Motive Hunt

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Mother of Emily Reed, one of the woman Carlos dated. She died of a brain tumour.

The mother is old, she has amnesia and she is confused. She knows nothing of the evil deed Carlos has done. She thinks he's an angel, he was always like a son to her. Her family don't want to upset her by telling her the true story.

Chapter 4 (v.1) - Treasure Hunt

Submitted: February 05, 2010

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Submitted: February 05, 2010



Chapter Four-Treasure Hunt

I stared at the picture of my daughter through blurry tears. My glasses were smudged with mascara and I dropped the paper in my hand as I removed them. It fluttered to the ground, spinning rapidly like a dragonfly before resting on the grass. Her beautiful features were crumpled up, as the newspaper cutting had been folded numerous times. Emily Reed, the caption told me as well as her date of birth and date of death. The names of family members including mine were listed in smudged ink. Underneath was the line you will be missed.

Her gravestone was a white marble rectangle with shining gold italic writing. Her name, birth date and death date again, the same list of names. I read the familiar verse, the one I used to repeat inwardly to myself whenever she was mentioned. I finally accepted her death but now it was returning to me.

Remember loved ones never leave

They are forever near

For their love lives on in memories

Our hearts hold dear.

Everything came to my daughter. This is not to say she didn’t work for anything, but she had a light everyone wanted to bask in. Emily was always a brilliant student and went on to become an English teacher, because she wanted to work with kids. She had other hopes and dreams too. She wanted to get married, to have a nice wedding. She wanted children, a big happy family. But she got a brain tumour and then she died.

It was always a little comfort to me to think she was content before she passed away. She started seeing a handsome man called Carlos Monroe after her diagnose, who earned a fair bit of money and loved her very much. He was a sweet polite gentleman and not for a second did I have any doubts about him. When news came she did not have long to live he stayed with her. Throughout it all he stayed with my Emily, my beautiful talented daughter with so much love in her heart but not enough to save her.

I was old now. I was getting on in life and suffering from amnesia. I’ll always remember my Emily though. I had another daughter Fiona who had twins, a boy and a girl. Christopher and Persephone she named them and they’re teenagers now or maybe in their twenties. They’re all keeping something from me. I heard them talking of Emily’s death before I came into the room and the hushes were echoed right over to my husband sitting in his chair by the fireplace. I know it’s something to do with Carlos. Were they accusing Carlos of something? He was in Birmingham now, why were they bringing him up? He was so distressed over Emily’s death he moved city. Carlos wouldn’t hurt a fly, and never hurt Emily. They had secrets I knew that but they were in love. What did they want with him? Leave him alone I said, when I heard his name in the living room from the kitchen. Why are you talking about him?

I loved him like a son. I think he asked me to buy him some duct tape once. I bought some the other day and sat down carefully peeling the entire roll off. I like the strange sound it makes. Carlos would if he was here. Emily would too.

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