Mcfly Changing my Life

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: April 14, 2012

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Submitted: April 14, 2012



I kept on smiling at him. He smiled back. He had a cute weird smile I liked it. "Hi I'm Danny" he said. He smiled and and held out his hand. I replied with "Hi I'm Jodie". I took his hand and shook it . I couldn't believe I was actually meeting and talking to Danny Jones from Mcfly. As much as I liked this moment I did want to know what he wanted. So I asked him what he wanted with me. All he said was to follow him. So I followed him.

He led me into a dressing room where I saw the rest of Mcfly sitting down and talking. As soon as I walked in the room Dougie stood up and said hi to me all over again. I introduced myself to everyone. Then I asked Danny once again what he wanted with me. Then Tom piped up "Aww Jodie has our Danny been harrassing you". Then Tom walked over to Danny and whaked him on the head. I couldn't help but laugh by then. "No actually" Danny replied "We want to see this tatoo you have about us, Dougie will not say a thing about it he only laughs when we ask him. I looked over at Dougie and he gave me this evil grin so I winked back at him. Then next thing I know Harry has grabbed my hands and has shoved me into a wall.

Then he spun me round so I was facing the wall. Danny then lifted my top up.They all gathered round and looked at the tatoo. Danny and Harry laughed as Tom sung the lyrics that was on my back. Finally Harry let go of me and I sorted my top. "You know you could have asked for me to show you it" I said sarcastically. "Yeah I know but then you wouldn't have been able to see my ninja skills" replied Harry. That was the first time I heard him talk since I came in. He had a lovely accsent. We then got talking for a few hours about music and stuff like that. Then I realised the time. " Dang I've got to go it's like 11:30" I said shocked at how long we had been talking for. I got up and grabbed my bag. As I was heading out the door. But before I left Danny shouted wait. So I stopped and waited for Danny. He handed me a piece of paper. I opened it up. It had four numbers written down. So I tore a bit of the paper off and wrote down my number for Danny. He hugged me then I left.

When I got home my phone started to ring. I answered it and all I heard was boys screaming into the phone. Then one of them gave me a address and told me to meet them there. I looked at the four numbers on the paper Danny gave me. I laughed at it. He didn't tell me who's number was who's.Guess I will find out one day.

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