Chapter 38: I didn't leave you.

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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My eyes shot open, my chest rising and falling as I was inhaling and exhaling harshly, taking in my surrounding.I was no longer dreaming..or was it a memory? My breathing slowly came back to normal and I squint my eyes due to the light beaming from outside of the window.

Was it all a dream or what? I felt panic rising in my chest as the memory of yesterday started coming back to me.

Grams has leukemia.

Me crying like a baby.

Popcorns, movies, kisses..drifting to sleep.


I turned my head to the the other side of the bed hoping to find her lying but she wasn't, she obviously would have gone home or ran away but I don't blame her, who would want to stay with a pathetic guy like me but I really wish she stayed.

Yesterday could have been terrible for me...not that it wasn't but she made it better than it could have been.It was times like this that I really needed her, but I don't blame her though, she probably has something better and important to do.

I flopped my head back to my pillow trying to find the meaning of the dream but I just can't,I wasn't going to tell April about it because she'd probably be freaked out about it than I am.But I'm sure as hell going to tell grams when she gets the slightest better, she has been doing a pretty good job in the lying department.It's crazy the memory I have been praying to get all this while and now I don't want to remember anymore, all was just to much for me to bear.

I looked at the side April laid again and this time a paper caught my eyes.I slowly picked it and opened it slowly, scared maybe it's a note that she's leaving me or want a break up but when I saw the content of the letter, I literary laugh out loud.She drew a large circle are words written inside it.

god, she's crazy...but I love it.

"Dear Kellan Archer, due to your crazy ass oversized big ego, you are still going to remain pure(a virgin if you had no meaning what that meant).I mean which guy on this planet gets to golden opportunity to have a girl like me and declines it?!...oh well it's disappointing and a huge shame on the guys law/code(because obviously late breaking is at age sixteen) but you are freaking twentyone! Anyway,goodluck being a hot guy who still has his VCard on.

P.S.:Augustus Waters actually got disvrigined by Hazel Grace before he died, so he's not in your category. PSS:I didn't leave you although it was tempting to, I'm downstairs cooking, waiting for your lazy ass to wake up.

PSSS:You snore when you sleep, it's a really bad impression if you want to here the L? word from my mouth again.

PSSSS:I'm wearing your shirt not because I love your stinky smell but because someone drooled on my shirt!

PSSSSS:Hope this made you laugh because it'd be really lame and awkward for me it you didn't, I really have to stop writing PS's(it's pretty lame) Love Ape ???

PSSSSSS(sorry): I hate the nickname but used it anyway.:-)

I laughed so hard my eyes watered, she didn't leave me, I climbed out of the bed and notice my room looking cleaner that it was, the CD/DVD's are stacked together properly.

I inhaled the sweet aroma coming from the kitchen,reaching downstairs I almost rolled on the floor in laughter when I saw her.She was dancing...well I guess that's what you could call it.She jumping up and down and moving her body to the rhythm...I noticed the earpiece.I'm pretty sure the song must have a sick beat, really a sick one because she's dancing like she's having a seizure!

"I'm just gonna shake shake shake, I shake it off, I shake it off".she sang oblivious to the fact that I am watching her.

Hmm, I see she's a fan of Taylor Swift but I must say, she has a nice voice compared to her terrible dancing, I check her out though, her beautiful body wearing my shirt.She opened the pot and inhaled the smell still dancing terribly..then she does her chicken dance which I both love and hate.

"My ex man brought his new girlfriend, she's like "Oh my gosh" I just gonna tell it, to the fellow over there with a hell of good hair, baby won't you shake it...".She trails on the off and gasps when she sees me, removing the earpiece from her hair, I must say I was really enjoying the show, although she gave the song her own version.

"Oh my god,I'm so sorry!, I uhh..I thought you'd be asleep, I'm sure I woke you up..sorry.uhh".I walked closer to her, I must say she sounded like a badass on the letter but now a sweet, delicate angel.

"I know it's kind of awkward but I just thought maybe if I uhh..stayed a little while you'd uhh..feel better not that I'm able too, was just saying".I don't say anything just placed my hands on her soft cheeks tucking a strand of her behind her ear.

"Your eyes seem tired maybe you shouldn't rest, I mean it's still pretty early and...."I cut her off with a kiss, soft and sweet, she chuckled and kissed me back before pulling her mouth away.

"Better way to make me shut up huh?".I smiled softly at her.

"Good Morning to you too".I say instead and she laughed.

"Right I forgot my manner, anyway I was hungry and turns out there was nothing in here".She gestured to the empty fridge.

"Yeah I forgot to shop for groceries, I had lots of things on my mind, thanks for helping me out".

" owe me especially for snoring like a sick maniack"I laughed and walked to the counter."That's just the problem, you hot guys "wow" us with your looks not knowing you have crazy abilities".

"Crazy abilities? You dance like you are having a heartattack, Like you a chart without its wheel".She fake gasp and runs to hit me with a turning stick.

"Ouch, just so you know, I got your crazy ass letter".She laughed and blushed a little.

"Did it make you feel better?".I rolled my eyes.

"So boring that I slept while reading it".She tries to hit me again but time I get hold of her hand and she gasped when I pinned her to the wall, my body pressed against her, I wrapped her legs around my waist fully aware she's wearing just her panties underneath,her eyes grow wide in shock as I grind myself against her.

"That felt good didn't It?".I whispered in her ear, when she nodded I did it again and she gasped in shock.

"Kellan what are you..."She gasped again when I kissed her neck, the way I did in the dream and I slowly I move my body continuously against hers rewarded with her soft moans.

"See, I might since have my VCard on, but still drive you...C.R.A.Z.Y".I spell the word and kissed her neck one last time before I reluctantly pull.It felt really good but I didn't want to do anything I'd regret later.She was still pressed against the wall, looking at me dumdfoundely.

"What? I'm your boyfriend so I guess I'm allowed to do that".

"Boyfriend".She finally said and I nodded.

"Yep boyfriend; it means a guy you are currently dating".She rolled her eyes and walked to the counter.

"I know what it meant asshole, just didn't know we're now an item".I smiled softly at her and kissed her forehead, we stared silently at eachother for a moment...It's no mistaken this time I might be Noah but I not telling her that.

"How are you really feeling Kellan?".

"Ok, I'm better, I could be feeling worse but you're making it better, I love you April, and I mean that".

"I love you too Kellan".She was about leaning to kiss me when I notice her neck, I laugh so hard I was almost crying.

"What?".She asked curiously

"I just gave you a hickey!".She shook her head and rolled her eyes at me.



Submitted: February 26, 2016

© Copyright 2020 Sharon Daniel. All rights reserved.


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