Until YOU..

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 8 (v.1) - Knowing a little

Submitted: January 23, 2016

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Submitted: January 23, 2016



Kellan's POV

I spend the next two hours jogging and resting before I went back to the house.It felt so unreal to know that she was on my bed, in my house.I'm sure she would have woken up by now,I just hope she got plenty of rest because she looked like she was in pain, but regardless she was still beautiful.

I had no idea someone could wake up from an unconscious state with pains looking beautiful as she did, like the angels had been in a fine mood when they created her and had drawn her a pair of long almond shaped eye of brown.Her nose small and straight, her mouth wide to go with the eyes, and very full, her curvy body on my shirt.I don't think I'm ever going to wash that shirt again.

I entered the room to see her standing on her feet, her eyes focused on the family photo I had on the desk, she immediately drops it when she noticed me watching.

"oh..um, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to....pry".At least she's talking this time, she barely said a word the last time.I smile softly at her.

"It's fine and I don't mind"

"Right" she nods and sits on the bed.

"your clothes are still wet, when they are dried, I would bring them for you".I say as I take a seat on my small chair.

"Right, my roommate would be worried sick, I'm pretty sure she would have called the cops by now".

"How are you feeling now?"I asked she seemed better than she was yesterday, I'm sure she has had sometime to process what happened.

"Better, the pain killers are working fine, I barely feel a thing, thank you so much, I'm really grateful, I don't know what would have happened to me if you hadn't found me".

"well technically you were on my doorstep so.."I say and she laughs.It sounds beautiful as she is.

"well regardless,thanks Kellan, I appreciate it" My name comes out like a whisper from her mouth and I have the urge to ask her to say it again.I don't though.

"It's fine, the most important thing is that you are alright and we thank God for that"

"Right"she nods and there is awkward moment of silence before she talks again.

"so uhh...tell me more about yourself, I mean as a friend, you could tell me".

"What do you wanna know?"

"anything you'd like to share, I mean you don't talk much at the gymnasium, only with Douglass most of the time, the girls keep saying you''re a mystery guy and..well..yeah".I laugh a little, I would lie and say am not a little surprised the way our conversation is going.

"Or you could not tell me, I'm just curious and..hmm, I'm gonna shut up now"I laugh again at how adorable she is looking nervous, she shouldn't be,I'd be ready to share anything with her.

"Well I don't talk much because that's my nature, I want to put my very best in Royal Arts that's why I avoid distractions of any kind."She smiles softly at me and I go on.

"as you know, my name is Kellan Archer, I am twenty-one, I love to run it has always been a passion for me".

"yeah I've seen you, you run like you are the slower version of flash".I laugh out loud but inside my heart is swelling.

"well you perform a vault like it's a piece of cake".I laugh again when she tries to cover her blush, she has no idea how adorable she looks.

"So uhh...how'd you get into Royal Arts". she asked.

"Running has always been a passion and I've heard so much about Royal Arts but didn't bother much about it because I had no money or connections to get admitted there as I've heard it is not an easy entry".I reply. "but fortunately for me I heard about the form filling that happened once in a blue moon and decided to give it a try, two days later I got a letter saying I've been admitted".

"wow, wait so you're saying that you were never tried or tested?".her eyes are wide open in surprise, I'm guessing hers was a different case.

"yep, pretty much".

" wow, you're lucky".She says but it comes out as a whisper like she was talking to herself, there's something strange about her expression.

"How about you?".I asked,she sighs and tucks a strand of her fiery red auburn hair behind her ear.

"I have always wanted to get admitted there but it has all been futile, my parents didn't want to get involved because to them I abandoned college insearch of something worthless and I just wanted to prove them wrong, that gymnastics as always been what I loved and wanted,so I kept trying till a friend introduced me to Rusty".

So that's why she's dating that asshole.

"and he helped....a lot".

"and are you happy with him?".I hear myself ask, I didn't want to get involved in her relationship with that douche bag but I was curious.She looks down and lick her lips in thought before she nods.

"yeah, I am, I mean, I got what I'd always wanted and then I'm dating the owner's son, I should be happy....tons of girls would wish for this".

I really want to nod and let the matter go but I can't seem too.She's not happy with him, I've seen her reaction when she's with him,like she can't wait to get the hell away from him.

"So are you inlove with him?.Surprise flickered over her face.


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