The Unknown Secrets of Violet StarFields

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - No place like home

Submitted: March 22, 2012

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Submitted: March 22, 2012



Chapter 9 No place like home

Where should i go?Where COULD i go? No where.I knew that if i went back to Drew..I just didn't want to make a fool out of myself.So where did i go exactaly? I found myself face to face with the school building.Why the hell did i come here of all places? I dont know.Its the only place i really knew..Although i knew where Merrideth's house was i didn't dare bother to show up there.But what if i did?What would possibly happen? I didn't even want to know..Not with that crazy woman..Who said i was the one..But it seems like she knew alot coming from what i heard.I heard shuffling in the bushes.I instantly snapped out of thought and turned around.

"WHOS THERE?!" I yelled. Very smart Vile like they would actually respond.I heard the noise once again.

I closed my eyes."I said-" But before i could finish my sentence BOOM! I fell to the ground.Someone or something was hoavering over me.

I opend my eyes. "HOLY SHIT VIOLET!" It was Maria?

"Maria?" I said.

"Urmm." She replied.

"Why the hell are you out here?!" I asked."Just uhh.Nevermind it okay?"

"You sneaky little bitch!" I said with attitude,"Think you can fool me? Trying to gang me?! WHERE IS ANDY AND HER OTHER FOLLOWERS!" I yelled.

"Violet SHUT UP please!" She begged.

"Get off me." I said very politely.She got up.I dusted off my pants."Why were you in the bushes Maria?" I demanded.

She sighed,"If you must know..I was dared to sleep out here for the night.." Hmm so that was her story? Did i buy it? Hell no. All of a sudden i noticed something in Maria i didn't notice before.She reminded me of someone.Who?? My brain was busted i couldn't put my finger on it.Her eyes were brownish like.Her hair the color of it and the way it flowed.It all reminded me of someone.But who?

"Oh my holy shit." i said.I just relized something.Why didn't i notice this before?

Maria just looked at me in a daze,"Huh?" She said.


"Dreyna." I said as i smiled.Her face looked puffy as i said that."Who?"

"Dont who me!" I said,"Your Dreyna!"

She paused,"I dont know what your talking about." Like that line isn't said in EVERY single movie when the person is guilty.

"It simply explains why you were in the bushes,you did tell Drew you would be watching out for me.This is your way of doing so..Dreyna step down.You cant fool me."

Maria..or should i say Dreyna sighed."Fine."She said.

She took of a silver cross necklace and turned back into her normal form.

"So all this time you were Maria?"


"Your kidding me? Your apart of the Andies? Why? Why would you even want to be in that?"

"Its kind of..Complicated?" She answered.

"Sure.Whatever.Exuses exuses."

"Dont believe me,if you were in my shoes you'd understand." She added.

"Mhm so does Drew know about your 2-sided-life?" I asked.


I smirked,"And what will i get in return?"

"Violet really? Your doing this to me?!" She pouted.

"Yes,Yes i am."

"Ughh.What do you want from me?"

I smirked,"Nothing..Yet."

She rolled her eyes.It was funny tourturing her for once.

"Shall we go?" She asked."Where?" I replied.


"Home? My home is with my Mo-" I suddenly remembered how my mom had forgotten about me.How everything had changed since then.

"Whats wrong?" She asked.

"Nothing..Lets just go."

The truth was everything was wrong.My "bff" betrayed me. Im supose to handle this new life of being "the one" and i never know when these things called "marines" are going to come and try to kill me again.But the worst part of all is that my "mom" doesn't even know who i am.

Do you understand how my world has drifted so far from earth?


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