Until YOU..

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This Chapter is like a foreseen climax..;-)
happy reading, love you guys..

Chapter 5 (v.1) - The Party

Submitted: January 21, 2016

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Submitted: January 21, 2016



It's Friday night already, the night of the party Rusty keeps boasting about, the one he said was going to the"bomb".

Well I'm sitted on the couch of his living room having zero fun and not seeing the "bomb" in this party, although I can't say the same Amy and Sarah with the way they are groping guys, I just feel out of place here and really just want to go home to my comfy bed and sleep in till Saturday.

There are about fifty people in Rusty's big house and they were all currently surrounding the bar where Rusty was chugging a massive drink.I glanced around and saw a busty blond walking up to meet him and I watch his reaction; he kisses her on the forehead but when his eyes drift to mine he whispers something to her ear and walks towards to me.

"Hey babe" he says with his shitty grin. "you're having fun?".

No idiot, I'm not.

"yeah, I am" I reply instead, I'm pretty sure if he hadn't seen me watching, he would have made a move on that blonde.Not that I care, I'm only dating him because my gymnastics would be at stake here if I don't.

"you're sure, you don't look like you are".

ugh!..can't you just let me be?!

"I am Rusty" he nods his head in thought ,turns to walk away but stopped and turned back to face me.

"you know I don't know what your problem is okay!, you keep acting like I'm forcing you to do shit" he yells at me and it's taking everything in me not to yell back.

"you are supposed to be a freaking girlfriend here and support me, you just don't sit your fat ass there and stare at everyone like you're some kind of loner!"

Keep it together don't freak out, he's just drunk.

"what?, you are too dumb talk or what, do you have any idea how many girls would want to be dating me now" .

Oh that tears it!

"Then go to them!"I stand and yell at the top of my lungs, the music subsides and everyone turns their attention to us.

"what?" Rusty stares at me dumbfounded for a while, never since the time we've been dating have I ever talked back or yelled at him, but I've taken enough already!, I'm tired of pretending, to hell with gymnastics I can't be in a relationship with this dog.

"You heard me clearly Rusty, I don't like you!, Infact you annoy the life out of me and I'm tired of putting up with your shit!"I know I was practically yelling like a maniack but I'm done with pretending.

Rusty looks around then sniffs, his expression softens a bit . "hey babe, I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you angry". he tries to hug me but I push him off me, something I've been planning to do for a long time.

"don't touch me! you disgusting dog"

"C'mon babe"

"Stay away from me Rusty!"

" What?, because of that broke ass punk?" he asked his eyes already burning with anger.

"No! because of you!, you disgust me, I hate you, always have"

"could you keep your damn mouth shut, people are watching,we could settle this like responsible Adults later"

"there's nothing to settle,I'm done with you!". I turn to walk away but he pulls me back.

"don't you dare April, or you would regret it" I free my hand from his tight grip and look him in the eye.

"Go to hell Rusty!" with that I take my purse and walk away.

It's 11 a.m. and I'm not sure it's pretty save to go home alone since I didn't bring my car because I had planned to spend the night at his place.

I found a couple chairs in a dark corner of the backyard and plopped into one.I pulled out my phone and texted my a friend to pick me up.It felt really good getting that off my chest, but then my gymnastics here is at stake.The problem with anger is that you don't care about what you are going to lose, you just want to pour it all out on that person.

Rusty is just a proud fool who thinks he could get whatever he wants, thankgoodnesss I am free from him even though it hurts that I would be in Royal Arts, It's better than dating that asshole.

"Hey April" a familiar voice says, I turn my head to the direction of the voice but it's too dark to get the clear picture of the face..

"What?, who is that?"

"A warning that you shouldn't be a bitch next time".

"uh?" I didn't have time to understand what it meant because immediately I'm hit on the head with something like an strong iron.

"ah!" The sharp pain I feel from it becomes unmesurable to bear and darkness begins to over shadow me slowly, I inhale harshly and try to get the vivid picture of the person.

"bubye April" my vision became blur for a moment till I'm surrounded by complete darkness.


© Copyright 2020 Sharon Daniel. All rights reserved.


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