I Never Said That

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Submitted: August 22, 2011



Ahaaaaa - ? Thanks for all the comments on the first chapter. M..k. ? I loved them.


Jake pulls up in the school parking lot and pulls into a spot close to the football field. I turn off my music and stuff my earphones and phone into my cute tan around-the-body purse. I grab my totebag and swing the door open. The High School is huge, but it's nothing to reminisce in because I've been here numerous times, whether for Jake's football games or for some party they were having that I bribed Jake to take me to.

Sam wraps his arm around my shoulder as he shuts the passenger door behind him. "Are you ready for High School, Taylor?" He grins at me and I feel my cheeks blush heavily. "I see you still have a crush on me." He smirks.

I roll my eyes and get ready to shove him off me, but I stop, fully enjoying the touch of him. "Shut up. I do not have a crush on you!" I say, as I cross my arms becoming defensive. "And it's the same as middle school, Sam. Only difference-" I smile lightly as a guy who looks familiar to me (probably plays on the football team) walks by. He has jet-black curls on his head and has pretty caramel skin, along with pretty brown eyes. He waves at me and I flit my fingers a little. "-there are cute guys."

"You are to young to be thinking about him. Danny is is our grade."

"Your point being?" I mutter, glancing up at him.

"Don't be a hoe."

He then takes his arm from my shoulders and begins on his trek towards the school. I smack my lips and follow after him. After a few minutes, Jake jogs up behind us and walks in step with Sam. They begin to joke around and I cross my arms. Okay, yea, I've been here numerous times, I knew enough people (the football team -mostly because of Sam and Jake- and some of the cheerleaders -although most of them are hoes and sluts- and some of the regular students), so why should I be nervous.

I take a deep breath as I climb the stairs carefully, willing my heels not to embarrass me on my first day. Luckily, I get to the main door without falling flat on my butt...or face. Jake holds the door open for me and I mutter a thank you before going in. "What's your schedule?" He asks, walking next to me.

"I believe...English."

Over break, I memorized my new schedule. I didn't want to go acting like a Freshman, not knowing where the hell I am going or what classes I have.

"Oh...shit. You have Mr. Evans." A smirk appears on his face and his eyes shine with laughter. "You're about to fail, Taylor." He mutters.

"Unlike you, I won't be a drunk, idiot of the class."

"Damn!" Sam chuckles.

"Harsh. To bad I give no fucks." Jake hisses, pausing for a second as he begins to fumble with his vibrating cell phone. He begins to type on the screen before glancing over at me. "Are you going to be OK? You know where your classes are?" I nod my head. Course! They had a Freshman orientation and they showed all of us freshman where our classes are. "Alright. I'm going to meet up with Chelly." Michelle, otherwise knows as Chele or Chelly, is Jake's girlfriend. She is okay, but her attitudes irk me at times. She is a cheerleader and swimmer here at LA High School, so she acts like she is the shit, and I can't stand broads like that. Other times she's okay and I can deal with her, but that is rare.

"Whatever." I mutter.

Without another word, he turns the corner and runs off. I glance over at Sam and he is grinning at some girls who walked past.

"Don't be a hoe." I tease. Some of my hair falls into my face, and I swat it away furiously and it falls back into place after a moment.

Sam sighs, "That is not what I mean, Taylor. That is not being a hoe. I have skills, girl." He grins, patting his chest as if he is King Kong. "And I mean don't go around acting like you are older. You're fourteen, and these other dudes are older. They are not about to go for a young girl like you, and if they do they just want to fuck." He says, bluntly.

I pull my lips into a smirk now. "Ah-- and what do you suggest you're trying to do with those girls?" Sam shoots me a mock-glare, but doesn't say anything. "I thought so." I raise my eyebrows in victory. "And I wouldn't..." I bite my lip, instantly becoming uncomfortable with this conversation topic. Yea, I've heard Jake and Sam talk about it, and I've always had my two-cents, but Jake was always there so...it was less personal. And it's no better that I think Sam is hot...I mean, it's awkward.

"You say you wouldn't, but we know how to tempt."

"Uh-huh, whatever." I push his shoulder playfully. "I'm not that easy to tempt. Unless you're offering cotton candy, a funnel cake or orange soda." I giggle, adjusting my purse strap on my body.

Sam nods his head toward me, "There you go. Do not let anyone know those are your weaknesses, or they'll use it against you, babe." He shoves my arm slightly, and I almost trip in my heels. I glare at Sam, gripping onto his arm to keep from falling. My cheeks flush and I tilt my head back in embarrassment. Imagine if I actually would have fell. "Hahaha!" Sam begins laughing, gripping hold to my arm.

"Dick." I mutter as I try to quicken my paces. It's no use because I am no match to Sam with heels on. Without heels, maybe,with heels...nah.

"Watch your mouth, Taylor." He says, with a laugh in his voice.

I roll my eyes. "Whatever. I'm done with this conversation."

"Are you mad at me?" Sam grabs my arm and flashes me one of his silly grins. Whenever I get mad at him, he does that and I always end up caving in and forgiving him. Shit. Glancing away, I try and not look at that cute dimple of his or his beautiful eyes...or his beautiful face in general. "Taylor..." He says softly.

