Chapter 7: A Friend

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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My eyes shot open as I awake with a heavy breathing,my chest rising and falling before my breathing slowed down barely audible to here.

I feel groggy and confused as I take in my surrounding.

Where the hell am I?

What am I doing here?

Why can't I remember a thing?!

I try to get up but the sharp pain I felt in my head held me back, Instinctively I bring my hands to my head. The pain I feel is extreme like a carpenter is nailing my skull .I look around the unfamiliar room trying to remember why I am here.

The last thing I remember was I got a text from Rusty about the party, so why am I here, lying on this strange bed?.

oh my god was I raped?!

I checked myself, I felt pretty clean although I'm really sore and my head is pounding like it's being hammered, I look at the unfamiliar shirt I had on, it's a big one and it's covering my body and I realize I'm wearing only my underwear beneath the shirt.

What on earth happened?!

My heart started pumping fast as I being to panic.

Have I been kidnapped?!.

I slowly got up from the bed, feeling a little faint , I look around the small but neat room and walk towards the door cautiously, I needed to get out of here and call for help immediately. I'm almost reaching the door when it swings wide open. I do a double take when I see Kellan, he holding a tray of food and smiling like it's completely normal to see me here.

Did we do anything?

oh god why can't I remember what happened?! and why I'm here, I felt really shocked and embarrassed.

I must really be dreaming.

"Hey, you're awake" he walks into the room oblivious to the fact that my eyes are wide open as I'm frozen in shock.

"I'd lie back if I were you, I'm pretty sure you had a nasty fall and you need plenty of rest" he drops the tray down on the bed and turns to face me.

"Are you sore?" he asked, I don't reply because I'm too speechless to.He smacks his forehead and rolls his eyes at himself.

"Ofcourse you would be, that was a stupid question I know, sorry" he turns back to the bed and starts to dress it.

"I'm sure you are probably wondering why you are here, I really have no idea myself, I saw you lying helplessly on my doorstep unconscious, so I brought you in, don't bother about your clothes I asked a female neighbour to help you change into something light and free, I guess you fell so I brought painkillers not before you eat something though ".

he turned to face me probably waiting for a respond but I have no idea what to say, he eyes slowly scrolls from my head down to the toe, it lingers on my legs and I shift uneasily remembering I only have this big shirt on.He adverts his gaze immediately and It feels really awkward standing.

" Do you remember what happened to you?".He asked and I shake my head no.

He nods slowly"Okay, so what's the last thing you remember?". I try to say "getting a text from Rusty" but it came out more of a whimper.He placed the back his hand on my forehead, probably checking my temperature and I immediately feel dizzy and faint, not because of the pain but his touch.

"hey why don't you go lie down and rest your head, you look like you need plenty of rest" I nod and climb on the bed slowly because with every move I make, the pain in my head increases.

If someone had told me I would be on Kellan's bed wearing what might possibly be his shirt, I would have never believed, but here I am, next to this beautiful guy, having no memory of how I got here.

"I know you are pretty confused and shocked" he says as he sits on the edge on his bed. "but I just want you to know that you'd be fine, you just need plenty of rest and time to process this, I assure you the memories would come and you have nothing to be afraid of ,okay?"I swallow and nod my head.

"good so right now you need to eat this horrible soup I made you and then take this pain killing drugs, after that you lie down and sleep back, It would help clear your head a bit, it hurts right?" I nod yes again since words doesn't seem to come out from my mouth.

"good, so you take the drugs, when you do it would relieve you of the pain you feel, so I'm going to leave you to eat and I'm sure when you wake up this time, it wouldn't seem so awkward again, later." He turns get up and leave but my hand instinctively pulls him back, he looks at me with a confused expression, I bring my hands to his face, feeling and checking if they were real or it was all my imagination.His eyebrows are creased together probably wondering what freakish psycho I am.

"I'm not dreaming?" it's a whisper but the first word I've said to him.A smile slowly forms on his lips and he shakes his head.

"No you are not".his smile fades as he stares at me intently. "I should be the one asking that,April".He takes the hand resting on his face and kisses it.

"later friend" with that he walks away from his room and I stare at his back.I'm pretty sure I should be having more serious thought than the crazy ones I'm having now.

he called me friend?

He said my name.

He knows my name!

he just kissed my knuckles!

I am never going to wash that side again. I sniff the shirt I'm wearing and I am met with the sweet scent of Kellan. Clean sweet soap.Oh well it's official, I've either gone crazy or am having a serious dream, whichever I just do as I'm told and eat the soup, which tasted incredibly by the way, after that the drugs then I drifted back to sleep..


Submitted: January 22, 2016

© Copyright 2020 Sharon Daniel. All rights reserved.


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Awwnn...He's so sweet.

Fri, April 15th, 2016 8:14pm


yep...I made him sweet...thanks Lovvagirl I'm really grateful for the comments

Fri, April 15th, 2016 1:38pm

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