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A mad Chemist goes on a vigilante rampage.

Chapter 1 (v.3) - The Devil with Pink Hair

Submitted: August 13, 2015

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Submitted: August 13, 2015




The mans head lolled to the side as he coughed and spat blood over his protruding belly. His hands were tied behind his back and behind the back rest of the chair he sat in. He felt the world spin as he lost blood from the bullet wound in his side.
"Ps...S... Psycho beetch!" he spat out. "Yeah, I guess I'm a vigilante now... Haha oh my god, it's so weird saying that. Like I'm watching those superhero tv shows but now it's staring me. I-" the silhouetted woman leans in and whispers, her spearmint gum breath hot on his blood stained face "-killed a lot of people. But not as many as you have Mister, huh?" she giggles. And its childlike and whimsical and for that exact reason it is ever the more terrifying to the man that remains silent save for an occasional groan of pain. "Don't get me wrong, I don't regret any of what I did. But, you know, one day they'll ask ehem-" She begins to imitate a gruff mans voice 'What the hell could flip a woman off so bad to become so violent! This is unprecedented, a women killing men?!'... 'Men' am I right? Ah, what do you know." She rises from the kneeling position she was in and walks silently across the room, temporarily eclipsing the neon red 'EXIT' sign that provides the only lighting in the large open room. The woman then walks up to a table and pulls from its shadowy under-neath, a chair. She lifts it and places it in front of the man she is speaking to and proceeds to saunter around the iron wrought, leather seated furnishing
 as though she was playing musical chairs with herself, or maybe preparing to give an unseen occupant of the seat a lap-dance.

Do you know who Lady Trieu is? They call her the 'Vietnamese Joan of Arc'. Joan's another great woman warrior, but everyone knows about her. Anyway, Lady Trieu predates Joan by more than one thousand years. Her parents died when she was a child so she had to live with her brother and his wife." The woman slides her fingers across the top-rail of the chair, shovling a pool of liquid the man knew to be blood and flicking it away non-chalantly. "So, she just did the normal woman household thing. Dishes, cleaning, gardening etc. You know. Kinda like Slavery. HEY! Some ladies like that kind of thing, catering to family. I get it, I do. But that kind of stuff is a real pain if you ask me, and its worst when you have to share a space with an Alpha Female-... NO! Don't fall asleep on me." The woman walks over and lifts the mans lolling head "You can nap after I finish Okay? Anyway, Lady Trieu would agree. Her sister in law was a Certified Bitch, probably top of her class in Cruel Bitch-ology. So, Trieu, she slits her throat. Then she escapes into the Mountains and you know what she did?... No? OK, I'll tell you. She raised an Army! One thousand strong, to oppose the invading Chinese Wu Dynasty. See this was a time of strife between the Vietnamese and the Chinese, many of the farmers and mountain villagers looked for anyway to oppose their deadly enemies and joining an army was a great opportunity for them to fight back. All Trieu had to do was prove she was smart and a great leader and they would take the opportunity. Trieu was both. Her brother was outraged, wanted to know what she was doing, not only killing his wife but now commanding an army. He tried to stop her, talk her out of it. But Trieu savagely dismisses him by saying 'I only want to ride the wind and walk the waves, slay the big whales of the Eastern sea,' She means the Chinese soldiers by the way, 'clean up frontiers, and save the people from drowning. Why should I imitate others, bow my head, stoop over and be a slave? Why resign myself to menial housework?'. He was in such awe of her determination that he joined her army. They say she wore a golden armor and wielded two swords. Cool huh?

(The man coughs) "Wh~a tha fuck?"

