Chapter 28: Qualified

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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It's been a week since the incident and I can't freaking believe this!

Coach gave me a second chance!

And I nailed it!


I was really over excited but mainly focused and perfected the routine nicely that had Coach and others clapping for me in standing ovation.I ignored Amy and Sarah this time and ran straight to meet Kellan, coach said he pleaded on my behalf.He was talking to a cheerleader girl but I didn't care, I ran straight to him immediately in a hug.

"Whoa, why are you so jumpy?".He asked in a chuckle.

"I did it, thank you so much Kellan!!".I reply squeezing him tight in a hug.He looked down at me with scrunched eyebrow confused.

"I'm sorry, thanks for what?".I smack him playfully on the arm.

"You know what dumbass, yoyo helped me beg coach and he gave me another try".

"Oh that".I laughed and roll my eyes at him, we've gotten so close in our friendship that we don't care what others think.

"Yes that peebrain and I got on the list to battle at the international sport competition!".His eyes grow wide in surprise instantly and he holds my face in his hands.

"You're telling me you got qualified?!".

"Yes! I'm freaking telling you that!".

"oh my god ".He lifts me up in a bear hug,April that's so fantastic!".

"I know right!! I'm so excited I just can't believe it!".

"well you should because you're going to battle!".I laugh so hard my eyes watered.

"Thank you Kellan, you've no idea how grateful I am..I just...ahhh. I feel like kissing the living day light of you right now!".The cheerleader girl clears her throat and I blush, I had totally forgotten she was still present.

"Well, uhh.Kellan, I should get going now, see you tommorow at "let your light shine".She smiled as she gave him a peck on the cheek and walked away not after shooting me daggers with her eyes.Kellan takes my hand and pulls me to him as we take a stroll.

"Hmm, now that would be tempting Ape'.He said and I laughed at the crazy nickname him gave me.We thought our friendship would be strengthened with nicknames so I called him Kell and he called me Ape.

"Never ever call me that, wait are you seriously coming to the thing we're having tomorrow?"he shrugged.

"I guess I would, the girl kept lecturing me about how important and cool it was going to turn out, so I guess so".

"Hmm, Kellan Archer going to a "party" by his own free will".He chuckled.

"It might be fun and I guess I need that in my life, besides I'm going to see you there so it'd be worth it".I look to the otherside to cover my blush but utility wad futile, he laughed when he saw it.

"You're so adorable, you know that right".I shook my head, he was the one.

"No you're Kell,thank you so much, I really owe you".

"No you don't, my begging would have been in vain if you were a shitty ass gymnast, he saw your potentials not because I pleaded but because he knew you had the ability that you were worth millions of chances".I smile broadly and look sheepishly at the floor so he wouldn't see my facial expression, it wasn't the one a friend should been having but I knew already my crush on him was turning into something different.

Into something so much more.

I really don't want to be just friends with him but I guess I had no choice, he did say he liked me and I knew that but I guess he doesn't need a relationship now and neither do I, I'm still trying time get over Rusty's issue.

Speaking of the asshole, he hasn't been in the gymnasium for weeks now but I'm sure he would have his way and come back.

He always does.

"Earth to April here!".I blinked send looked up to see an amused Kellan. "Where'd you go, London, Paris, China, Africa?"I laughed and smacked his hand playfully.


"Hmm what country, SouthAfrica, Nigeria, Zimbabwe?".I roll my eyes at his lame attempt for a joke.

"What about you Kell, when are you going to get qualified in ISC".

"Really, ISC? you gave it an abbreviation".

"Shut up, it's cool and it makes sense".He chuckles and nods.

"This week probably".

"Well I know you're going to break a leg".He cocked an eyebrow and I roll my eyes.

"Oh c'mon you knew what I meant".

"Definitely did".People were watching us curiously like we were a thing now but I didn't care as we sat on one of the large chairs at the multi-purpose sport ground.

"So let's play this game, Friendship is based on complete honesty right?".He nodded."Tell me a secret about you and I would tell you mine".

"Ladies First".I shook my head at that lame cliche but went on with it anyway.

"I still put superhero posters on my wall to protect me in the night when I sleep".He laughed at me feigning disappointment.

"What a baby".

"Shut up, your turn".

"hmmmm,Well grams didn't lie, I ate her nails one time when I was hungry".I look at him with a bored expression.

"I sort of knew that dummy".

