Mcfly Changing my Life

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its a fan fiction about Mcfly. But I don't own them though. Girl goes to a Justin Lee Collin show but will this show change her life forever.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Mcfly Changing my Life

Submitted: April 14, 2012

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Submitted: April 14, 2012



I walked up to the venue and sighed I could'nt believe I was going to a Justin Lee Collins show. Better yet Mcfly were getting interviewed on it today. I love Mcfly. I have ever since they first came out when I was 16. I am now 24. I walked into the venue with the ticket in my hand. I handed the ticket to the security man. He inspected the ticket and then let me through. But befor I actually got into the room a man who was standing at the door asked me if I had any tatoo's for some strange reason. I said I had. So he pulled me aside and asked to see it. Once he had seen the tatoo he wrote something down on a piece of paper and let me through into the room. I found my seat and sat down just before it started.

Justin Lee Collins came onto the stage and sat down on one of the chairs that was set up on the stage. Then he introduced Mcfly and they came on and took up the space of the other couch on the stage.The audioence clapped and cheered as they came on. The interview was very funny and there was a lot of laughs in it. Then the interview took a turn to tatoo's. All four of the Mcfly boys had a strange tatoo. Then Dougies full arm tatoo came up on the screen above. I admired it for a minute. Then Justin Lee Collins started calling people's names from the audioence and they had to show them there tatoo. Then I realised why the man by the door was wanting to know if I had a tatoo. Then I heard my getting called out by Justin Lee Collins. So I stood up so he knew where i was. Then he asked to see my tatoo. So I turned round and pulled the back of my top up so they could see the tatoo. He asked what it was and what it meant. So I said it was a pair of pants with angel wings coming out the sides to make it look like the pants were covering the angel wings. He asked what it meant. So to be really cheeky I said that the Mcfly boys should know what it meant. Next thing I know Dougie is walking up the steps to where I was. He spun me round so he could see the tatoo and then he read the words beside it. The words said " Her tatoo's hidden by her underwear". The lyrics from the song 5 Colours in her Hair. I shoved my top back down and Dougie nodded and hugged me then ran and sat back down. Then Tom asked what it was and Dougie just said our little secret and I smiled at him.

Once the show finished I walked out of the venue with the bustle of people leaving as well. Then I felt something tapping my shoulder. But I just ignored it and carried on walking. But then I heard some one call my name. So turned round and fought my way through the people walking in the other direction. Untill i felt some one grab my hand and pull me out of the crowd and drag me into a room. I finally saw who it was and I let out a smile.


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