Chapter 35: It hurts.

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I knock softly on the door when I reached his apartment.It's been hours and I haven't heard from him and I'm really worried because I'm sure whatever Coach Russell told him might not be good.It's late in the evening so I'm sure he would be around but he's taking so much time to open the door.I knock again, more loudly this time.

I have a feeling it is Rusty's issue, I wonder what on earth is wrong with that douchedag.Why can't he leave me alone! I never knew relationships were by force and he made it clear that he didn't like me; I was all a bet,so why won't he just let me freaking be?! I would rather get kicked out of Royal Arts than to get involved with that arrogant asshole.

The door finally opens but slowly and I gasped when I saw him.For the first time ever and I never believe I could say this; Kellan looked like hell!!

His hair was messy(although that was still hot) His eyes red, bloodshot and his face surprisingly pale, he was just wearing his boxers and I try not to stare at his chest.He looked like he was just got out from a frozen store.

"Kellan?".He sniffed and walked further into he living room, ignoring me.I took that as an invitation and let myself in.

"Kellan, are you okay?"He snorted and walked to the direction of his room, stumbling like a drunkard as he did.I followed him though.

"I've seen better days"He said and fell down like a lifeless person on the bed.I begin to get really scared for him.Whatever it was, it was tearing him up..obviously.

Oh my god, What did Rusty do now?!

"Kellan, what's the matter?".He ignored me and I swallowed the hurt I felt, he's more hurting...clearly.

"Kellan?!".He groaned loudly like I was causing him more pains.

"Look April, I appreciate and all that but please just go away, I need time to think..please".I try not to feel hurt again, whatever it was, I'm sure it's more than Rusty's issue.

"Kellan please talk to me, is it about Rusty?".He scoffed and rolled his eyes.

"Then what's the matter Kellan?".I urged him but he shook his head.

"go home April please, just let me be for now".I fight back the tears, he can't even tell me what is bordering him.

I thought we were more than that.

"You could tell me Kellan, we're more than that...aren't we?".He slowly stood up and walked to dressing mirror in search of something, Ignoring me again.

"Kellan?".He groaned and turned to face me, hurt and pain evident.

"Leave me alone April! Don't you get that?!".

"why? why can't you tell me, I thought we were more than that ".I feel my anger slowly coming which isn't right.I had no right to be angry.

"I thought you said you love me Kellan".He scoffed at that.

"That has nothing to do with anything April, I am not In the mood to talk, don't you get that!"


"What?!".He asked moving closer , his eyes burning in anger.

"I said no Kellan! Relationship are clearly based on trust! trust Kellan, You are supposed to open up to me, no matter how hurt you feel, that's how it's meant to be.

"And what are you going to do about that huh? When I talk to know share my "feelings".What would you do huh? Would you make it all better?!! w/ould you erase the godamn cancer from her system!".I immediately feel bad, I had no Idea....Cancer?! ..

"Kellan I...".I try to sound calm but he cuts me off harshly.

"No April, I'm done with all this, I have bigger issues in life than you! Stay the hell away from me, I warn you, I don't want to see you or be with you anymore, just leave me alone!".It took everything in me not to break down in tears but I know it wouldn't be fair.This wasn't the Kellan I know, the Kellan who talked to Noah, said sweet things to me and kissed me passionately.The one who wad inlove with me.He was different..looked different and I don't feel anger towards him because I know whatever it was, is turning him into a different person entirely.We stare for a long and I feel the heat his anger slowly fading away.

"You didn't mean that Kellan, I know that and I'm sorry, you was wrong of me, coming here asking silly questions and I know you're hurt and angry right now and I understand, you need time, I just want you to know I'm here for you Kellan,anytime you're ready to talk about it, just let me know, I would always be ready to listen..goodnight".With that I turned to walk away.I was about opening the door when his hand pulled me back firmly against his chest, hugging me tightly.I hug him back and squeezed me tightly, my chest pressed against his.It feels so amazing and I wanted to spend the rest of my life in his hands before I hear his soft sobs and felt the way his shoulders shook.

He was crying.

Kellan was crying hard.

The sounds became louder and I hugged him back tightly willing myself to be strong and not to cry along with him.

"It hurts April, it hurts so much".I kissed his neck and we both sat on his bed, he then rested his head on my laps and continues crying, his shoulders shaking from the sobs.

"I'm so sorry Kellan".It was all I could say as I gently stroke his hair.

"I'm so sorry Kellan".


Submitted: February 19, 2016

© Copyright 2020 Sharon Daniel. All rights reserved.


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