Seeing Red

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: February 18, 2010

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Submitted: February 18, 2010



I looked at this person scanning them. I was met with the startled eyes of a human girl. She was confused, didn’t understand what made the rest stare. Was she really human this girl, to react in such a way? She smelt human and looked it. But still she had no interest or fear for us whatsoever. I scanned her mind further but found nothing that could reassure me. She wasn’t even afraid now with me infiltrating her mind. I felt shock and a bit of wariness. I noticed how her eyes were a coppery honey ochre around the pupil, and melted into a raw umber at the edge. Her mouth was even partly open in shock. Asher tapped my shoulder and asked me what I was looking at to which I shrugged offhand. I was dying to turn back to this girl but I controlled myself. I couldn’t give myself a chance to let my emotions get out of hand. Imagine if something angered me while I was staring at this girl- a recipe for disaster. I’d leap right at her. Cassie was looking at me strangely. Blitz noticed this too and examined me.

  “What’s up Nadine? You look a little puzzled” she piped.

  “It’s nothing” I shrugged too slightly for people to see. I spoke without opening my mouth. Ventriloquism was something you had to master when you wanted to keep to yourself. Blitz didn’t have a care in the world about gabbling on in front of humans. She was the only one in the family who didn’t try to talk discreetly. To everyone watching it looked as though Blitz was the only one talking with one of us occasionally commenting.

  An ugly looking girl came up to us with a gang of similar girls following behind her. If she wiggled her arse any more she was going to break something. She had a major fake tan issue and very bad hair. Yeah I’m so shallow I actually care.

  “That’s my table” she said haughtily but her expression soon changed when she saw our faces fully. Again yeah I’m shallow; I loved seeing humans’ reactions to our attractiveness. Blitz laughed probably having seen already the outcome of this little conversation. Gee thanks for telling me sis what if she makes me bite her head off or something? I was heating up already and felt like I was melting. My hands shook the table and Ezra discreetly held it in place with his foot. Asher reached out to tap my shoulder but I shrugged him off and turned to face this girl. I heard someone on another table say her name- Sophie.

  “Nadine” he cautioned.

  “What?” I hissed pretty much hurling negativity at him. He flinched but simply turned to Blitz. She smiled and nodded to reassure him I wouldn’t kill her. It was funny (in a really terrible way) how much of a routine this was getting to be. Nadine freaks, Asher jumps into action ready to restrain, Blitz tells everyone whether it turns into a bloodbath- go team!

  “So, Sophie you say this is your table” I said simply to the tart. She was surprised I knew her name. I tried hard not to breathe, keeping the heat under lock and key. But they were melting too...

  “Yes it is” she rushed.

  “You want it back then?” I whispered breathing close to her. My breath was icy and so was my stare. Her heart rate accelerated and stuttered momentarily to a stop. I felt like leaning in and felt myself move forward. I felt a hand as cold as my own grab my arm, and I whirled around clenching my teeth to stop the hissing that threatened. The girl turned white beneath her layers of make up and skittered off quite comically with her adulators close behind her. The noise rose again with all eyes on me. I tried hard to stop myself from getting annoyed at this and I was doing quite well actually, it was Asher watching me closely that was making me want to scream and possibly throw something. I wasn’t going to hurt her, I lied to myself. He didn’t have to grab me.

  I turned to look at the girl that I’d been staring at before. This wasn’t a wise move considering I was still fuming and she was staring at me when I looked over. For some reason it didn’t anger me. I felt quite soothed by her emotions as I lost myself in them. I felt the familiarity of concern enwrap me. Concern- why was she concerned for me?! It was almost as though she knew.

  Cassie got up to leave eventually and Blitz shot up like a bloody jack in the box a millisecond afterwards. Ezra watched and forced himself not to follow her until he could do so casually. Stupid lovesick fool, just tell her you freaking love her! Wow calm down Nadine, not your issue. Asher observed me carefully. I just about stopped myself from rolling my eyes.

  "Ezra still-"

  "Yes. I don't know how he's going to hold up. He'll have to tell her eventually and I don't know what will happen when he does"

  “How you holding up?” he asked eventually.