Shhh, I'm not done yet silly. I think I'm like Lady Trieu. A warrior escaping a type of slavery and menial work. I went through some stuff too... I know we all go through stuff... But, I -" The woman exhales audibly and slumps into the chair she was circling. "I couldn't, I had enough of that life. Was done being chained, abused and hurt. Done seeing people I loved being hurt, done not being able to have the things I wanted. I refused to settle for the trash life was shoving down my throat. Gagging me like those chicks in those porno videos. Everyday I would wake up and dread the mailbox, each day brought a new debt reminder. Each debt, a new chain locking me into that life. I couldn't fight back, I was held down by someone I thought I loved. Someone I thought loved me back, but really just wanted to own me. To terrify me into settling. It reminded me of my childhood. It's scary how we can become like our parents if we aren't careful you know. Were your parents into the same business as you?... My mother was a self deprecating masochist professional. Not me. Fuck that. Fuck her. It all made me better. Made me hate weakness. I had to lose everything to rise out of my hell, but I did it... You're a good listenah you know?"  The man moans out an undecipherable swear "Don't be like that! Welp-" The woman stands and listens for a second "They're coming... Good talking with you." She spins on her heels and Catwalks toward the 'EXIT' sign, alarmingly silent as the glow washed over her silhouette. She stopped under the door frame and spun back toward the man in the chair now halfway across the room "OH yeah! I almost forgot... " A light flashes, followed by an explosive-


the woman laughs uncontrollably as she exits. Her maniacal laughter still bouncing off the walls like richoceted bullets when they arrive on scene.

Neon City, where the lights stay on for you. Host to the worlds most beloved and profitable casinos, night clubs, bars, hotels and historical landmarks known across the globe! Neon City attracts millions of tourist year round. Whether it is to enjoy our nationally undefeated night life or to indulge in the intellectual sightseeing of history made, Neon city has something for everyone. Yes! Even YOU criminals of the world! Do you enjoy having a constant flux of well to do and naïve tourist to scam and burglar? Want to enjoy the underground workings of the criminal world freely while being protected by an easily bribed police force? Then Neon City is for you! And you, are you into technology? Well Neon City is funded on the idea that technological innovation is a direct gauge of human efficiency and entrepreneurial spirits. From “living” 3D billboards, self-driving cars and Fortune 500 tech companies Neon City has it all! Corruption, greed, crime and entertainment. There is no better place to be than Neon City.


Another night of blaring sirens, screaming their warning of approach in that annoying tumultuous high-low-high-low modulation. The screeching of tires on asphalt, overpowered the nightly hum of the usual controlled and automatic traffic. Terry Harper tossed in his bed, flipped his sheets to the side and turned toward the alarm projected on his wall. He didn’t mean to look at the time, he was actually trying not to. But curiosity got the better of him and completely fucked him over. 6:30am. Damn it! He only had fifteen more minutes before his alarm would go off. It has to be some type of curse unto humanity, all who looks upon their clock before work shall be doomed to have less than thirty minutes of sleep left. He cursed and swung his legs over his bed, and simply sat there for a minute or two gathering his senses then stood up and tapped the sphere that projected the alarm so that the alarm would deactivate. Terry yawned as he entered the bathroom and took five minutes flat to brush his teeth and comb his hair. New freaking record, maybe he wont be late today! He went back to his room and opened his closet. His work uniform extended outward to him. Steam pressed and ready to wear, folded on two hangars. He pulled the black slacks on quickly, then the black button up T-shirt. Fuck life. Fuck life as a waiter in particular. Especially when you’re running on just above minimum wage while living in a grossly over-priced apartment whose electrical reliability was only as good if not worse than third world countries. Terry spritzed some cheap corner store body spray on and headed out.

Sure he wasn’t making a lot of money, his rent was almost two months over-due and his girlfriend had dumped him for someone more financially stable. Shallow bitch. Ok maybe that was harsh. He did need to stabilize but how can he? He couldn’t ask for a raise especially since he was pretty certain that his boss was a mafia member running a restaurant as cover. A demand for a raise would probably end with him at the bottom of the river with concrete shoes. Anyway, at least he was in walking distance of his job. Thank god, because he wouldn’t be able to afford neither a car nor a daily smart bus ride. Terry reached into his back pocket to make sure his menthol saviors were there to rescue him during his fifteen minute breaks from hell. And fuck, what would you know he left them in his apartment. He actually turned and stared down the street that glistened with the L.E.D. street light poles that glowed a pleasant tint. Enough to light the street and not too much to kill everyone recovering from their nightly hangover which would be 90% of the population if not more. Apparently it had rained later that night as the sidewalk and the streets were still slick with the reflective gloss. To hell with it, he’d be late if he went back. The day was already ruined, maybe he’d buy a pack on his thirty. Blow all the cash he had.