"No! Fine." I roll my eyes. Might as well look at him. My eyes scan over his face and a hint of a smile comes on my face. Sam grins. He knew I couldn't stay mad at him...and that absolutely sucks. "I don't like you right now." I laugh.

"Don't matter, because you love me!" He says in a sing-song voice. "I have to go to art though, see you later." He pulls me into a half-hug and then jogs off further down the hallway. I stare after him, and notice his cute butt. Damn...his butt looks good in them shorts. It's when I feel someone push by me that I advert my gaze.

"Are you coming into class?" Mr. Evans asks. He is wearing a tan suit with a black dress shirt underneath. "Oh, hello, Miss Grande." He extends his hand and I stare at him blankly. Does he expect me to shake his hand. When he doesn't make any move of putting his hand down, I lightly grab hold and shake his hand. "Come on in."

Mr. Evans turns around and heads into the classroom. I follow him and notice that majority of the class is already seated. All eyes stare at me and I scrunch up my eyebrows, disliking the attention. This is the exact reason I hated being late to class: the attention. I immediately notice my friend from my middle school, Emily, sitting near the window. An empty seat is next to her, so I set out towards it. Sliding down carefully, I wave at her and she breaks out into a grin.

"You look hot today. See any cute guys?"

"Course. And you?"

She nods her head, a heavy blush creeping onto her cheekbones. I cross my eyes confused about why she's blushing. "You know who it is, Taylor." She pauses a moment before sighing. "Jake."

"Oh my gosh." I stare at Emily. She likes my brother? I would've never guessed. "When did you start to like him?"

"Since last year, Taylor. You are so forgetful."

"I guess." I mumble. I open my totebag and pull out a pink mini-notebook and a purple pen. Flipping the notebook open, I glance up towards the front of the class. Mr. Evans is scribbling on the chalkboard. I turn my attention back to Emily. "You know Jake is two grades older than us." Emily just nods her head, and looks down at her nails.

"Course. But he is so hot..." She bites her lip. Uh-oh. "You should introduce me to him." I shake my head furiously. That would be totally weird if my brother went out with Emily, and creepy. She is two years younger than him. But who am I to talk...I have a crush on Sam. "Why notttttt?" Emily whines, staring at me.

I roll my eyes, "Fine. But I'll doubt he'll pay you any attention."

"Trust me," She hints at a smile, "he will."


"Let's go sit with Jake and Sam," Emily says, staring at my brother as she bites her lip. I roll my eyes. She hasn't stopped talking about Jake through all of the classes we have together. That includes English. Science. Art and Gym. Thankfully we don't have any classes together for the rest of the day. I have Dance and Math left today, and she has Civics and Home Ec.

"No. I don't want to sit with them."

"Please...you can just introduce me and then we can leave."

I cut my eyes at Emily, but she puts on her puppy dog eyes and I sigh. "That doesn't work with me Em." I take a deep breath, looking over the cafeteria again. When I do not see anyempty tables, I zero back in to my brother's table and they have about three seats left. "C'mon. But only because there is no where else to sit."

Emily squeals. We both begin to walk towards the table when I feel a hand grab my arm. I snap my head to the side to see a cheerleader, Jenny, smiling up at me. "Hey, Taylor." She is grinning from ear-to-ear and I am surprised her face isn't hurting. "Sit with us? And she can, too." She points towards Emily.

"No--" Emily glances at me.

I shift my weight onto my other leg. "Some other time...I need to talk to my brother." I mumble.

"Kay! Tell Jake I said hi." She bites her lip, glancing over at my brother.

I roll my eyes and start walking towards the table again. I place my plate down on the table and decide to get the chair next to Sam. Emily gets the one next to Jake. All of the guys start to grumble and Jake glares at me. "Why are you over here, brat?"

"Damn...she's hot as fuck. I thought you had a girlfriend, Jake?"

A grin comes onto my face and Jake's jaw muscle tightens.

"She is my little sister. And that means stop eye raping her." He snaps, glaring at one of the guys sitting across the table. There is a roar of laughter and I just look down at my Caesar Salad and begin to remove the onions from out of it.

"Why are you over here, Telly?" Sam asks, grabbing my orange soda from my tray.

"Because--" I hold my hand out for my orange soda, but he just opens it and gulps half of it down. "Ew! I don't want your slobber on it, keep it." I snarl, rolling my eyes. A foot kicks my leg and I glance across the table. Emily is staring at me with a nervous look and I sigh. "Jake...this is Emily, and Emily this is Jake."

Jake looks at Emily and blinks twice before turning around back towards the guys.

Sam chuckles, "You are a little too young to try and flirt with Jake." He says, looking Emily over. Her cheeks heat up as she blushes.

"Dude!" Sam gets shoved hard on his arm and his attention changes back to the guy's conversation.

"Sorry, Em." I mutter as I shove a piece of salad in my mouth.

She shrugs her shoulders, "He'll come around." She grins.

"Your cute, I'm Danny, let's talk."

