Cupid's Arrow

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Kimi LeeSung is just like any other ordniary teen who wants to fall in love,her life has never been the way she wanted or some type of fairy tale,But it gets much worse when she meets a guy that is a complete jerk and careless about how he treats girls.But even though she knows these things,will it stop her from falling for him??

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Cupid's Arrow

Submitted: July 15, 2012

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Submitted: July 15, 2012



Dear Life,

Why do you suck so much?

Sincerly,I HATE YOU!!

"Kimi! You have..a friend at the door!" My mom shouted,she said that like it was a big surprise.Well..maybe it was..I've never had a true friend my whole life.Believe it or not..In the world i live in people judge you by your looks.And when i was little..I wasn't so hot.

"Coming Mom!" I yelled.I brushed my hair as fast as i could and ran down the stairs.

"Derek!" I shouted."Yo!" He replied.

"Ready?" He asked. I looked at my mom as she smiled,"Im going now." I said and smiled back at her.NO me and Derek are not dating..I wish..But we're not.Hes really cute and funny and honest.If you ask me i think i could possibly be falling for him.

This is Derek.

the guy who is out of my leauge.


Shoot me for sounding crazy,but i think he might actually like me..It would be really great if he was planning on asking me out tonight.Honestly i dont even know where we were going,He told me it was a secret.So i trusted him,cause i really like him.Minutes later we finally arived at a place that looked like some sort of teen club.

I looked at Derek confusingly."You told me no to wear anything special!" I said very furiously.

"I know,you didn't have to.Come on,its couple's night." He said with a smile on his face that was TO DIE for.

"Fine.." I couldn't help but give in.We got out the car and entered the building.

"Dont you have to pay??" I asked confusingly.

"Eh.No its free tonight,hey stay here i'll be back."


10 minutes passed by and Derek wasn't back yet.Where could he be? I sat down in an empty booth and waited patiently.

Maybe he ditched me?Maybe he saw how ridiculous i am and dropped me.Maybe he met someone new.All kinds of thoughts were going through my head.

"Hey? You came alone?" Someone said.I looked up,it was a girl.

"Can i sit?" She asked nicely.

"Sure." I said.

"What are you doing here alone?" She asked.

"Oh i didn't come here alone.Im actually with someone,he brought me here for couple's night." I said with exitement.

"Couples Night?" She said confusingly,"No no no.Tonight is not couple's night."

"What?" I asked.

"You got it all mixed up.Tonight is fame night."

"Fame night?" I replied confused.

"Yeah.Didn't you get a memo? Everyone here was invited.One person in the building will be crowned famous.Therefore Fame night."

If it was fame night..why would Derek lie to me and tell me it was couple's night? Was he afraid i wasn't going to come if i knew it was fame night?

"Oh.." i replied.

"Well peace cya around." The girl waved and then she left.I was still so confused about everything.

"Yo,wanna dance?" Derek said walking up to me.

"Sure.."I said.He grabbed my hand and pulled me out on the dance floor.At first it was fast music then it slowed a bit.He grabbed me and pulled me close.

"You know..You look beautiful tonight."He whispered in my ear.I felt a tingly sinsation run through my body.

"Thanks.." Suddenly all the lights shut off and the music got louder and faster.I lost Derek in all of the chaos that was going on around me.I couldn't see anything and i couldn't hear Derek if he was calling my name. Im sure he was..Im sure he was trying to find me.Well thats what i thought.

The music stopped.It got so quiet.Then a voice was heard.It was Derek's voice..?

"And now..For the moment we've all been waiting for!" Everyone started cheering.What were they cheering for?!

"Ms. Or Mr.Fame shall be reaveled! Are you guys ready?!" Everyone shouted,i was being nudged and pushed.I didn't know where i was.I just wanted Derek to tell me what was going on!

"And the winner..Of..Fame" A big spot light circled around the whole club,who was it going to land on??

Me.Thats who.

"Kimi LeeSung!!" I was now in the spotlight.I didn't even notice i was standing directly in the middle of the club.Everyone stopped and stared.It felt awkard.It was just plain silence.

"Kimi come on up here.Dont be shy." The lights turned back on and i saw Derek.He was looking at me with those honest eyes.I walked up to the stage and went up the stairs.What was i doing? What was this about?

"So.Kimi is our Ms.Fame of tonight.Why was she picked? Well.Lots of reasons."

Oh no he was going to say something that would embarrass me infront of everyone..Was he going to confess?!

" This girl..Shes.." Everyone waited.I waited.What was he going to say?

"A complete mess! Do you see what she wears? I mean seriously?! What is this? It looks like something a BUM would wear.And her face.Its just disgusting!! She should get something to clear that up! Surgery maybe! And her personality..Shes such a hoe! Ha want free sex? Go to KIMI!"

A hoe?! HOW WAS I A HOE? I WAS STILL A VIRGIN. How could Derek do this to me?! I thought we were friends! My eyes were getting watery as i looked at everyone who was pointing and laughing at me,some were even video recording.

"D-Derek!" I said trying not to cry.

"Oh look,Ms.FameHoe wants to speak? Did i mention this girl tried to give me a blow job?! Oh yeah she said she'd do anything for me."


"What a hoe.So everyone..Aplaud The hoe.Congratulations Kimi.Everyone knows you now." He smiled at me like it was nothing.Tears were streaming down my face.

I trusted Derek..I loved him..He was justing playing with me like a pupet the whole time..

Dear Life,

Why did you create me?

Sincerly,I wish you didn't.

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