Chapter 36: Taking away the pain.

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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His hands slides to my waist and he rests his head on my shoulders.

"It hurts so much".He looked up at me and I'm torn to see the pain and hurt evident on his face.I held his face and caress his cheek, wiping the tears away.

"I'm so sorry Kellan".I kept saying that shitty word over and over again eventhough I had no idea why he was crying so hard.

"What am I going to do April?" What am I going to do without her, I can't...I can't loose her, I just can't..I can't loose her".What am I going to do without her?".I stare sadly at him, having no idea of what do say.I hate to see him hurting like this, like his whole world was over.

"I'm so sorry Kellan".

"I can't, my chest April, right here hurts so much".He pointed to his chest."I feel this unmeasurable pain April, I just..I just want it to go.".I placed my hand on his chest and try to smoothing it.

I could give anything to make the pain go away, but I didn't know what to.

"It hurts badly and I can't hide it, I just can't".He clutches his fist to it and wince like he was about to have a heart attack."I want it to go..I can't ..I can't just loose her, April I can't".He crys so hard that I feel like I'm hurting him the more saying nothing.I wasn't blown away by the emotion of his voice, I couldn't bear him hurt like this.

Maybe he was right, I wasn't any help.

I think of so many things that could make him forget and feel a little bit better, I could tell him that everything would be alright but I'm sure he wouldn't want to hear that.

There was only one thing that I could do without saying I was sorry.He continues to cry and I held his face in my hands, his beautiful blue eyes dull and tired, his eyes red and face pale like he was about to throw up any moment from now.

I moved until my lips were hovering just above his and kissed him.

He doesn't kiss me back so I slide my hands around his neck pulling him closer, kissing him deeply.He pulled his mouth away and stared at me In shock.

"What are you doing?"He asked in an audible whisper.

"Taking the pain away...for now".He started to shake his head but I kissed him anyway, with everything in me, the way I've never kissed anyone before...not even Noah.When my tongue caressed his, he groaned and gave in, kissing me back.

His hand move from my waist and glides down to my neck as I was now on top of him while he was lying down.My nose skimmed his neck and trailed kisses down his body, his fingers digged into my hips and he held my face stopping me from kissing him again.

"April, I don't think".He swallowed a little trying to catch his breath."It's not right".

"No Kellan, I hate to see you hurt like this, at least what we're's lessening the pain right?".

"April you don't understand".

"Tell me Kellan, isn't it? Doing this, you re not thinking about whatever it is are you?".I asked in a whisper.

Why were we whispering?!

"Yes".He said reluctantly.

"Then it's working".

"You don't get it April, I don't..I don't want this to be my first with you, I want it to be special and have no idea how I have imaged it:Colourful candles, petals on the floor, a hotel with a kingsized bed not this dumb room, I want to think back and smile recalling it, knowing it was with you, the right girl, I don't want to use you April".I feel a tear roll off my cheeks.

god I'm so inlove with him.

Submitted: February 20, 2016

© Copyright 2020 Sharon Daniel. All rights reserved.


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