Chapter 31: Like we're being watched.

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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My eyes watered and I felt really embarrassed when Kellan offered a tissue paper to wipe it away again, I try to shrug it off with a laugh which came out dryly.


"No it's not".He said in a whisper and I smile, we were both quietly looking up at the stars together with our sky lanterns.I looked up at him, his eyebrows are scrunched together in thought and I wonder if I freaked him out like he did to me.

My heart froze at what he said;He being Noah.I was scared to even know what prompted him to say that, but was right,he's probably gotten things mixed up because there's no way he could be, from what I remembered they had nothing in common well except their humour sucking, nothing.

If he were Noah, I would have known... right?

Besides Noah is dead.

It made no sense at all.

"Feels like we're being watched."Kellan whispers after what felt like eternity.I laughed when what he said registered.

"Oh yeah".

"Yep".He pointed to the sky.

"By my parents, Noah; Hey dad, mom, I'm good if that's what you're probably wondering, life's been shitty but it's all good.".I laughed and rolled my eyes, bumping him on the shoulders.He paused for a moment before he continued.

"Hey Noah, the lucky guy, ouch you're are not so lucky you are dead, I'm sorry that was a lame joke, there's a lot seriousness going on here and I'm sorry so I'm just going to go for it".My smile fades at the seriousness on his face.

"I had one main goal, get qualified into "ISC" avoiding distractions and I was really fine with that, really I was, I thought it was the best thing but turns out it just made my life more boring.See there's always going to be distractions in life, you just don't block them, you face it, you make sure you fight it with everything in you not to win but to make the best out of it".He sighed and run his hand through his hair.

"I'm I even making any sense?".

"Yes you are".He turned to look at me dryly.

"I was asking Noah, if you don't mind I'm trying to have a conversation here".I laughed and shook my head at him, he stares ate for a moment before looking back to the sky.

"You said you were lucky because you were the right guy for her, I mean I don't even know you but I'm sure you were worth it and I'm sure you miss her and love her like she loves you, before I don't even want to wake up and face the world but this days I get up so early even before grams because I know one thing is certain, even If it got so messed up, I would see her again:her smile, her hair..every single detail about her, because she makes it worth it, Noah I want to be the lucky one now, I just don't want to be a friend..I so much more.I want her eyes to sparkle everytime she mentions or hear my name, like she does to yours and I'm saying screw distractions or ISC, the main thing I really want is right here and I know she wants that too, she's just scared like I was but I'm not anymore because I think I'm falling for her and I'm falling pretty hard ".

"Kellan..".I say shocked to were this was going but he ignored me.

"and I don't care anymore Noah, I don't".The way my heart was beating, I was sure it was going to fall out from my chest.It really felt like Noah was present here, he must feel hurt listening to this.

"Kellan, it's enough".

"So I need your blessings Noah, I want her to stop thinking about you because you're dead and you're never coming back".

"Kellan stop this."

"it feels like you're holding her back in life and it's not your fault because I'm sure you want her to be happy, well leave that you me".


"She's the right girl for me and I want her not just in my bedroom, shower, it but In my heart, so much that she'd be too preoccupied with me that you would hardly even cross her mind, because it'd be all me in her head".

"Stop it Kellan!".I yell at him, this isn't the right way to do whatever it is he's doing.

"Dammit April! I'm not talking to you!"He yelled back when he turned to face he.


"Yes!".We stare dumdfoundely at eachother, unknown source of anger fading away as we stare for a long moment.Bruno Mars's"Sky full of lighters" stared playing when I finally got myself and broke the stare.

"I'm sorry Kellan,I uhh.. but I'm just going to..join the others".I turned to walk away but he pulls me back to him and brings his lips to mine, kissing me deeply on the lips and I'm too shocked to pull away,I later instinctively brought my hand to his neck,slowly kissing him back.He pulls back to look at me and I swallowed wanting more of that kiss.

"I'm so inlove with you April".He said before bringing his mouth to mine , I don't hesitate this time I kissed him back with everything in me,His hand move from my waist and glides down to my leg, his finger digging into my hips.

oh father!.Kellan is kissing me passionately, like everything in him depends on the kiss, when his tongue gently caresses mine, I moan softly while he groaned like it wasn't enough.His other hand slips around my lower back as he explores my mouth, the kiss goes from fast to slow to really slow, his mouth fits mine as if we're two pieces from the same puzzle.I try to pull away to tell him something.

"Kellan..I think.."

"Shut up".He cuts me off with his mouth, kissing me more gently and slowly this gets better everytime.We kissed for so long our mouths became numb but we don't stop.It's felt so beautiful..So magical. So good to be true.Then he releases he for what seemed like a second.

"We should probably stop if we want our mouths to function".I Laughed,my forehead rested against his.

"Maybe".He gives me a peck on the lips and tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear.

"You liar, you kissed me like that and you call yourself a virgin".He chuckled and kisses me again.

"So now what Ape?".He said his voice sounding a little nervous...he shouldn't be.

"Now you're mine and I'm yours".He sighed In relief.

"Thankgodness"He said before lowering his lips to mine again.

Thank you Noah...for your approval.


Submitted: February 09, 2016

© Copyright 2020 Sharon Daniel. All rights reserved.


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