange juice ever and I don't really like oranges.

"I want more".I tell her and she smiled a little.

"Serve yourself".I pull my arms away fro her missing her warmth already as I stood up.

I'm so glad we are back to the way things were for us,as friends.

But I don't want to her friend this time, I want to be so much more than that...

But I can't.

*********** END OF CHAPTER..

© Copyright 2020 Sharon Daniel. All rights reserved.


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