I turn my head to the side and it's the same guy who I saw earlier when I first came. "Oh...is that supposed to be a pick-up line?" I grin, raising my eyebrows. "If so, that's horrible."

Danny breaks into a very vibrant, warming smile, "Yes. It is a pick-up line. And by the way, it couldn't have been that bad because you are talkingto me. Are you new?"

"Yes...I'm new. But I've been here before...with my brother."

He nods his head. "Ah -- do you want me to show you around sometime?"

My cheeks blush and I nod my head. "Sure."

He extends his hand and flashes the same smile from earlier. "Danny Mitchell."

"Taylor Grande."

I shake Danny's hand. "Sexy name, Taylor." He winks at me.

"Thank you."

He glances down at my plate and smirks. "You're a small eater."

I bite a piece of tomato and swallow it before I answer. "Not really. It's just the food here is...eh, and I'm not up for food poisoning." I giggle, biting my lip flirtatiously.

At this moment, I'm ignoring everything Sam said about Danny. Well...not him exactly, but older guys in general.

"You won't get food poisoning. Trust me." He grins even wider, "But if you don't trust the food, I can always show you a place where you can get better food. It's just up the street."

I glance over at Jake and Sam and they aren't paying attention, so I nod. "Course."

"I can take you now...or tomorrow...or?"

I tap my fingers on the table, "I have dance class after lunch...so I don't think we'd be back in time."

"Skip. It's dance, what can you lose?"

Sure. That's such a smart idea to skip on the first day of school. No wonder most of the jocks here are failing, but passing just enough to stay on the football team.

I shake my head, "No! It's the first day, Danny." I laugh.

"Whatever, Taylor." He chuckles. "I'm going, so if you change your mind, meet me and the guys out there in ten." Danny stands up and raises his eyebrows at me, I guess for a reminder. "Ten minutes."

I roll my eyes. "The answer is no. Not on the first day of school."

"Whatever. You're choice, but I'm taking you this week."

Danny and his friends head out of the cafeteria and I smile a little. Dang. He is cute. I glance back at Emily who is smirking. Apparently she saw the entire thing, and I know that's a bad thing because she has a motor mouth. "Say nothing." I grin. Quietly, I finish off my salad, but not before Emily bursts out giggling.

"He is so h.o.t! You should've went with him!"

"Be quiet!" I point to my brother and Sam, who are now looking over at a giggling Emily and a blushing me.

"Go with who?" Jake questions, his face straight.

I shake my head. "Nobody." I mumble.

Sam raises his eyebrows. Both of them know I am lying, so they turn around fully so they can face me. "Who is it, Telly?"

"Nobody!" I hiss.

Emily grins. "I know who it issss." She says in a sing-song voice. I shoot her a glare and she ignores me. "You know D-" I flick a piece of my salad at her and it lands on her cheek. "Why'd you do that?" She exclaims. The salad piece had ranch dressing and salt on it, so the ranch is dripping on her skin. "I can't believe this." She whines. That did the trick!

"Who is it?" Jake's voice is icy now.

"None of your business."


Dang. He's getting irritated now.

"Fine! It's Danny." I mumble low, hopefully low enough so only I could hear it. Jake raises his eyebrows. Obviously he didn't hear. Sam has a smirk on his face. Obviously he did hear.

He looks at Jake. "She said it's Danny."

"I have to go." I mutter, grabbing tray. "See you guys later."

Sam grabs my arm and forces me back down in the seat. My dress flies up a little and my bare legs hit the cold seat. "I told you not to talk to him, Telly. He's in the eleventh grade."

"Sooo...I like older guys, too." I mutter, crossing my arms.

Hopefully Sam and Jake won't bring up my crush on Sam around Emily and the other football players.

"You mean like you have on me." Sam wears a smug smirk on his face and I frown. Damn it. Emily stares at me with her mouth agape.

"I thought you told me--"

"Shut up." I hiss, cutting my eyes at her.

"Whatever." She snaps.

"What did he want?" Jake asks. I focus my attention on him and his jaw is tense. "Taylor?"

Why does he always do that? I'm in High School now, so I'm getting older, so I get to make my own decisions. Jake doesn't run my life anymore...not that he ever did. "None of your 'effin business."

"Telly." Sam says, smiling at me.

If I tell them, then Jake will make sure I don't go with Danny anywhere. Or he might just snitch on me to my parents about me ditching, but the first choice would most likely happen if I told. "Bye." I grab my tray and move out of the way before Sam could grab me again. Emily grabs her tray and follows me.

"Why didn't you just tell them?"

"You don't understand, Emily. I have to live around them, so-" I pull my lips into a straight line. "I need to go grab my dance stuff. You coming with or are you staying here for the rest of lunch?" We only have five minutes left regardless.

Emily nods her head towards me, "I'll come with. Oh--are you up for shopping today?'

"Course. I need a new dress to wear." I mutter, as I pluck at the bottom of my dress.

"Okay. I'll get my sister to pick you up at six."

I nod my head.

That's exactly what I need. A shopping spree. That'll add to my day of events. Sam wrapping his arm around me (yea, that never gets old), Danny practically asking me out...and whatever else to come.

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