Motive Hunt

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Reporter type man's point of view. The investigation's still going on and people are starting to come forward, telling of the death of their loved ones and their relationships with Carlos after their diagnoses.

Chapter 3 (v.1) - Q & A

Submitted: February 05, 2010

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Submitted: February 05, 2010



Chapter Three- Q & A

The newspapers all have the same bold black headline. MAN KILLS MISSUS’ DOUBLE. The article goes on to say how Carlos Monroe’s wife died of cancer in April last year, sixteenth to be exact, quarter to seven. He murdered a young woman Stephanie Gates who looked the image of her, every feature exact, the curve of the lip, the shape of the eyes, the fringe that skimmed above them. The two pretty faces of these similar women smiled back at me from the paper I frowned over. The investigation has approached a dead end, it said. There seems to be no motive. Their excuses are pitiful. He’s a psychopath. He’s a lunatic. Even people like that need motives for crying out loud. What was his relationship like with his wife? Did they argue?

This story is big news. People are coming forward now, claiming that their loved ones had relationships with Monroe, all before they died of illnesses, mainly cancer. Things that took time to kill but it was clear ultimately it would kill them. The jostling of the crowd around me begins and I hand my paper to my colleague who stands by the cameraman. I spot James Maxwell as he strides onto the stage wearing an ill-fitting suit and a nervous sort of grimace. I think he’s trying to smile. Easy target and my colleague nods in agreement. His nod is a signal.

“Mr Maxwell the police are claiming there is no motive behind the murder of Stephanie Gates but her likeness to Sylvia Monroe suggests otherwise. Are you saying that it is simply coincidence they’re alike, and this was a random homicide?”

“No of course not but we must remember that there is no reason for Mr Monroe to have killed Ms Gates simple because of their likeness. He had no hard feelings toward his wife. Also I will point out that this investigation is still going on as we speak”

“There have been families coming forward saying that their family members have been in relationships with Mr Monroe at the time of their passing. What are your thoughts on this matter?” Salima Khan got in before me. A beautiful face doesn’t always guarantee you’ll get there first but she often does. She was a stunning Pakistani who was quick as you like.

“The allegations are being investigated and I have no opinions or anything of the sort. No further questions on that matter”

“What was Mr Monroe’s relationship like with his wife?”

“There were no disagreements or anything of the sort. They were a perfectly happy couple apart from the sadness of her diagnose”

“Were they together before Mrs Monroe was diagnosed with cancer or was she diagnosed before?”

“She was diagnosed before”

Talk erupted. And so the hunt begins.

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