Heartache A Justin Bieber Fanfic

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What would you do if you loved a boy who hated you? What would you do if you loved a boy who became famous and forgot all about you? What would you do if he fell for you and didn't really know who you were?
Christy Sandberg is an 18 year old student and hates Justin Bieber from her child hood experience with him. But when he comes to visit his hometown for spring break,will her feelings change or will they remain the same? And will her "revenge" backfire on her?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Heartache A Justin Bieber Fanfic

Submitted: March 22, 2013

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Submitted: March 22, 2013



Authors Note: This is my first time doing a fanfic so i would love it if you would leave comments below! Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoy <3!


"STOP IT!" I yelled. "LEAVE ME ALONE!" I was looking around and all i saw were eyes.Eyes everywhere. "Aw is the little baby upset?" Jamar said. "Hahaha you ugly stick." I wasn't the prettiest nor thickest girl in the 7th grade. In fact i was pretty ugly. Or i thought i was. "Quit it you jerks!" Perri yelled. "Perri shut the hell up! This has nothing to do with you!" Jamar yelled so loudly everyone in the lunch room dropped what they were doing and looked at us. "Look ugly Betty, NOBODY wants you here.You're a freak show.Ugly whore!" Tears started streaming down my face. I couldn't listen anymore,i just wanted to be alone. "SHUT UP!" Perri yelled. My friend Cameron was watching me.Saying nothing.Not even protecting me."Jamar are you done?" I heard a voice say. "Actually im just getting started." Jamar replied. I turned around to find Justin leaning against the wall. "HEY UGLY BETTY! Eyes over here!" Jamar yanked my hair and laughed. "FUCK OFF!" I yelled again. "I would,but your just so ugly! It should seriously be a crime!" Jamar and his friends started laughing again. "Jamar." Justin said with a serious face.He walked over to Jamar and looked him in the eyes."That's enough alright?"

"Woah.Justin you can't be serious." Jamar replied."I am.Now stop.Leave her alone alright? Don't you guys have something better to do?" Justin said,he sounded so cute..Or maybe it was just me.But all i could do was stare at him like the loser i was. "Y-Yeah man." Jamar said,and then he left with his friends. I was relieved..Justin had saved me..My heart was skipping beats.Then Justin turned around to look at me.I died inside.His blonde hair and his brown eyes.He was perfect. "Who are you again?" I died as he asked me that question.

"Oh..I-i um..Im..um.." What was my name again?! What was it?! I couldn't think straight. "Shes Christy." Perri answered for me.Thanks Perri.I said in my head.

"Ah nice name." He smiled. I looked down at my tray and played with my food. I couldn't find the words too say. What was i going to say???Say thank you , idiot!"Thank you idiot!" I instantly covered my mouth as the words came out of my mouth. "I- No thats not what i meant.." But when i looked up Justin was gone.Well then."Wow, nice Christy." Perri joked.Justin made my heart ache so bad. After what he did for me, i knew he was the guy i wanted to be with. But i knew i wasn't the girl he was waiting for.

"Christy, you have to work on your flirting skills." Perri said as we were walking home. "I know i know..But Justin..He's just soo..So beautiful.." I blushed. "Christy, I dont think a guy can be beautiful..Handsome maybe?" She laughed,"Yes,Perri,he's handsome.Happy?" I laughed along with her. As we were walking i spotted Justin and i instantly stopped. "What's wrong?" Perri asked. "Look, it's Justin." I whispered. I pulled her back so he wouldn't see us. "Why are we hiding and whispering?" She asked. "Because.I dont wan't him to see me." I replied. "You know if you never get the courage to talk to him someone else will.Someone who is me,Christy."

"Oh you wouldn't!" I said,"No but somebody else will,if you don't." I knew she was right..But i couldn't just go up to him and ask for his number..I'd look crazy right? "Gooo." Perri said.

"No wait! What is he doing?" I whispered again. "I don't know.." Perri answered. We heard a voice.Not just a regular voice,a great voice. It was Justin. And he was singing.

"Woah.." Me and Perri said at the same time. "He can sing?!" Perri asked surprised. "APPARENTLY." I responded. Perri pushed me out so that Justin could see me. I looked over at him and froze. He was singing to a girl. My heart sunk.She must be special. I hurried and went back behind the wall fast enough that he didn't see me.

