Chapter 3: The Hottie

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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"His name is Kellan, He is twenty-one, lives with his grandmother, he is deaf but sings in the shower". Rosa one our gymnast says proudly.

"and you got all that under how many minutes?".

Amy asked Rosa. I'm still in the "he is deaf" issue, there is no way he could be because you can't get registered in Royal Arts a deaf person.

Today, Coach Franklin is expecting everyone in the gymnastics team to be able to perform perfectly the vault he taught was and we are at our favourite spot stretching our arms and legs getting ready to "wow" him as he puts it.

"I get my facts right and fast "Rosa replies proudly, chesting out. She might think it makes her looks hot but I just think she looks like the has a hunch back. "well, genius, He is not deaf because you can't get registered here if you are".Jenna another girl from our team says.It takes a long moment of it to register in her brain before the smacks her palms on her forehead.

"oh right!...but he sings in the shower though"

"and how would you know that?" Girls like her brings up fake rumours just to be part of the popular group

"because guys that hardly talks to girls sing in the shower" Sarah scoffs and roll her eyes by now, she is used to Rosa by now.

"right, because that makes sense".

"Exactly" Rosa replies dumbly, ever heard of beauty without brains?, she is the one.Jenna ignores her and turns her attention to us.

"well unlike doodle head I happen to know the real truth about the hottie".I cringe mentally, hearing them talk about beautiful guy whose name I now know has Kellan,feels really awkward, especially when they refer to him as "the hottie".

"great, I'm sure you have the truth to tell us now."says Amy and I listen to know that somewhat truthful fact about him.

"Ofcourse I do, His name is Kellan, is twenty-one year old, lives with his grams, only child"

"I said that!" Rosa interrupts as the stamps her foot on the ground and pouts like she is ten. "She is saying all I said".

"well she isn't saying he is deaf dummy, please go on Jenna" Sarah says harshly to Rosa and I feel a little pity towards her. Everyone wants to be in the popular girls group to gain respect and I'm not one to judge, I'm one of them because I am dating Rusty.

"he could hear clearly and perfectly" Jenna continues. "hard working, totally single, his former job was at "the wrongs pizza palace as a delivery guy, has great legs, loves to run and snob girls not because he is gay but because he needs his complete focus and has lickable abs."

"Ah" the girls chorus the sigh together while I grimace, great to know I'm not the only one crushing on this guy.

"and I really don't care if he snobs" Jenna says. "I am going to have a chat with today and when he sees my enormous cleavage and pretty eyes, snobbing would definitely not be his reaction". All the girls laugh but I don't, I don't think I like the idea of them talking about Kellan like he was some sweet dessert they couldn't have or the image of Jenna flashing her cleavages on his face,which by the way are really huge,you could hide a cat in those and I'm sure no straight guy would look past that, not that I would be jealous if he talks to her, likes her or date her, I would be perfectly fine with that.

c'mon I only saw the guy yesterday.

"hottie coming! twelve o clock" One of the girls say and we all turn our attention to this "hottie" and..

oh my word! He just finished his run and his shirt's already off.

He is not wearing a shirt! Kill me somebody.

My mouth dropped open in an audible pop, and I quickly shut it before anyone notice.

My focus started on his impossibly sexy hair, slightly damp around the edges from his run, but eventually it drifted done to his perfect cheekbones, strong, smooth jaw, and down his neck to his bare, lightly damp chest.

I lingered there, following everyone, starting at the top and slowly mentally tracing them all the way down to the deeplines of his lower abdomen disappearing pleasantly into his track pants.

"oh my god!", Sarah says,thank goodness I wasn't the only one drooling at him.

"oh I wanna have him for thank giving" one of the girls say.

"I want to have him for dinner" another says.

"I want to have him now!!"Rosa says but being to dumb yells it loudly that he looks at our direction, the girls starts to fidget.His eyes locks with mine but he looks away immediately and I actually wonder if it was my imagination.

"Did you see that?!" Amy asks me and the girls attention are now focused on me, great!.

"he totally looked at you!"

"what?, no he didn't"I say but my heart is dancing now.

"Yes he totally was" Sarah says, Coach comes in and I am really happy to know I'm not the main center of attention.

"okay girls, Rosa Parker, you're up!". Rosa stands and performs her vault but misses the landing, Jenna is next and she gets it right.Most of the girls improved better while some made coach frustrated, they perform till it was my turn.

"Mercer!" I stand and walk toward him, I'm pretty sure all eyes are on me but I'm just really concerned about one.

I look up to see Kellan watching me, for a moment I forget about the vault and stare back, our eyes locks for a moment before he turns his head away.

heh! well regardless, I'm going to perform this vault perfectly.I run again just like before full speed down the runway which is padded and make a perfect one. Everyone claps for me, I turn to see if Kellan saw that, he was smiling a little, but his eyes meets mine it fades away and he walks away.

well that was pretty........Interesting.

"good job Mercer, good to know have perfected the vault"

"Thanks coach"

"okay salnob, you're next" .I see Rusty approaching and I wanted to turn around to run away but it was too late.He lifts me up in a beer hug and kisses me.

"Babe you were on fire!" I cringe mentally but plant a fake smile on my lips.


"All my friends were watching you and I knew my baby won't disappoint me"

It's always about you Rusty.

"anyways babe,just wanted to let you know Friday party is still on."

"yeah, sure uh Rusty I need to wash my face" I say as an excuse to get away from him.

Oh sure thing babe" with that I turn away from him and he smacks my ass as I walked. Ugh!, I really need to figure out a way to break up with him, believe me I have tried several times, I even do silly and annoying things thinking he would get irritated but he never noticed but he himself is.

It's like acting like a dummy infornt of a dummy.

I actually heard about the news of Royal Arts from Sarah and she introduced me to Rusty, I asked for his help and he asked for a date...that's how it all started.

Being his girlfriend has some privileges and I don't want to let my self-interest get in the way of gymnastics.

I dashed down the long halls trying to find a place to hide from Rusty for a while, when I rounded a corner I ran right into a broad muscle chest and almost fell before he caught me.

"I'm so sorry, I..." I shut my mouth when I looked up and saw those deep blue eyes.

Oh Father!


Submitted: January 20, 2016

© Copyright 2020 Sharon Daniel. All rights reserved.


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Rusty just keeps appearing at the wrong time...ugh! but oh dear if Kellan isn't so hot!! KMU!

Fri, April 15th, 2016 7:50pm


haha..thanks Lovvagirl for commenting, really are a true fan, always commenting unlike some..thanks a bunch and yeah will definitely

Fri, April 15th, 2016 1:32pm

The Unicorn

Omg, this book is...awsome ... keep going girl!

Wed, June 1st, 2016 8:09pm


thankssss!!!..So sorry I am replying now,checking out your books ASAP!.thanks

Tue, June 7th, 2016 4:16am

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