Chapter 4: "Stay away from your girl?"

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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His eyes are the clearest and deepest blue I've ever seen before, I could get lost in those.He immediately releases his hold on me and takes a step back, common sense came over me and I swallow in search of the right words to use.

"uh...I uh" I clear my throat "I'm so sorry, I was ...hmm, I was washing my face?". It sounded more like a question.

great!, I'm rambling like a sick maniack, like I've never bumped into a hot guy before.He cocks his head to the side studying me.By the way my heart started pounding, I was sure he perfected that look years ago.

Say something!

"uh..I'm err..". hmm isn't this just great "I'm April, I'm a...I'm a gymnast".He doesn't reply just keeps staring intently at me with those deep blue eyes.

"uh well ok, I.."

oh please stop talking!

"I'm..I'm gonna go, um...going ..bye". I Immediately turn and walk away from him still feeling his eyes following me.

What the hell?!

Never in my life have I ever felt so dumb, I bet Rosa would have said something reasonable better than I did. He said nothing and I just kept rambling foolish words out of my mouth.

maybe he was speechless as I was?

Yeah right April, like that's possible, he is obviously knows he is hot so I'm sure I am not the first girl to be looked at like that.

ugh, I really shouldn't be thinking about another guy when I have a boyfriend already, but I won't be lying when I say I really hope he is deaf, at least that way he didn't hear my rambling like a freakish maniack.

-----~~`~~`~`````~~~~~~~ ********


She walks away speedily and I stare back at her.I normally would have said something to her but I was speechless.

why did she feel so different? what was this feeling I felt everytime my eyes locks with hers? Believe me I have no trouble with girls because I don't feel a thing, I've been in just two relationships since memory loss and they both ended up badly and I don't bother to start anyone again.I admire girls because who wouldn't ?,but I don't want a relationship, they are stressful and are distractions, so why did I have the urge to know everything about this girl?.I'm really trying to avoid her but I can't, I'm just wondering what is so different about her..


it's been a week since my stay in Royal Arts and it's becoming a way for life for me. It's time to take a break after the long hours of practice, Douglass and I are sitted on the bench inside of the gymnasium, resting.

He talks a lot for a guy but I'm really enjoying his company, it's good to to have someone fun to talk too.He tells he his story about his family, his annoying fosters parent and his really hot foster sister.

"So I need your advise, I feel she likes me too, so should I tell her how I feel? or pretend I love her as brother when I really just want to brab her and shove my tongue down her throat " I laugh so hard that I almost fall.

"Hey, this isn't funny okay,I'm serious! you are supposed to me a bro and help me out here"

"okay, okay"I try to stifle my laugh to give him an answer. "well I would advise you to follow your heart and not your head".

"well you have no idea the nasty things they are both telling me to do to her right now"I laugh again and shake my head at him.Douglass is really a case, I mean what guy falls for his foster sister, then again most guys do.

"well I know what you need"

"What?" he asked hopefully.

" A Specialist" He fake gasp send starts hitting me playfully with his shoe like a girl while I try to stifle my laugh.

"well, well, I hope I'm not interrupting anything" we both look up to see Rusty standing, arms folded with two guys behind him, I'm guessing they are bodyguards, I laugh with that thought, today couldn't get any funnier.

"Oh I'm sorry, is the thought of you guys being gay funny or you are just laughing at your stupidity?" There is silence in the hall now at the sound of his voice , everyone turns their attention to us.Douglass stands immediately and pats me on the shoulder.

"goodluck man" he whispers in my ear. "If I were you I would flea". then with that he walks away.

Hell no I won't!

This asshole could bully anyone he likes but if he thinks that for a second he could intimidate me with those two morons behind him, then he is dreaming.

I stand so I'm facing him. "No, actually I was laughing because I see you've got two morons for moral support" His eyes immediately flames with burning anger, the wing men tries to move towards me but he stops them with his hands. I laugh at how pathetic it is.

"Do you know who I am?"Rusty moves closer towards me that we are standing face to face and eye to eye, I don't back down though, I'm ready for this asshole anytime anyday.

"Yeah I do, you're the younger version of Big Show". The place is now so quiet enough to hear a pin drop.

"well you are wrong punk!, I'm Rusty Campbell, the owner of this gymnasium you are worshiping son" he seethed, I look around, everyone stare and wait for my reaction, I'm guessing this the point I'm supposed to bow or apologize.

To hell with that!

I clap my hands together"Congratulations!, hope you are gonna make him proud". He bloodshot eyes immediately sparks more with intense fire,If looks could kill, I'd be a goner.

"You know, I could have your asshole kicked out of here with a mere blink"

"boo, you blinked and I'm still here, look rusted or rocky or cocky.....I dunno, I don't care, I would rather have my ass kicked out than stay here living to be feared by you or these morons behind you". He scoffs and laughs harshly running his hands through his dirty blond hair, looks at everyone staring then back to me.

"I did not come here to battle words with a cheap ass nigga like you, I just came to warn you , stay away from my girls"

"Stay away from your girl?"

"Yes asshole my girl,April...stay the hell away from her!"


So that's what this is all about.

"And what makes you think I'm with "your girl?"

"don't deny it Mitch!, I see the way to look at her, the way you watch her everymove , so I'm telling you back the hell off dude, she's mine!, If not you would have your ass kicked out of here".

I don't tell him he shouldn't bother, that I'm trying my best not too, but I have this urge to face this punk, he doesn't deserve her and he should know that.

"read my lips clearly...Do.Your.Worse".

With that I walk away still feeling the heat of his anger at my back.

Just perfect Kellan, You want to risk your stay in Royal Arts for a girl you barely know.His words haunted me though "Stay away from my girl",

Your girl indeed

I've seen the way she reacts everytime he touches her or kisses her, like if she couldn't get any further away for him, she would faint, the way she grimaces when he kisses her and flinch when he touches her, she always feel uncomfortable around him.

Maybe he is using her stay here as leverage.

Does he intimidate her like he does to others?

I have that overwhelming urge to protect her from him.I'm really trying to block her out of my mind but everytime I close my eyes, I see her.

Whatever it Is, I need to stay focus and also away from her not because that asshole asked me too but because my focus here is at stake and I want nothing to ruin it,not her..

and definitely not that asshole....


Submitted: January 21, 2016

© Copyright 2020 Sharon Daniel. All rights reserved.


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Hahaha! YES!! Someone needs to stand up to that Rusted really love how bold Kellan is..I'm really loving your story and I'm a fan, will comment chapter by chapter.;-)

Fri, April 15th, 2016 7:54pm


wow! I really don't know how to thank you for constantly commenting, you are the best!

Fri, April 15th, 2016 1:34pm

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