"What's wrong with you!" Perri said. "He was singing to a girl..Perri.." I answered sadly. "Oh.." Perri said. "Well maybe it's not like that.."

"What guy sings a love song to a random girl?? Plus shes freaking gorgeous Perri..Im sooo below that level. Can we just go.."

"Yeah..." Perri said as we walked away.

When I got home i just layed in my bed. Thinking about what things would be like if me and Justin were to date. How things would be years from now and how our children would look. Like any of that would ever happen, Thats why they call itdreams.. because they don't come true.Not for me anyways.I decided to un-depressify myself and get on facebook. I opend up my laptop and smiled as I read the messages in my inbox.

Cameron Gonzalez:Smile,I find that you look so much better when you smile <3 Im sorry i said nothing when those guys were tormenting you. I guess i was just afraid e.e i feel useless. But i love you Christy... I will be there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on. Jamar is just a lowlife and doesn't have anything better to do. I hope you're okay.. I really do.

Me: It's okay Cameron <3 I know you will always be there for me. Don't worry. I love you too ^-^ you make me smile.

Perri Langston: Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Romance ? Who Needs That ! We Have Each Other Right ? YEAH ! Girl Power ! EFF JUSTIN !!! <3

Me: Haha you're right ! Who needs guys anyways?! GIRL POWER.

I was about to log out of facebook and close my laptop and then a thought popped into my head.Does Justin have a facebook?I thought. Now i was debating wether i should search him up or just forget it. How was i going to find him anyway? I didn't even know his last name. But i was so anxious. I went to the search bar on facebook and typed in Justin. Alot of people popped up but none of them were the right one. But as i scrolled down i saw one that had 240 mutual friends. So i clicked it. It readJustin Drew Bieber.

The profile picture was dark and i couldn't really tell who it was. But when i looked at the cover photo,i had the biggest smile on my face, because it was Justin. My Justin. I instantly hit the friend request button. I was so exited! I couldn't wait for him to accept it! I felt like i finally had a chance. I can't talk to him in person but i was sure that i could on facebook. It was honestly easier. I waited for 20 minutes. Was he going to accept it? Well maybe he wasn't on. But what if he was? He probably thinks im a loser with no friends.

After a while i was about to give up,but then i had one new notification.Justin Drew Bieber Accepted Your Friends Request.Stay calm Christy. I told myself. Staaaay Calm. But i couldn't help it,i was so happy. I went to his page,scrolled down to see if he was in a relationship with anyone. He was single!Do you know how stalkerish you're being?But i didn't care,i continued to look through all of his stuff. His pictures were just so cute. Then i told myself i had to message him.. Since i didn't get to thank him earlier i should do it now.

Me: Hey Justin ! I just wanted to say thank you for earlier today..You helped me alot! Nobody else would've done that..So thank you <3

Justin Drew Bieber: Oh that ? It was nothing c; and they were just being jerks.It's cool no need to thank me.

Me:Yeah..well i don't mean to sound..How do i put it? Concieted? Or pathetic even,but they always pick on me and bully me. Yeah..

Justin Drew Bieber: Do they? Oh that's not cool.

Me: I know..And the only person who ever has my back is Perri. Lol. But today i was glad you helped me. Otherwise they wouldn't have stopped.

Justin Drew Bieber: Oh.

Me: Yeah. So what are you doing? ^-^

Justin Drew Bieber: Watching tv

Me: Whatcha watching? :D

Justin Drew Bieber: GOD you're anoing.Leave me alone. I knew i helped you today but GEEZ. Don't you have any frends?! Get a life. PEASE.

Me: I didn't mean to be annoying..Geez..Maybe you're no different from Jamar..

Justin Drew Bieber: Yeah mayb am not your ugly anway. Im blocking you goodby loeser.

Me: GEEZ you are just like him! Well i hope you rot! I can't believe i liked you..

Justin Drew Bieber: You? Like me? Ha.Ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.hah.a can't wait to tell everybody about this.


Justin Drew Bieber: By ugly twig.

I tried messaging back but he had blocked me.Justin was just like Jamar. Just a jerk..Who needed to learn how to spell.. But why..Why did it hurt so much?Because the truth is,no matter how bad he hurts you,you will always like him.No.Time to get him out of my head.Justin is a jerk.Jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk. I don't need him.. And he obviously doesn't need me..

