Boy in a War

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A village is raided by soldiers and one boy gets caught up in it all. Will he survive the wrath of the soldiers?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Boy in a War

Submitted: December 22, 2012

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Submitted: December 22, 2012




I kept running, faster than I have ever run before. But it was not fast enough they were catching up. I could hear their footsteps right behind me. I could also hear the gunshots from the village I had run from. I turned round to take a glance to see who they were. They were soldiers they had guns out pointing at me as they were running. But they were not firing at me. Why were they not firing at me? I would have rather been dead than been chased by soldiers for an unknown reason.

I ran off the road. I had now entered forest. With the soldiers still a few inches away. I could hear the quick crunching of the newly autumn leafs as I was stepping in them. I had to be quick but it was hard as I was now getting out of breath. But I was pulling through. I had to zig zag in and out of the trees to put them off course. I glanced back at the soldiers there seemed to be more than there was before at least 5 more. But then I heard a thud. I checked myself to make sure it wasn’t me. Gladly I was still running. So I turned round as I was running and I saw a soldier on the ground. His head on a rock with blood pouring out of it. Three men had stopped running and went to him gasping for breath. But there was still a lot of men who didn’t go back and were still after me. I was glad that I didn’t stop to look at the man otherwise they would have got me by now. I continued to run but with fewer men after me made it a bit easier not by much though. They still had their guns out while they ran. But then a while later the footsteps got quieter until I could only hear my own footsteps. At first I thought I had finally got away but then I heard voices. The soldier’s voices. One man was saying that he was going to do it. Other men were trying to stop him telling him no. I didn’t want to look around just in case they remembered about me. But then I heard a bang. It was a gunshot. I thought the soldier had committed suicide. But then I saw a reflection of something whizz right past me and then I realised It was me he was aiming at not himself. I picked up the pace and sped off and I then again heard the footsteps of the soldiers once more.

It was coming into night. The sun was setting and it was starting to get dark. I could not see much. It was harder to run. There was lights following me. The lights from the torches that the soldiers had. I didn’t know where I was going. More to the point I had nowhere to go anymore. I was lost on my own being chased by soldiers. It felt like life or death. Then I passed something. It was a body. It was the body of the soldier that hit his head off that rock. It looked like he didn’t make it in the end. Just shows how scary this all is. Then suddenly I feel my foot getting trapped or caught in something and then I’m falling into the ground. I put my hands out in front of me to stop my face from being smashed.

I go to turn round and get up to run again but as soon as I turn round I know it’s too late. There is a blinding light burning my eyes. I can see the soldiers crowding round me with smug faces. Next I am being pulled up onto my feet and being dragged away. I tried to fight and tug away but it was no use was being taken into the deep unknown.

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