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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 33 (v.1) - Just a Joke

Submitted: February 18, 2016

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Submitted: February 18, 2016



He turned me around to face him and tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear,an evil grin on his lips.

"Don't you look so beautiful today".I stared at him for a moment and he winked at me, I feel Rusty shift uneasily.

"I couldn't stop thinking about last night, it was the best time of my life".The way he phrased it made it look like something serious happened,we only kissed.

Long hot passionate kiss.

But I really wonder if he really did think of me or it was just an act to make Rusty jealous.I doubt the asshole is anyway.

"I stayed up all night dreaming about it...about that magical moment".He kissed my forehead head and I laughed liking whatever game he was playing.I go on with it.

"Me too,It was the best night ever".Well mine was true, he chuckled a little and his snapped to Rusty like he hasn't been all along.

"Hey Man, how was Jail?".Rusty eyes immediately burns with flaming fire.The heat of his anger was intense, Kellan doesn't back down though.

"Fuck you".Rusty said and Kellan snorted.

"Seems like you've learnt new words, well I have no idea how they let your sorry ass out but one thing I need to make clear to you; Stay the hell away from my girl!".With that he pulled me by the hand to him as we walked away from the angry Rusty.

I look up to see him smirking mischeviously and rolled my eyes at him.

"You didn't have to be an asshole to prove a point peebrain".He laughed and pulls me closer to him.

"Shut up, he deserved worse, besides what did you want me to say?".

"Nothing"He cocked an eyebrow confused.


"Yes, Ever heard of; "The best answer for a fool is silence?".

"Well that wasn't what I saw you doing, besides I'm sure you loved that".I smacked his chest.

"I didn't asshole..I'm sure you didn't even think about it".I add the last part quietly but he hears me and stopped walking.I turned back to him when I've taken three steps forward without him.

"What?".I asked him.He stared dumdfoundely at me and scoffed a little.

"You think I didn't feel the kiss or lastnight?".I roll my eyes at him

"I never said that Kellan".

"I told you I love you April and I meant that".I sighed, hating where this was going.

"I know that Kellan, I was just joking".I say hoping he would get hint and let it go but he doesn't.

"That kiss meant the whole world to me".I walked up to him, placing my hands on his cheek, looking him straight.I'm scared for a moment if I got him annoyed.

"I know that Kellan, I'm sorry, I was joking, it meant a whole lot to me to, intact it all I could think of, Kissing you".He stared at me for a moment before a slow sexy smile appeared on his lips.

"Then you have incredible patient".I laughed about to kiss him while a hand smacked him hard on the back and he stumbled a bit,for a moment I thought it was Rusty...but it wasn't.

"You are a freaking asshole!".


"Dude what the hell?".Kellan said wincing as he rubbed is back.

"Look I get that you guys are all rainbows and unicorns but you shitty asshole just abandoned me, I mean I get that she's smoking hot but you freaking broke the bro code"I laughed and smiled softly at him.

"We're sorry Douglass".

"No I'm not angry with you, it's this knuckle head here that I am angry with".

"Okay, I'm sorry I abandoned you but you didn't give me much choice, seemed like you made new friends to me".

"Screw you dude, just came to tell you Mr Russell is calling your silly ass".I really wonder why, Russell hardly calls anyone except it's important, I really hope it's not Rusty's issue.

"Why?".Kellan asked.

"Because you are a douchebag asking idiot questions, how the hell do you expect me to know".I laughed as Kellan smacks him on the head.

"Brb babe".He said before kissing me on the cheeks and leaving with Douglass.

I have a feeling that whatever it was, it couldn't be good.


© Copyright 2020 Sharon Daniel. All rights reserved.


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