Leaving Amber

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Chapter 25 (v.1)

Submitted: November 28, 2011

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Submitted: November 28, 2011



Chapter 25- Kyle Clinn


  I walked into the lounge where the Cullen’s were all arranged round the room like scatter cushions. The first person I saw was the second person I’d been most looking forward to seeing. The doctor looked away from his wife.


  He was a bit shorter than me so I looked down on him slightly. He looked exactly the same as he had that morning. Every light blonde hair on his head was still slicked back into place. His long white doctor’s coat didn’t have a single speck of dust or dirt on it. His eyebrows twitched upwards for a micro second when I reached forward to shake his hand.

  “Kyle, there you are,” he replied with a hint of surprise.

  “You sound like you weren’t expecting me,” I tried laughing.

  We grasped each other’s hands. His felt like an icy rock and it sent warning signals to every nerve in my body. I fought back the urge that hits every wolf at the sight smell and touch of a vampire.

  Damn, I’ll never get over how even though I’m genuinely grateful towards him I still have to stop myself trying to kill him. Edward gave a wry smile. Oh yeah, he’s a mind reader. Well at least that means he knows I’m grateful.

  “Of course I do,” he said flashing a smile which I returned nervously.

  “Uh for those of us who can’t read inner monologue...?” Alice piped up.

  “I said I’m really grateful for what the Doc has done,” I told her. I turned to Carlisle again. “I am.”

  “I was happy to help to you.”

  His wife I remembered was called Esme offered me a seat. I sat down and looked up at him, not being able to stop myself from saying it.

  “You did it.”

  “Just about,” muttered someone.

  It was Rosalie, the tall beautiful one with the blonde hair. She was in the corner next to the big muscled guy Emmett.

  “Amber has some brain damage. I don’t know the extent of it yet but it seems to be mostly cognitive,” he told me.

  “So it’s affected her mentally?”

  “Yes. In the moment she was awake she was communicating fine. But then-”

  “She had what I suppose you would call a mental breakdown,” Edward interrupted.

  Carlisle spoke up. “It looks as though Amber might be in a coma though she may simply be unconscious for a short while. This isn’t a result of the freezing procedure.”

  “So what is it a result of? Why is she in a coma?” I asked.

  “I’ve diagnosed her with TBI- traumatic brain injury. It’s caused by blows to the head and violent shaking, both of which she experienced when she was attacked...”

  “That bas-”

  “Her case of TBI appears to be mild which is very encouraging.”

  “What are the effects of it?”

  “Cognitive effects can include short and long term memory loss, slowed ability to process information, spatial disorientation, trouble concentrating and paying attention for periods of time, problems finding words, organizational problems and impaired judgement. Physical effects can include seizures,  muscle weakness or spasticity, double vision or impaired vision, loss of smell or taste, speech  impairments such as slow or slurred speech, headaches or migraines, fatigue, increased need for sleep and balance problems. Of course there’s also depression, aggression-”

  “Oh shit no, please Doc, she can’t live like that,” I said desperately.

  “She might not have to Kyle. I can definitely promise you that there is no way she’ll suffer every one of those effects. She could experience one or two or even none at all but she won’t have all of them.”

  “Oh well that just makes it so much better then doesn’t it?” I shouted.

  Out of the corner of my eye I saw Alice, who had been seemingly staring into space, look at me so suddenly she could’ve given herself whiplash.

  “Seizures- possibly.”

  I whirled around and stared at her.

  “How do you know? Did you have a vision or something?”

  “Sort of...I’m sorry I’m trying really but- you’re a wolf and- she’s your girlfriend so her future is...tied with yours,” she said brokenly, searching for the words.

  “Can you tell me when she’ll wake up?”

  “Like I just said, I’m trying but you’re going to be here the moment she wakes up which means that I don’t know when that will be. You keep getting in the way with your magic wolf voodoo,” she complained.

  “Magic wolf voodoo, of course,” I muttered frustrated.

  In the back of my mind, pushing for me to give it my attention was a thought, a possibility. Alice said she couldn’t see Amber waking up because I’ll be there when it happens- if it happens. I looked around the room and I knew everyone’s thoughts echoed mine. Maybe I was the reason Alice couldn’t see Amber waking. But then maybe it was because it wasn’t going to happen.

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