Motive Hunt

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Reincarnated

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Submitted: February 07, 2010



Chapter Seven- Reincarnated

I chose them because I knew they’d die in time for me to move on to the next. I knew I wouldn’t have to kill them like I had to do with the very first.

Lilith was her name. Like Lilith the first woman who came along even before Eve, Adam’s first wife. I was Adam reincarnated, his god like form. Whereas he was human I was a god and I was superior. Lilith was indescribable, with brunette hair the colour of chestnuts and eyes like shiny black pebbles. She was seductive and gorgeous in a mature mysterious way. Not a trace of innocence was to be found in the woman’s face and that’s what drew me in. I was foolish to fall to her charms and to begin to be dominated. I was the ruler, I was superior. I tell myself to this day that it was not my fault and it was Adam’s. He was the reason I was being led astray.

She did not try to dominate me she tried to bring equality to our relationship. But the fact I almost gave in to this shows how strongly she held over me. It was around then I began looking at other women and thinking to myself that I did not want to be stuck with the same woman forever. I did not even want to simply go to my Eve as Adam did. I was his godly form and I would prove this through having whichever woman I chose. But there was still Lilith.

The night was still and sound. It betrayed nothing of the deadly deed that was to take place that night. A sky that stretched like deep black velvet across my head was lit up with a sprinkling of stars and a full moon. There was a soft breeze. A womanly figure was silhouetted in the distance and she walked alluringly towards me. Her dark curls were tied back to reveal her long slender neck. She smiled at me with plump moist lips. Her dusky eyes contained no glitter only a denseness which made it all the easier.

Her gasp of shock surprised me. Did she not see this coming? Did she think I did not know her to truly be Lilith the very first, born to corrupt and to destroy me? I slashed at her throat, her face and the broken skin seeped gore. The black red liquid, hot like summer, oozed and trickled down her hands as she tried to stop the flow. I had to cut them off to stop her from fighting. I hacked at her wrists until I heard the nauseating crack of the breaking bone. I sliced open veins and wiped the blood splatters from my aggravated eyes. Her mouth was filled with red, open as though she was still screaming beyond the grave. Her dark eyes were not able to close. I’d carved her eyelids off so she could experience every second of her death to the fullest.

She is the reason why I choose those who will soon die, so I don’t have to do to them what I did to Lilith. I do not want to be reminded of her so I choose blonde bright eyed women with innocence clear in every feature. The illness also adds to the angelic image. They are helpless and aren’t strong enough to fight for the superiority. They want a superior; they want someone to take over, to take care of them and ease their pain. They wanted an angel to watch over them. I could give them even more than any angel could. Adam was inside me, I was his spiritual shell.

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