Terry took every shortcut he knew, cutting through alleys that smelled of stale piss, whiskey and garbage. Broken bottles littered the narrow streets between the business buildings and restaurants, a few street urchins slumbering peacefully on cardboard boxes. He probably wasn’t far from that fate he reminded himself as he exited unto the streets. The sirens suddenly flared up again. They were close, perhaps a few streets over. Maybe they were arresting his boss and were going to award every employee with an outstanding sum of cash, he thought hopefully. He cut through another alley, his head down as he walked quickly. If it weren’t for the wet, reflective sidewalk he probably would have ran right into her.  A few meters in front of him coming down the alley was a woman with low cut hair dyed pink, knee high white pumps with gold laces that ran artfully all the way up then looped back down into the heels, a plastic looking over coat that went over a simple pink V-neck and a ruffled white skirt that was also adorned with similar golden laces that  were on her pumps and went through each ruffle. Terry was shocked at the very sight of a well dressed woman out in an alley at the Rooster hours of the day. He couldn't help but give her a good up-down. Either she was a prostitute finishing up with a client or she was an idiot tourist that had no idea that there were guys that would take advantage of a girl dressing like that in these areas. But she didn’t seem worried, she glanced behind her as the end of a lollipop protruded from her lips. Terry slowed as she approached not sure if she would turn around in time. But she did, and she must have seen him before he had seen her because there wasn’t even a slight reaction to his presence when she looked at him. She just stopped dead in her tracks and smiled.

Confused, and a bit creeped out Terry smiled back and attempted to walk around her. “you wanna end up hunched like that for ever? She spoke with a giggle, and an air of confidence seemed to swell around her. She might be in a filthy alley with sleeping creeps, in a city full of hidden gangsters with sirens in the distance and wearing almost nothing at all. But she seemed absolutely oblivious. The scene was so serene that it actually took Terry a moment to respond.
Um… Hi how are you. Long night?” He said trying to create casual conversation while still attempting to maneuver around her.

 She smiled “You wouldn't believe it if I told you. I like your cute little gitup, are you a waiter?”
“That obvious? Haha, yeah I am. I’m actually kind of late, so I got to go right now. You should visit us at the Chug Head, we’re open until eleven. See you there.” Did he actually advertise that hell hole? Well it was a nice place to visit not so much to work for. Maybe he would get lucky with her too. Who knows. The girl laughed.

"The Chug Head? No way, I'm going there next. Wanna come with me?” she completed the question by flirtatiously spinning the loli in her mouth by twisting the stick between her thumb and index finger. "Uhh... Sure? I mean, I'm going there anyway." "Good! Hop in." Terry raised an eyebrow amused "Hop in what?" "That." the woman replied pointing behind him. Terry turned and heard the low grumble of an electric car self-driving toward them. It was hot pink with black running along the points of articulation, a sleek sports car that seemed to have been modified. Was this woman in a gang? Was he getting mugged or kidnapped? His stomach churned. "Oh, no thanks. I prefer to-" Terry turned back to see the woman holding a metal pink gun pointed right at him. "Die? hehe sorry that was just too perfect a setup. No but really I'll shoot you if you don't get in." just as she ended her sentence an explosion rang out from behind her on the main street. The ground shook as people screamed and ran frantically across the street. Grey smoke billowed and grew like a living thing as it rose up into the sky.The woman was unphased, she must have caused that, Terry thought as he realized he WAS getting kidnapped. "What? Is it too girly? I thought the black made it a bit unisex. No? Whatever, lets go. We have so much to talk about!" Terry's legs went numb as he marched to the passenger side of the vehicle. "Wait! What are you doing? You're driving." Terry turned his mouth dry with fear "Wha-what?" 

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