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Submitted: March 14, 2013

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My life has been crazy hectic since June of 2012. That was when I moved to Phoenix to be with my then boyfriend, now fiance, Brandon. His son was then born on June 14, 2012. His name is Caden-Gray. Yes, that's his whole first name. His birth mom was using methamphetamine and heroin while she was pregnant, therefore, resulting in the baby to go through detox and withdrawals as well as developing lung and nerve issues. Child Protective Services picked him up from the hospital the day he was released and sent him to a foster home for three days while Brandon and I went through drug tests once a week at random and did a hair follicle test. It was hell having to call Tasc everyday to check if we had to go in and drop a UA for CPS. That went on for about a month or two. We had a meeting with CPS to explain why Brandon should have Gray - as we call him - live in our home and have Brandon get custody of him. In all honesty - they had their reservations about it because of Brandon's prison background when he was sentenced to four years back in 2007 - I think my statement on that matter is what made up their minds to let Gray live with us, along with the fact that I have a clear background and no criminal record. They knew I'd be staying home with him and taking care of him. And in all honesty C.P.S sucks asshole. They just want to drag these cases out because they get your money out of it. They don't care where the child goes! They were willing to give him back to his birth mom, even though she hadn't seen him since he was released from the hospital. She didn't care to even call to make arrangements to get visitations with him. Arizona is a total mom state. They'd rather give the birth mother her child even though they know she's a hardcore drug addict. They believe the father has no legal rights to the child. Whatever. Back to the subject.
When Gray was five days old, C.P.S lady Roylynn came by and dropped Gray off. She was upset that Brandon wasn't home to greet his newborn son, but quickly changed her chappy ass mood to happier once I told her he was out buying stuff for the baby. We continued on with court and they gave Brandon temporary custody on the condition that Gray's birth mother isn't allowed to see him without C.P.S supervision and they continued to discontinue C.P.S involvement unless it is for supervised visits, so that meant no more being watched while I peed in a cup!
For a while, Brandon would shove it in my face whenever we had an argument concerning Gray, like "he's not your son, Shawna, he's MY SON", or "You're not his mother, so you have no say in how to discipline or raise him". And I always thought, "excuse me? I'm the one raising him. I'm the one who stays home with him and feeds, clothes and bathes him". I was depressed there for a while, because Brandon threw that in my face every chance he got. But eventually he just stopped and now he refers to me as Gray's mom. Which I am so thankful for!

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