Heartache, Chapter 1

"So Justin, theres no more hiding it. You're officially dating Selena Gomez eh?" The interviewer asked. "Yes,its official." Justin replied and smiled.

"Ugh." I sighed. "Do we really need to watch this Perri?" "Yes!" Perri replied. "Justin is famous now Christy. Why couldn't you have dated him!?"

"Because.He was a jerk."

"A jerk who saved your life?" Perri replied. I never showed Perri the messages me and Justin had. I didn't want her to know..

"Come on Christy.We're in high school you're 18 and you still don't like the guy..Every since you saw him with that girl that day in junior high you've hated him." Perri said.

"Yep.Look Perri, just turn the channel. I don't want to watch him. He's not worth my time ok?"

"But he's worth mine." Perri said as she continued watching. "So what's it like? Dating Selena that is. Because we all know how great of a guy you can be and how romantic you are." The interviewer said.

'OH COME ON YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS." I yelled. "Shhh!" Perri said.

Justin laughed and then he finally replied,"Selena is romantic too,she does little stuff normal people would do which is great. But i like to do the unexpected and go bigger you know?"

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah you sure do." i said annoyed.

"Are you seriously going to talk during this whole thing?" Perri asked. "I sure am." I replied. "Fine i'll just turn it off then." Perri grabbed the remote and was about to turn it off.

"So how do you feel about going back to your hometown to perform?" Then the tv screen went black. I jumped up from the couch and screamed. "TURN THAT TV BACK ON PERRI!"

"But you don't wanna watch Justin remember?" She said jokingly. "TURN THE FREAKING TV ON NOW!!!!!!!!" I yelled. She hurried and pressed the power button.

" -Really great to be going back to where i grew up to perform. I hope to see all my old pals,if they're still there." Justin replied.

"Ahh i see,and if you run into any enimies?" Yes,this is the question of my life. "Well,i dont have any." Justin said as he laughed. "I've never really hated anyone or treated anyone wrong. I was a good guy in junior high so i don't think i would have enimies." Wow.Such a liar! I thought. Did he seriously forget what he did to me?!

"And there you have it!" The interviewer said,"That's Justin Bieber for you." I walked up to the tv and turned it off. "Christy?" Perri said. "What." I answered.

"We totally are going to that concert right?" She asked. "HELL NO!" I replied. "N TO THE O!"

"But Christy!"


"NEVER SAY NEVER!" She said in a singy voice.

"Oh god ! NO i said. You can go i'll just stay home."

"Fine." Perri said giving up. There was no way i was going to go see Justin. The guy who destroyed me.Crushed my heart.Broke me into a million peices. Shattered my soul and left it there without saying sorry. No way in hell. No way on earth was i EVER going to go to that concert.

. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .

"Yep thats right Cameron! Me and Christy are going to that concert!" Perri said happily as she was eating her hamburger.

"Wow Christy,I thought you hated Justin.What made you wanna go."

I rolled my eyes. "I couldn't let my best friend go alone."Lie

"But i told you if you wouldn't go i'd just ask my cous-" I covered her mouth quickly. "Shut up." I said. The real reason why i wanted to go to that concert was so that i could see Justin again. Just this once. I know it was stupid but maybe if he saw me. Just maybe..He'd be willing to give me my apology i've been waiting for.Or maybe you want him to realize something else.NO. I just want my apology. That's all.

"When is the concert anyway?" I asked. "March the 26th."

"WHAT?! You're kidding. That's only 5 days away from now! How are we supposed to get tickets Perri?" I asked furiously. People in the food court started to look at me crazily.

"Chill,I already bought them before the concert was even anounced. Front row seats. For all three of us." She said with a big smile.

"Gee.Thanks.Because i want to see Justin's face so closely,and because i want him to see mine too!" I said sarcastically.

"I know you do,Christy, We all know you're still secretly in love with Justin.You're just playing hard to get." Perri replied.

"Hahaha No." I said frowning.

"She's right." Cameron said. "You still like him don't you Christy?"


"Do too!" Perri said.

"You guys can think what you want! But i know the truth! I do not like Justin Drew Bieber..And that's a fact."

More like a lie i keep wanting to believe.

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