Chapter 34: The Bitter Truth

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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"I just got a call from general hospital's doctor, says your grandmother has been admitted there".My eyes shot wide open in shock.

What on earth?!

Grams was fine this morning before I left...well, I guess she was because she was soundly asleep before I left to the gymnasium so I'm pretty sure she was okay.

"Uh..Sir, do you mean my grandmother?".Mr Russell looked up at me with a weird expression like he was wondering what kind of psycho I am.

"Well, Archer I wasn't refering to my grandmother mother and it's just the two of us here so I'm pretty sure it was directed to yours".He says sarcastically and I sigh, nodding my head.I really wonder what it could be this time, she seemed fine!

"Good, so I'm granting you permission to leave the gymnasium". ********

"So why did all mighty Mr Russell summon you?".Douglass asked as I walked out of the office.

"Something about my grams being admitted..she's pretty sick I guess".

"Ouch..Shit that's crazy men".

"I know right?".I sighed and ran my hands through my hair frustrated. "I'm gonna go check up on her".

"You need back up?".He asked and I smiled in appreciation.

"Thanks man but I'd be fine".He smiles back and pats my shoulders.

"Don't worry, it'd be alright".I nodded although I was scared it wouldn't be. *********

I sat on one of the waiting room's chair, It's not visiting hours yet and grams was till asleep like the nurse puts it.I stood up after a long moment and started pacing around.I'm tired of all this shits.

She gets sick weirdly and when she's discharged, she'd act like it was just a little headache and then the week after, she gets sick again.

I'm so tired of it.I mean I guess that she's sort of old but at least sickness shouldn't be off and on like hers, it's really causing me to panic, I don't want anything to happen to her, Otherwise I would kill myself....I meant that literary.She means the whole world to me and I can't afford to loose her, I don't even want to think about that thought.

I sighed completely gutted when the doctor asked me to come to his office to have a "talk".I'm not going to lie, this doctor Is a messed up silly ass on.Everytime he tells me it's a minor sickness and honestly that's just bullshit for me to hear.

Minor sickness shouldn't occur constantly.

"Please take a seat Kellan".I rolled my eyes, he had better started talking because I'm so tired of all this!

"I'm fine standing, Just tell me the real truth about what is wrong with my grams".I seethed.When I think he would go on with his normal line he nodded.

"You're probably right Kellan, She can't keep this away from you, no matter what you deserve to know".I stare confused at him.

"What are you talking about?".He sighed and removed his big glasses massaging his eyes.

"Kellan, I'm sorry but I lied, I'm not suppose to do that granting it was professional and your grams begged me not to tell you".My heart begins to beat so loud I think he could hear it.

"What re you talking about?"I asked again eventhough I'm scared to know this bitter truth.

"Kellan, your gram sickness isn't minor, Infact it's more than major".I pale instantly.

"I kind of know that, just freaking go straight to the point!"I yelled at him but he doesn't flinch, like he expected or is used to the craziness.

"She has Cancer Kellan, Leukaemia".Blood drains out of my body and my heart froze instantly.I really hope I hadn't heard that correctly.


"I'm sorry Kellan but she has cancer..of the blood".I immediately shook my head.

"What? No no, that's...that's impossible..Grams could never..I would know if she had, no no...I can't believe this".

"I'm really sorry Kellan".Sorry? He looked at me with pity and I get surprisingly angry at him.

"NO NO! YOU ARE FREAKING LYING!"I yell at the top of my lungs staring at him hard in the eyes.

"I'm sorry Kellan, but it's the truth, she begged me not to tell you but you deserved to know the truth, Her condition is getting worse and critical, It'd be really dangerous to keep it a secret.My anger fades slowly as I realized what this might mean.

"No, no, grams can't have...I"I slide down to the floor, hands on my head, I couldn't just believe this.

"No, Please Doctor Henry, tell me you are lying or its a sick joke".

"I really wish it ws Kellan, but it's the truth".I stare shocked and dumdfoundely willing for the ground to open up and swallow me.

"That's impossible, I would have known if she, gram can't, it can't be, you've got it all wrong.He sighed and shook his head in pity, I don't need his pity because grams his fine, just a minor sickness that's all.

"I'm sorry Kellan, Infact you are permitted to go and see her, although she's resting now".

I looked blankly at him, I really just want to collapse or faint, that way I wouldn't feel this deep pain in my chest.Grams couldn't be.Why would she do this to me, lie to me.I love her with everything in me..why was this happening to me.


She means everything to me, I could die for her and loose myself completely if I ever lost her...

I can't loose you grams, I love you too much and I just can't..I can't loose you grams......especially to cancer.I feel my eyes water and I cry so hard for the first time in my life.


Submitted: February 18, 2016

© Copyright 2020 Sharon Daniel. All rights reserved.


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