Chapter 30: Let your light shine

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I must say this "party" was not bad as I thought it would be.The environment was peaceful and calm, I'd thought that it would be filled with loud music and people groping eachother with smells of acholo In the air but it's better, peaceful with a soft music and everyone with their sky lanterns with their partners sitted and talking together,I had mine too, the cheerleader girl,Jamie,gave me one.

We'd been partners and she had her hands linked to mine telling me a lot about herself,it was fun at first but I got really bored and excused myself.It's been an hour since I got here and I haven't seen April yet so I decided to look for her.

She was sitted on the bench of the balcony when I saw her.She looked like an angel in her free white gown and those long auburn hair, like she was a fairy..a beautiful one.I smiled and just stared at her for a long moment,she also had her sky lanterns and her face was tilted up to the sky probably staring at the numerous stars.

"It feels good to be free, doesn't it?"My voice caused her to jerk and she chuckled when she saw me.

"I don't understand".I laughed and sat down next to her on the bench.

"From Rusty, it feels good to be free from that asshole, doesn't it ?".She laughed and rested her head on my shoulder.

"I guess, but the asshole would have his way, he always does,since I guess I would enjoy it while it lasts ".I scoffed a little, to me that asshole is dead and gone no matter whose son he was.I look at her to see her studying me with a frown.

"You okay?".I nodded then shook my head, I needed to tell her the thing that has been bordering me since, what might be a scary truth about me.

"No, I'm not April".Her frown turned into curiosity.

"What is it?".she looked up at me and I could feel the panic in her voice.

"I have a confession to make...I might be Noah".Colour drains out from her face and her eyes grow wide immediately.


"I know, it sounds really crazy but I have this feeling that..."She cuts me off instantly.

"no no no, Kellan you're so wrong, you can't be, what makes you say that?!"

"I had this memory and..."

"No no,you can't be Kellan no okay, I would have known the instant I saw you Kellan, I know I could hardly recognize his face but I would know, you had no idea how much I loved him, I would have felt his presence anytime anyday Kellan.You're not him and I know it".I sighed and nodded,I thought as much.

I don't even want to be him.....well sort of want to be but I just wanted her to see me for me.

It's explains nothing about the memory I had but I don't tell her, I let it pass because she already looked freaked out.

"You're probably right I guess I got myself pretty mixed up".She still looked shocked so I smiled at her and to lighten things up..literary lighten things you I stood up with my sky lantern and tilted it to the sky.

"This one's for my parents, my mom, dad and the Kellan that died during the accident..hope you all find peace wherever you are, I really hope heaven".I let it float to the heavens and smiled at how beautiful it looked up in the sky.I turned to April and she stood up too, her lantern tilted up to the sky.

" This one's for..Noah.I just want you to know how much you mean to me and I really hope you are at rest up there or where ever, I just".She paused for a moment and I just really wonder how someone could love a person this much that it hurts.

"I just want you to know,I would never stop thinking about you and I would always love you even when I shouldn't and miss you even when I can't..I love you".She let's it float up to the sky and wiped away a fallen tear from her cheek.

Submitted: February 09, 2016

© Copyright 2020 Sharon Daniel. All rights reserved.


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