Deadly Sins:Forbidden Love

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A brother shouldn't love his sister this way.
He shouldn't fantasize about her like this.
He shouldn't be wanting to touch her like this.
But he cant help it.
Hes in love with his little sister.
Josh Knight 17
and May Knight 16
They are in love with each other.But this is Forbidden love.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Forbidden Love

Submitted: February 11, 2012

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Submitted: February 11, 2012



chapter 5 and other chapters will now be located at the bottom of the page :)

Her legs her hair..Shes perfect.

"JOSH JOSH WAKE UP!" May yelled in my ear.

"Im up im up!" I yelled.

"What were YOU dreaming about?" She asked curiously.


"Her legs her hair shes perfect."

"WHAT?!" I repeated.

"You were talking in your sleep again Joshy." She laughed at me.

"So whos the lucky girl?" she asked demandingly."No one." "Someone." "ITS NO ONE SO STOP BEING ANNOYING."

"I didn't mean to be annoying." I shuffled my hand through my hair and said,"Ugh im sorry." She headed towards the door but before she opend it she looked back and said,"Your the worst." I made her mad.I've been really cold to her this week.It was Friday and it did not start so good. "Breakfast is ready!" My mom shouted.

After i put on my clothes i headed downstairs to eat.

"May arn't you going to eat something?" My mom asked.

"No.Someone in this family already spoiled my apetite." She glared at me then she left the house.

"What did you do this time?" My mom asked."I dont know." i replied.

I finished eating then i headed out the door.I saw May walking and i tried to catch up to her. "May!" i shouted,"Wait up!" She turned around and waited for me."Im sorry about what i said.." She looked at me and smiled."Its okay.After all i can never stay mad at my big brother." I looked at her and smiled.She smiled back.Her smile was so pure.It was beautiful.

We finally arrived at school and i let May go off with her friends as i saw my friend Andrew.

"Andrew!" I shouted."YO." He replied.

"Josh i actually gotta question for you.Its about your sister."

"What?" i asked curiously. "I'll tell you later." he told me.

We walked in the building and put our things away.While i was in class the only thing i could think about was the question that Andrew wanted to asked me.Why did he have a question about my sister? A hour passed and i spent most of the time thinking about the question Andrew wanted to ask. "JOSH!" Mr.Miler yelled."Oh sorry sir." i said."Josh solve the problem i just asked you." i looked at him confusingly."Im sorry could you repeat it?" Luckily May came storming in the class room. She pointed to me and she said,"Mr.Miler im sorry to intterupt but i need Josh Knight for Early DissMissal. Its a family crisis!" Mr.Miler looked at May."What kind of crisis?" May crossed her arms. "A family crisis! Please Mr.Miler this is an emergency!" Mr.Miler nodded his head yes and told me to get out. Me and May were running down the halls like lightning.We finally made it out of the school and around the block.

"What happend?!" i asked."Nothing." She said and she smiled at me."What?" i asked confusingly."Nothing happend.I just wanted to get out of school." I crossed my arms and then i said,"So you didn't even think about me huh? What if i wanted to stay." She pouted and then she turned around with her arms folded. "I thought you would rather spend your time with your little sister.I guess not." I put my arms around her hugging her from behind. "I do want to spend my time with you." she turned around and smiled."Thats more like it!" I wanted to hug her longer.I wanted to stay in that position.I wanted May..I wanted her so bad.."Look what i got." She pulled out two tickets to an early scary movie.

"No." i said immidietly "Why not!" She pouted."Because everytime you watch a scary movie you get nightmares." She pouted and gave me the puppy dog look.She knew i was a sucker for that look."Please please please." I gave in."Fine.But only this time." She smiled and nodded her head.I loved seeing her smile.

We finally arrived at the movies.We waited in line until it was our turn and May gave the guy up front our tickets.When we got in the theatre we sat in the two empty seats on the sidelines."Please be seated.The movie will start shortly after the folowing." I looked at May and she looked at me. "Im gonna go buy popcorn." "No." i said.