"And toe nails too".He adds and I grimace instantly.

"Oh now, ugh! I didn't care for that one, you're so disgusting,I'm the baby".

"hey hey, in my defense, I was really young".I rolled my eyes.

Young indeed.

"Your turn seniorita".I blush a little at the thought of my next confession.

"I've made out with a girl, just once though, to prove I was straight".

"Hmm, and was the girl?".I laughed.

"No, she pestered me for days".

"Hmm".His face was oddly serious now in thought like he wanted to tell me something more.

"Kellan?".He blinked and smiled when he looked at me.

"I don't remember..I just, I don't really know much about myself so.."

"No it's fine, you could say the ones you remembered..".I started feeling silly about bringing up the "game". "Or we could just stop the..".He shook his head immediately.

"No no it's fine,I uhh".He thinks for a moment then blushed a little.

Kellan actually blushed!

"I'm..hmm, I am like Augustus Waters".My expression changed from curiosity into confusion.

"I'm sorry,who?".

"The guy the movie, "Fault in our stars", don't tell me you haven't watched it.

I have watched it but I don't get why he 'relates....I clamped my palm on my mouth immediately.

"Oh my god! Do you have cancer?!".It comes out more like a yell that people turned to us.

"What? No!".He said laughing hard.

"Then why the comparison? Because you two look nothing alike.".

"I know that".He said still laughing and blushing a little.

"Then what?"

"I haven't really told anyone, you're the first and it's really embarrassing so promise you won't tell anyone".I smile wondering where this was going.

"Cross my heart, Hope to die".

"I haven't had you know..well since my memory loss, I haven't you know".Surprise flickered on my face as it clicks in and my clamp my hand to my mouth again.

"Oh my gosh! I you trying to say....You're a Virgin?".He nodded.

"You're pretty smart aren't you to figure that out".


"Kellan you're joking right?!".I asked hoping he would tell me it all a joke.

"Nope and like he pointed out".He draws a circle on the ground with a stick and I just stare dumdfoundely."This is the family of male virgin".He draws a smaller one inside."This is Kellan Archer".I stare at the ground for a long moment before busting into laugher, it was rude but I couldn't help myself.

Hot Kellan with a perfect body that most guys pray for is a virgin?!


"Hey hey now, you're not one to judge you just had yours with the love of your life so you're practically like me".I smacked his arm playfully still trying to stifle my laughter.

"Shut up, for a girl it's totally understandable but you?! You are so hot Kellan! I'm sure billions of girls would jump at the offer to be with you".He shrugged a little and I laugh somemore.

"Don't you at least get the..."I trail off and he rolled his eyes.

"I get the sexual urges because I'm definitely human, I have been in just two relationship since my memory loss and they turned out bad, I have made out with girls, gone the "long way", but getting to that part I just...stop, like it's not right which is crazy because I don't care, I just want to get over it you know, I don't because I have the feeling it's not .....right".He laughs a little and runs his hands through his beautiful hair. "Pretty messed up, isn't it?"I shook my head.It's makes him more special.

"No, it's not and no worries, the right girl would come eventually, I think it's better to wait whether you are male, hot or not, I think it makes it so special".I see him watching me intently but I go on anyway. "It's such a beautiful thing with the right person, I know because Noah was, no matter what, it's not going to be special with whoever you don't love, don't worry Kellan, you're going to find a sweet beautiful special girl and that night would be best night of your life that you wouldn't trade for anything because it was so magical and looking back you'd smile because it was worth it, definitely worth the wait and it won't just end there, it'd done again and again and again, magical moments in bedroom, shower, kitchen, floor, table, wall and it be so awesome, so good to be true,feeling like the first everytime, it'd be special Kell".I look at him to see him still studying me intently and I noticed his quiet harsh breathing.

"Are you alright?".He doesn't answer just kept staring, he looks like he's in pain,he's gaze falls to my lips and he winced like he's fighting the urge not to kiss me.

"Yo Mercer! Where the hell have you been?!Get your butt over here!".Coach yelled enough that heads turned towards my direction, I swallowed and got up.

"Coming Coach!".I stood and turned to Kellan who was staring intently at me.

"uhh, later?".He stared for a moment and barely nodded when the question registered.I smiled and walked away still feeling the intensity of his stare following me.

What on earth did my big mouth say?!


Submitted: February 08, 2016

© Copyright 2020 Sharon Daniel. All rights reserved.


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