Chapter 42: (v.2) confusion

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Kellan... It's been days since I heard about grams illness and now Austin a my neighbour brought her back from the hospital,I'm staring at the celing of my room thinking about how I'm going to talk to her,I was eating when the door to the living room opened and I froze dumbfounded as she slowly made her way in trying not to look at my eyes.Great! Perfect! She knows I know.

They were both standing akwardly staring at me,but I didn't know what to say to them,to her.My heart almost to re into two when she sighed and whispered. "I'm sorry,son".

Dan that sigh! Like she used all her effort to make that sigh. Like her chest hurt when she made that sigh.

I stare at her back as she slowly walked to her room,I make my own sigh,only this time it sounds frustrated.

"Kellan,don't bother yourself,I'm sure she'd be fine".I look up at Austina and smiled a little grateful to her.

"Thanks for bringing her back,thanks for everything".She shrugged like it was no biggie but I knew better.

"It's fine besides...anything for you Kellan".It's just nod at that because I know what she meant, She always has a thing for me being she's the only girl apart from April I talk to freely too,but I don't see her as anything more than a good friend and I hope she knows that.

I get fed up with turning and tossing round my bed so get up,I switch the light and walk to my mirror. Okay Kellan,I've got this. I look at the mirror and grimace when I see my reflection. I looked like death itself. I didn't realise my eyes were red and swollen,my face so pale I wonder if I died and woke up...And my hair! All messy like ray died in it. I looked really terrible! Well I'm not surprised because April wasn't here,If she was,I wouldn't be a mess like this,she always had a way of making me feel better,without even trying,I'd be damned to say I don't need her at all in my life because I really do.I try to ignore my hediousness and look myself eye to eye.

"Hey Grams,uh..I heard you've got cancer and I'm sorry...but you shouldn't lie about..".I'd grimaced at the sound of that,I'd obviously didn't want to hurt her and that would be hurting her,so I try again.

"Grams,I'm sorry about everything,you must be in pain and argghh!" I ran my hands through my messy hair and groaned frustrated.

"Look Grams,You shouldn't have lied okay?I trusted you. .I thought you would never lie to me but you did and you tore me grams....its not fair..I."

"I know son".I gasped and turned to the direction of her voice,she opens my door wider and walk to slowly sit on my bed.

"I know".She said again. I still stare shocked at her not knowing what to do now or sat,that wasn't for her to hear.

"I never wanted to lie but never wanted you to be sad instead, I knew it would break your heart son and I didn't want that". I feel myself getting angry at her statement.

"So what? You lied instead,No matter what I deserved to know!"I say,a little louder than I expected.

"I know that Son! And believe me,it's was never my intention,I wanted to tell you but at the right time".I shook my head,disappointed at her,she taught me better.

"So when was the right time,now? Or when you're dead?".I feel myself cringe and her flinch at the sound of that but I didn't stop,I was so angry at her.

"What else have you been lying about? Maybe you use the opportunity of my memory loss to lie to me anyhow!".

"Now shut it there son!I raised you better,how can you say such a thing?!".I laugh with no humour and shook my head.

"How can I? What I'm lying now?! I'm the liar now not you?!".

"Kellan stop this! Don't you dare raise your voice at me".I shook my head reluctantly,I wasn't done till I get some other truths she has been hiding.

"No,no,no I won't stop,tell me,just tell me,who is Noah?! Who on earth is Noah?!".She paused looking at me shocked and for a moment before she slowly shook her head.I hold my breath waiting for the answer.....

"Are you okay son? Did you hit your head,why would you ask that?".

"Quit it grams,just tell me already,Who is Noah? Just tell me please!!".I look at her face cautiously to see any sign of recognition but I don't find any,she looked at me worried,probably thinking I'm a freak.

"Son,I don't know anyone named that,except few people in the past,why would you ask that?".I study her again,either she's a very good actress or she isn't lying,she truly doesn't know,I've never been so confused before in my life,how wouldn't she know?

"Son,are you okay?".She asked again with a worried expression on her face.A wave of guilt hit me like a tornado,she's obviously in pains,I've mean,she's the one dying.My chest start to heave and my shoulders shaking,I've walk to her squeezing her in a hug,this was so unfair,I've with wouldn't lose her,the woman that was been there for me through thick and thin.I notice how thin she felt,so weak,she gently strokes my hair while I try not to cry.

"I'm so sorry Grams,It's mean a lot...and I just...I can't believe...I'm so sorry ". "Shh...Don't be son,none of this was your fault, It's just life itself..It's okay we would walk it through,we would fight it,tell it,it can't defeat us".

I should have even notice the way she coughed in her hand towel,the way she slept for hours,fatigue and her hardly even eating,I should have noticed it all instead I was wrapped up in myself,so maybe it was my fault too. I don't know how long I stayed in her arms but I'm pretty sure I fell asleep.....

* * * "Don't be a twitch Noah,Get up!".

I blink my eyes and frown when I take in my surrounding. "What the....?"

"Be brave son,we're almost there".I look closely but see the figure hovering around my face is blur... then I notice the way our bodies were dancing to a motion movement,which shocks me. I still can't see quite clearly but I'm pretty sure my brain registered we were on a boat....on water.

The cool breeze washes over me and I wrap my arms around me as I shivered a little.

"Where the hell are we going?".I asked,more confused than I've ever been,the figure sighs and looks away.

"Just be brave,we would make it".

Never in my life have I ever been as confused like this,I had no idea were it is we're going,no idea why I'm on a freaking boat......With my dad.


Submitted: June 02, 2017

© Copyright 2020 Sharon Daniel. All rights reserved.


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