"Why not!" She pouted again."Because i said so." She crossed her arms,"Why do you always treat me like a kid." i smiled,"I treat you like a little sister."

"Well i dont like it!" She said.She got up."Where are you going?" i asked."To buy popcorn."She responded.I pulled her back down to her seat.She tried to get loose but i wouldn't let her go."Let go of me or i will yell RAPE." She smiled at me.

"You wouldn't." i asked curiously. "You wanna bet?" she said.I kept hold of her arm.She leaned over and whispered in my ear."Rape." Her voice was so tender so soft.I felt it flowing through my body.My blood was getting hot.I let go of her arm.She looked at me,"Giving up so soon?" "Yeah." i said.

"...Well if your worried about me that much i guess i will stay here." I smiled at her and she smiled back. I tried not to make eye contact with her or talk to her the rest of the time. I didn't want to do something i was going to regret.

The movie finally ended and me and May were walking outside. May was holding on to my arm really tight.I laughed. "Whats so funny!" She demanded.

"You are.Your scared.That movie wasn'teven scary." She looked at me,"Easy for you to say! You didn't look at the part when that guy's head popped open!" I laughed again."Yeah i still cant believe you watched that part." "And i cant believe it lasted for 5 hours."She added."Your holding onto my arm really tight.Thats how scared you are?" "Nooo!" She said."I just like holding onto my big brother's arm!"

"I know.Everyone does.Mostly the girls." She looked at me."But you love me more right?"

i smiled,"Ofcourse."

A few minutes later we arrived at home."Mom said she will be working for another 6 hours so she wont be home until like 3AM and Dad is out of town working." I looked at her impressed."Wow you really know your stuff."She giggled.I opened the door and i let her in before me.I closed the door behind us.

"Im gonna go take a shower."

"Okay." I said.

She went upstairs and i went upstairs to go in my room.As i heard the shower running i took off my shirt and pants and changed into something comfortable.I heard May singing in the shower.I started to get hungry so i decided to go downstairs for a snack.As i was walking to the stairs i saw the bathroom door cracked open.May must have forgot to shut it all the way. I walked over to the door and touched the knob.I was going to close the door but instead i stood there.Looking at the door.My heart was beating fast.I kneeled down and i looked through the crack. I only saw little pieces of May.I saw her legs.Her beautiful legs.Then i stopped myself.What was i doing? Peeping on my sister? What would she think? She would think i was a total weirdo. I turned around and went straight to my room.I heard May get out the shower and go to her room.I needed to stop thinking about her like this.Shes my sister..This is bad.Really bad.

A few hours passed and it was 11:00PM. I was getting sleepy so i turned my t.v. off and i fell asleep.

11:30PM i heard someone come into my room,but i was to lazy to see who it was.

"Josh?Its May.Are you awake?" I looked over to see May standing in front of my bed.My heart started to race.She was wearing a tank-top and panties.She was teasing me so much."Are you scared?" I asked her. She shook her head."A little..Can i sleep with you? Only for tonight?" I skooted over for her. "Yeah your saying that now but your going to be sleeping with me for like a month."

"Aw you know me so well." She giggled then she got in the bed. I looked at her. "Josh.I would feel safer if you put your arms around me." My blood started to get hotter.I put my arms around her.May was in my bed.Almost naked and i had my arms around her.May looked at me.I looked at her.I couldn't take it anymore.She was teasing me.I leaned in towards May's lips and i kissed her.My tongue was swishing through her mouth.Her tongue was so hot and wet.It felt so good.I placed my hand on her thigh.Playing with her panties. I moved my hand further up towards her breast.I squeezed them.They felt so soft. But then she got up.She got out of my bed.

"May.." i said."Im..sorry." she slapped me. "YOUR MY BROTHER!" then she left.Right then and there i knew that my little sister hated me.

