Motive Hunt

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From Lila's point of view. Her and Marjon her sister were daughters of a polish woman, one of the women Carlos had a relationship with before her death.

Lila thinks that Carlos or 'Carlo' is a nice man and wishes he was still here and he was her daddy, so she didn't have to live with Auntie Katine and Uncle Oles. Carlo wasn't allowed to look after her and Marjon he told her.

She's a child and doesn't know that he dumped her and her sister on their auntie and uncle so he could move on to the next woman...

Chapter 5 (v.1) - Parent Market

Submitted: February 05, 2010

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Submitted: February 05, 2010



Chapter Five-Parent Market


My name is Lila. My mummy died when I was little. Her name was Rozyuka Zawacki and she was very pretty. I remember thinking she was the best mummy in the world, and she told me I was the best daughter in the whole wide world. I don’t know because my sister Marjon was very good and helpful so it could be her. I remember my mum really well because she was lovely, she read me bedtime stories and kissed my cheek whenever she felt like it. She pinned me and Marjon’s pictures and paintings on the wall in the kitchen and said they were beautiful. I can remember trying to draw her and crying when I couldn’t make it pretty like her.

We grew up in Poland but then mummy moved me and Marjon to the UK. It’s quite nice over here but I don’t have many happy memories of living in England. That was when mummy got ill. She got really weak and she wouldn’t kiss me as much because she was tired. We painted her pictures and things like that but she didn’t have any strength to pin them up. They piled up on the table in front of the sofa. There was no one to look after her, and no one to look after us. The dirty dishes were stacked in the sink. She wasn’t acting like mummy anymore. Our mummy was kind and played with us and laughed and smiled. This mummy was different. Then she started to go on her laptop and she smiled more. She went out and always came back late. Aunt Katine looked after us when she went out in her pretty clothes and make up. Then we got a big surprise off her and I knew everything would be good now.

We got a new daddy. Our old one died before we were born but mummy said he was a good man. If he was a good man though, I think he would have stayed with us, to see Marjon and me and to help mummy when she got sick. Our new daddy was great. His name was Carlos but he let me call him Carlo. He played with me and my sister and helped us learn how to play fun games he made up. I loved him very much and so did mummy. He helped her when she was sick but he couldn’t stop her from dying.

Carlo said that he would look after us and we could stay with him so we were happy but he came in the room one day looking sad. Marjon ran to him and hugged him but I saw he was upset. She realised this too after the hug and we wanted to know what was wrong. He said we couldn’t live with him that he wasn’t allowed and we had to live with Aunt Katine and Uncle Oles.

They are friendly people and I like living with them but I miss mummy and Carlo so much. Aunt Katine tells us to forget about Carlo and he didn’t want us, he abandoned us. I don’t like it when she says this and I’m glad Uncle Oles quiets her. I don’t like her saying he didn’t want us because he did he just wasn’t allowed. He was a good man and I wish he was my real father. I know Uncle Oles doesn’t like him either but he doesn’t talk about it. Janecska our cousin is a mean girl. She’s grown up and has a job and she’s nice but hates Carlo and tells us he was a bad man. I want my daddy back. Not daddy who left me and Marjon before we were even born- my real daddy.

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