  “Fine” I said automatically.

  “Good” he said. He sounded so bloody miserable I couldn’t help my quiet outburst.

  “Why are you so depressed?”

  “Says you” he laughed in his concrete way.

  “I mean it” I pouted stubbornly.

  “Just am, I guess. We’re vampires Nadine; we’re naturally dark and gloomy. Blitz is just an oddball” So Blitz smiled a lot plus she was an oddball. It didn't mean being content and a vampire made you strange.

  “Naturally dark and gloomy- are you reading those idiotic human comics?! Jesus, talk about thick. Even when I was human I never came up with such crap. Look at Regina and Trinian and Cassie. Plus Ezra is perfectly happy” Well apart from the fact he loves Blitz and is constantly thinking about her and...

  “I think you know more about that than me. The truth is I simply have no reason to be happy right now”

  “That sounds really moronic” I snapped at him. His answers were so dull but probably true. I got up to leave and he did too. I glowered at him before walking as fast as I could in front of the humans out of the canteen. He very politely took as much time as he could, all too aware I wanted some space. From the corner of my eye I saw the girl looking at me intently, like she’d heard every word.

  I waited for the form tutor outside my new classroom- ugh. I was earlier than I had ever been- I normally took as much time as possible showing up at the last minute. I simply couldn’t go back into the canteen and the library had nothing to interest me. Books aren't really my thing that's more of my sisters' area of things. Their always reading but I had no patience for it. The tutor showed up and looked nervously at me standing by the door.

  “Uh- are one of my new students then?” he stammered. Oh God I can’t stand people who do that.

  “Yes” I answered.

  “Oh um- yes hmm I’m Mr. Daniels. You’re- well there’s a lot of time...” he fiddled with his tie.

  “Are you trying to tell me that I’m early?” I cut across him impatiently. Christ was he always like this? It’s infuriating.

  “Well yes you are...yes” he agreed nodding. Hell I was going to have problems not offering to tighten his stupid slack tie, and then pulling it until he turned blue in the face. Ew, I may need counselling, my thoughts were seriously morbid. I could imagine answering. Family? “Oh yes well they’re vampires, one sees the future and there’s this depressed dude...” Past? “A few murders...” Temper? “Well I’ve destroyed a bridge or two but no one was on them, and I chuck Ezra through the window occasionally, rip a throat on occasion...”

Yeah the shrink would need counselling himself by the time it was over.

  “Is that a problem?” I asked.

  “No of course not- that is to it’s just-”

  “Look, I can’t understand a word of what you’re trying to say Mr. Daniels sir, so why don’t I just stay here outside? I’ll read a book or do something educational like that” I sighed. See I’m doing well, instead of throttling him I was compromising. Oh everything’s so sing song! La de dah, blah blah blah!!

  “Very well” he mumbled embarrassed and stumbled into the classroom. Holy cow he needed help.

  I sighed and waited for Blitz to turn up bright and early as always. Sure enough she skipped around the corner at that very moment, singing some pop garbage that’s catchy, but if you just read the lyrics and get rid of the vocals and music it sucks.

  “Hey midget what goes on?” I smirked as she came up to me. She had added to my sarcastic sing song thought with her singing.

  “I’m still much older and wiser than you, so don’t let my height tell you any different” she frowned before letting rip with a vicious warning; lips pulled back, teeth out, and a guttural snarling sound.

  “Don’t do that, you might scare the teacher”  I tutted.

  “You met him?” she put her head to one side.

  “He is a bumbling bag of nerves. He has a stutter” I exclaimed like it was the worst thing in the world- which it was, almost.

  “Oh yes I did have a little look” Giggling like a school girl! She knows I hate stutters.

  “Thanks a bunch! Do I like, choke him with his ridiculous tie or what?” Ugh I hate stutterers.

  “No you’re good. You break a chair though. And you hate everything” Can she read minds?!

  “Anyone see me?”

  “No you’re fine, you don’t drop it you squeeze the metal back...good work actually” she commented. She sat down on the floor her arms round her knees and searched for the future. God what other charades were to happen today?

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