Saturday.Today was supose to be a good day.But not after what i did to May yesterday.I wondered if she would tell mom and dad that i touched her in ways i shouldn't have. I wonder if she will hate me forever. I hope she doesn't.I wish we could just forget about everything that happend last night.I went downstairs and i saw May sitting on the couch. "Wheres mom."

"She went to stay with dad for the weekend." I sat on the couch next to May.She got up and left.I followed her.

"Dont follow me Josh!" i grabbed her arm.

"May i said i was sorry!" "Why did you touch me like that! Why did you kiss me like that?! WHY JOSH?!"

I looked at her. "May please calm down.I regret it.Im sorry.May..Im in love with you.I know..Im your brother but..Im in love with you.." I looked at May again.She had tears in her eyes."Im..sorry.I shouldn't have said that."

"Why..We're siblings..We cant.." i looked at May."I wont do it again.." I said calmly then i walked away.I went straight to my room and i called Andrew.

"Yo." He said.

"Hey.What was that question you wanted to ask me?"

"Ooh.Um well.Do you think your sister would date a guy like me?"


"Hello? Josh?"

"Yeah why not.Go for it." i hung up.I started to cry.I never cry..But May hated me now.The girl i loved hated me. May was standing in my doorway.I had forgotten to shut my door.

"Josh.." She said calmly. "Im sorry for slapping you last night." I looked at her.I was so confused.Why was she saying sorry to me?

She got in my bed and she sat next to me. "I love you too.I love you more than what im suposed to." i was surprised to hear her say that. "Yesterday..I was just..freaked out..I was scared." "Scared of what?" i asked her. "Mom and dad.." i looked down.

"It isn't right..Josh..We cant be together.." hearing her say those words hurt me so much.It felt like my heart just broke into a thousand peices.

She held my head up."But i cant..I love you josh.." She kissed me.Her lips we so soft.Her tongue felt so warm.This time we were both using our tongue.I layed her on the bed while i was kissing her.I was on top of her.My legs were in between her legs. My heart was racing.I wanted to undress her so bad..But then my phone started ringing.It was my dad. I jumped up and answered it.

"Hello?" i said.

"Woah woahdad slow down.Dad stop crying slow down and talk to me."

I looked at May.May looked at me confusingly.

"Hold on." May get out. "What why?"

"Please get out please." May got up and headed for the door.She looked back at me then she left.

"ok what? Mom what?! Dad what the hell were you thinking!"

"Dont raise your voice at me young man!"


"I know son..Please just..Whatever you do..Dont tell May."

"Yeah okay i wont tell May.But she is gonna find out.One way or another." I hung up. I got out of my bed and headed towards the door.When i opend it May was standing there.

"I heard the whole conversation.." She looked up at me."What is it that dad doesn't want me to know?" I looked at her.

"Its nothing." i pushed May aside and went downstairs,she was following me. "Josh tell me."

"No." i tried to walk faster but she wouldn't stop folowing me. "JOSH TELL ME." i turned around,"May its nothing.Really." May looked at me curiously.She clenched her fist."Its obviously something dad doesn't want me to know! WHY CANT YOU TELL ME JOSH? AFRAID THAT DAD WILL BEAT YOUR ASS? IS THE LITTLE WIMP BOY AFRAID!" May stopped.She knew she had went to far this time.She looked at me. "Im sorry..I didn't mean it.Im so stupid.Im sorry.."

"You wanna know so badly?YOU WANNA KNOW?!" I grabbed her arm and held it tightly.

"Josh let me go."




May just looked at me.Her eyes were wide open.She was about to cry.



"let me go josh.." I let her go.She slapped me. She started walking towards the door.

"So are you going to leave and never come back now?"

She looked at me.She was crying.My heart dropped.What did i just say to her? Before i could say anything she left out the door and just like that she was gone.

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