Mcfly Changing my Life

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Ally is a girl

Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: April 28, 2012

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Submitted: April 28, 2012



It had been five weeks since I had seen the Mcfly boys at the recording studio. I have been working with my friend Ally for the full five weeks non stop. Me and Ally owned a small bakery/cafe in the centre of London. I was always full of people wanting a coffee or to buy cakes to takeaway. Ally's boyfriend Jason also started to work here about a month ago. Ally was out serving customers who were sitting in. Jason was working in the kitchen baking a fresh batch of cakes and I was out doing the takeaway orders and the till. It was just like a normal day. I was serving at the till. I had my head down at the till. Then someone came up to me and asked if they could order some cakes to be taken away with them. I said yes and walked over to where the cakes were with my head down. I asked him what cakes he wanted. Then I looked up. I put my hand over my mouth and tears started to form in my eyes. He looked at me properly and then smiled. "Oh My Gosh" I pratically shouted. I went round the counter and hugged him. He laughed at my reaction."Danny what are you doing here?" I asked. "Well I was getting some cake". I laughed at him. Then Ally came out to see what I was shouting about. She stopped dead in her tracks.

" Your your " was all Ally could say. We both laughed at her. " Ally this is Danny from". I was then interuppted. " Danny from Mcfly Jodie of course I know who he is". Danny laughed at her control. " Danny this is Ally my mate" I spoke to Danny. Ally came out from the counter and shoke hands with Danny. " So what brings you here to Little Cuppa" I asked "I am here for cake can I get some?" Danny replied. " Sure" I answered. I walked back round the counter and gave him the cake to take away. The shop was closing up now so I offered him a cuppa. He accsepted. So Me, Danny, Ally and Jason sat down at a table. I introduced Danny to Jason. They seemed to get on well. Danny was telling us all about the music industry. Then Ally asked how I met them. I could feel my cheeks going red and then Danny laughed at me and told the story. At the end of the story Ally and Jason were staring at me. Ally then shoved me and I laughed. " I didn't know you had a tatoo". Jason piped in. " Haha I do" I replied. I then got up and showed him the tatoo. He read it and looked at the picture. I sat back down just as Danny looked at his watch. " Aw man guys I got to go now but I will see you sometime" He said. Ally and Jason said bye and carried on with what they were doing beforehand. I walked along with Danny.

We were walking along to the car park a few meteres away. He started to say that I should see them again and how it would be nice to hang out with a non crazed fan. We got to the car park. Danny handed me a bit of paper and told me to meet them there tomorrow. He seemed to have a thing with handing bits of paper. He then got in the car and drove off and left me there. I looked at the bit of paper and smiled. I could not wait until tomorrow.

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